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Classic SportBikes Round Up: Bimota Z1, Honda CBX, BMW R100RS!

The guys over at Classic SportBikes For Sale have been posting a lot of material that we wouldn’t mind having over here. Take a look at some from this week.



1973 Kawasaki Z1 Bimota for sale

1973 Kawasaki Z1 Bimota for sale on eBay

Read their post on CSBFS on this Z1

1979 Honda CBX For Sale

1979 Honda CBX for sale on eBay

Read their post on this CBX

1978 BMW R100RS for sale

1978 BMW R100RS For Sale

Check out their post on this R100RS


  • Hi,

    this “Bimota” Kawa, is not really a Bimota at all.

    That’s a stock Kawa, with standart Kawa frame and a few mods.

    The Tank and seat unit are aftermarket parts which have been fitted a bone stock Kawa.

    Nothing really to do with Bimota at all….

    Check out the Real Bimo Kawa’s, you’ll see that you’re very different.

  • I was about to comment the same thing- Bimotas have always been designed around their own frames and swingarms. This is just a fairly decent period custom project being represented dishonestly.

  • You’re both incorrect, surprisingly. I looked this one up in the bible- “Bimota 25 Years Of Excellence”, by Giorgio Sarti (highly recommended). Page 14 shows this bike! Bimota offered these kits for Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models of the period before making complete frames. Besides their own bodywork, they offered rearsets and swingarms of their own manufacture- you could buy each component individually. The wheels appear to be different than the snowflake pattern type in the book, however. Bottom line, it’s real.

  • Thanks for the research!


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