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Full Circle – 2002 Ducati MH900e with 156 Miles

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Ducati’s most radical tribute dates from 2001, and many of the 2,000 examples have traded hands with more dollars spent on mods than miles ridden.  Even among those, today’s MH900e is especially well appointed and surgically clean.

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on Cycle Trader

Like the Sport Classics that followed, Pierre Terblanche penned the long tank and low bars surrounding the 904cc engine.  The bracing on the single sided swingarm is easier to see than the rest of the chassis, and echos the fairing’s flowing lines.  Paoli made a short run of USD forks and remote reservoir monoshock, and Brembo supplied their dual puck brakes in black.  The fairing and monoposto console have a show bike’s chops, with the nifty engine cover that looks like a new old crankcase design.

Twenty-plus years on, most MH900e’s have graduated from one collector to the next, and though no mention is made, this one might be a gray market import, with its km/h dash.  Even though the number plaque isn’t pictured, what’s here is excellent, with the titanium exhaust, open timing belt and clutch covers, and retro mirrors.  Maintenance has been brought up to date in the unlikely event of a ride.  Comments from the Cycle Trader listing –

156-mile Ducati MH900E. Perfect condition. Ducati Performance upgrades include: full titanium Termignoni exhaust, DP ECU, belt cover, retro mirrors, polished valve covers (not installed, still in original DP box), vented clutch cover. Includes all original parts. Maintenance in preparation for sale includes: new batteries, oil/filer change, front and rear brake oil change, new belts, new tires. Also includes a new (not installed) set of injectors from California Cycleworks. I do not have the commemorative plaque from Ducati that came with these bikes.

The MH900e was a novel concept, offering more of a handcrafted show bike than a mass-produced road machine, and tried a couple of other then-new ideas – selling the entire run online in advance, and pricing it at €15K of the rather fresh European cooperative currency.  Fashions change and collectors refresh their collections, but the MH900e remains a standout event for Ducatisti.


  1. Vincent Ochs Vincent Ochs

    Even after 20+ years this design refuses to grow on me, whilst the Paul Smart rep really does.

  2. martin g martin g

    also had a tiny gas tank as standard

  3. Eric Wallgren Eric Wallgren

    I’d give anything in my garage for a Paul Smart, but don’t really care at all for the MH 900E.

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