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Grey Market Goodies – 1994 Honda VFR400

1994 Honda VFR400 on eBay


Grey Market imports are always a bit of a rare bird over here in the States.  With our long, flat roads and lack of a graduated licensing system, the 400s just didn’t have a market here and that’s a shame.  (Yes, I know we got the FZR400, but it’s not really in the same league… no hate mail please, Fizzer Fans).  The VFR400 is basically a scaled down version of Honda’s iconic RC30 but it’s still packed with it’s big brother’s trick goodies like the gear driven cams and the single sided swingarm.  Power from the 399cc V4 is respectable if not overwhelming with Honda claiming 60hp at the crank and it is nice and light, tipping the scales at only 340lbs.  So you know what that means…  Keep the RPMs up and learn to carry your corner speed and the VFR400 becomes a great track weapon.


This particular VFR400 looks like it’s seem some track days based on the sellers description and modifications, but it does come with a clean and clear title out of California, so you should have no problems registering it and riding it on the street as well.  This is the “NC30” model which was the final evolution of the VFR400 and it was well refined by this point.  Most consider it to be the most desirable of the VFR400 models.  You can read more in the seller’s eBay auction here: 1994 Honda VFR400 on eBay

California titled Honda NC30 VFR400R motorcycle. Clean title. Very trick race-bred restoration!! It’s a  real ripper!

This bike was never available in the United States. It is a 1994 model fully registered and titled in California as a 2004 model with a 11 digit VIN. It is ready to ride. There is simply nothing like the howl of this V-4’s gear driven cams in the high RPMs – where this machine was made to run. Everything on this bike is bred from the expensive development of racing NC 30’s in the San Francisco Bay Area

This bike is in fantastic shape- built and ridden by a long time NC enthusiast and racer.

-Full tune performed
-Fresh brake fluid, oil,coolant
-New oil filter, air filter, plugs
-New Rubber front and rear
-Custom Fairing Paint
-Properly jetted Yoshimura race exhaust
-Brand spanking new chain and sprockets
-Fully adjustable rear suspension
-Front Ohlins steering damper
-New front brake wave rotors
-New fork seals
-Brand new custom painted tank
-New intake manifolds
-Fully rebuilt carburetors
-Custom front and rear brake lines
-New battery
-Charging System charging
-New brake pads
-Freshly powder coated rims,front and rear
-Race grade cooling system upgrade




  • I think this 400 VFR has been on this website before. Isn’t the NC35 the latest version?

    A bit off topic. What is your favorite 750/800 VFR and why. I’m looking for one and there is plenty of expertise here.

  • I think the NC35 is the RVF version. It’s the little brother to the RC45 while this bike is the little brother to the RC30.

  • 9 k buy it now good luck with that

  • 9k is way to much for that particular bike. Even with full OEM body work most are going for the high 5 to low 7K range in mint condition. The NC35 is generally going to be in the 7-9K range. The NC35 is the newer and last generation of the VFR400.
    Depending on who you are reading on reviews – some people prefer the NC30 over the NC35. I think if you found a nice one, it would really come down to visual preference as they do sport different looks, but handle and run very similar – each having some small advantages over the other. The NC35 gets the upside down forks, 17″ front and rear wheels and such, but all that can be put on the NC30 pretty easily – hell the NC35 17″ rear bolts directly up to the NC30 – you just need a different dog bone to compensate for ride hgt.
    And if you are going to track the bike, which it is a great track bike…. there are track prepped examples out there for under 3k. My ’92 NC30 was race prepped with all HRC goodies, wired and had full fiberglass race body work and it was only 2500.
    The body work is Tyga, which is really nice stuff, way above and beyond the thin/plastic/cheap Chinese option you see on a lot of these…but not OEM, though it does use the OEM seat, which is not the most comfortable.
    Something obviously happened to have it all redone in Tyga body work, as you can change out just pieces of it if you wanted to with the Tyga stuff, it fits that well.
    If this were 3k…. maybe. 9K? nope – these come up more often than you’d think, and even the title is not that tough – and certainly not worth a premium for that alone – and I’d wait it out for the next one.

  • VFR 400’s and RVF 400’s are on the listed of grey market bikes you can legally import so is the cbr250rr

    • I’ll buy a 3k nc30 track bike if anyone know where to get one.

  • I guess the market has spoken. SOLD

  • not really… he just found a sucker with more money than brains

  • Hmm way over priced considering it isn’t stock and doesn’t have any cool period mods at all. Looks tacky as hell with anodized shit and a wrapped exhaust too. Will probably find out who bought it soon when they post on 400greybike and I can ask the buyer what the **** he was thinking. I wouldn’t have the nerve to list my stock NC30 for that much. Somebody could probably have 2 nicer examples imported from England for around $9000.

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