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Holiday Blues: 1993 Ducati 888

I know what you’re thinking: Ducati Triple Eights never came from the factory in blue. In fact, they never came in any color other than “check me out, I’m hot and I’m Italian” red. Therefore, we are obviously looking at a repaint. And repaints tend to scare me simply because you don’t know what caused the respray in the first place. So shields up, my friends; where we go there may be dragons.

1993 Ducati 888 for sale on eBay

Despite the potential warning signs, I can’t help but like the way this bike looks. It has a striking, vivid appeal to it – from a distance. Closer in, I question the quick-release fasteners in place of the traditional cap head screws. And is that a zip tie holding down the lower-most right side bodywork? The pictures don’t seem to do the spray job any favors either, with some pretty apparent orange peel. And why go through all the work of a repaint and not address some of the damage that may have instigated the project in the first place (such as on the cans)? Still, I’m intrigued. After all, 888s don’t come around every day.

From the seller:
Available for sale is this 1993 Ducati 888 which is damaged as shown in the attached pictures. Please review the pictures and feel free to ask questions. New bodywork and paint, runs great.

In the end, this is a bit of a pound puppy – great DNA and ready for anything, but may take a bit of work. Then again, it may be fully sorted with only minor cosmetics to deal with. Given the mileage, it has clearly been ridden. The asking price for this one is a cool $9k USD, which may be a bit high for its non-standard appearance. What do you think? Is this one something you can work with, or would you let it pass in favor of a more stock machine? Share your thoughts here. You’ve got to admit it catches the eye! Check it out here and good luck!



  • I would be interested at $5,000, but $9K is la-la land for this poor buggered-up thing.

  • $4000 would be my number.
    No mirrors, rear turn signals, rear inner fender. Prob should factor in a full belt & valve service at around $1.5K + $300 for tires.
    Wonder what else is missing ????

    • Needs a full repaint with new decals, too.

  • Serious orange peel in that paint! Kind of a neat color. Would have to be seen in person to get the real tone.

  • Yep it’s a tad scruffy-but they ain’t making them any more so consider it a cheap starting point for a usable everyday bike you can thrash without worrying about the “investment” baloney.
    Cheap is relative-you would have to argue the dealer down quite a bit.
    Cosmetics on a Duke are peripheral-how does it run? Rattles spell money or a discount.
    If the motor has issues remember later 916 parts,which are far more numerous,can be bolted on so as it’s not original anyway what’s a little more change?
    Collectors want shiny and original-some would argue to the point of madness. Others crave the chance to ride the thing and enjoy the soundtrack.
    Ya pays yer money.

  • Text from the Post:
    “These are Insurance Loss vehicles and they are sold as ‘As Is’ condition. This vehicle comes with a Other title.”
    This bike has been posted multiple times… Could be a fun daily rider; could be a money pit. Buyer Beware.
    FWIW: Personal opinion (nothing more) I hate the blue… it just doesn’t do it for me. IF you’re going to paint it carnival blue – at least do the job right – including repair the plastics where needed !

  • At least he used an Italian zip tie for the lower panel… Period perfect!

  • This has been kicking around for weeks. None of the people who know these (like the 851/888 forum members) has any interest at $9k when $10k gets you a much better example (though you still have to wait until they come up). Then there’s the question of this bike’s title…

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