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Honda April 23, 2010 posted by Jay

1994 HONDA CBR 400RR (NC29), MINT !!!!

Wow, and I mean “WOW”. Talk about a clean example of one of my favorite little bikes, here it is! I had an exact copy of this bike back in 1998 and absolutely loved it. I don’t want to sound like a salesmen but this thing looks dead nuts new and with the price at $5200 it’s a steal. Only a handful of gray market 400’s in this country exist and once you weed out all the “not so nice” ones you narrow your search dramatically for impeccable ones like this. These bikes are super dependable and use the same type motor as our US imported CB-1 (NC27) but have hotter cams and more compression. Located in So. Cal the owner makes a nice article on Craig’s List, I’m proud to post such a great well cared for example. Click here for the jump.

The ad reads:

Hi! I’m selling my GREAT RUNNING, SUPER CLEAN 1994 Honda CBR400RR (aka NC29).

This is a “grey-market” bike imported into the US in 2000. They are very rare in the US and even more so in this condition. Compared to the US versions CBR F2/F3 of the same vintage these bikes were light-years ahead. Features include an aluminum frame and gull swing arm, 14,500 redline (makes you feel like a MotoGP star) folding passenger foot pegs and some actual storage under the seat.

She has 7700 Original Miles, has always been garaged, never raced, adult owned and is in excellent condition! She starts, runs and rides great! Everything works – idles smooth and runs strong. This bike is best suited for carving tight canyon roads and always draws a crowd. I’m constantly asked if it is a current model and love watching people’s jaw drop when I tell them its 15+ years old! I know I’m going to regret selling it but I am looking for something I can do some touring on…

I have the CLEAR California title in hand. Registration is CURRENT and is good until May 2010 – it will cost about $70 to renew the registration in CA – don’t know about other states. These bike are very hard to get registered in the US!!!

Upgrades: (All New parts were installed over the winter and have about 500 miles on them)
• NEW Bridgestone Battlax BT014 Tires
• NEW OEM Rectifier
• NEW AFAM Sprockets & 520 Regina Chain
• NEW Front Brake Pads & SS Brake Lines, Rebuilt MC / Front Calipers
• NEW Battery
• NEW Fluids – Oil & Filter, Radiator Coolant and Brake fluid all flushed over the winter
• Nassert Basic Exhaust
• Coerce Rearsets
• Haynes Manual and Some stock parts / spares will be included
• Carbs were recently removed and cleaned. She is ready for the summer!
• Tank is rust free!

• Typical Honda pitting on the Fork Lowers. I had planned on removing them and have them refinished but never got around to it…
• Very minor Dent on the right side of the tank. I got a quote from Dent Masters to remove for $100.00 but never got a chance to do. The tank would have to be removed and cleaned with a degreaser before they would work on it. It’s very minor and hardly noticeable (see pics)
• Minor nicks and scratches typical of a 3 or 4 year old bike (certainly not typical on a 15 year old example) The worst is a rub mark on the right side near the passenger seat and some scratches on the front fairing – left side (see pics) I want to disclose as much as possible so there are no surprises but I promise you will not be disappointed!

Warranty: This is a used motorcycle and is sold “as-is” with no warranty expressed written or implied from the seller. The seller will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this vehicle prior to the close of sell. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs required. Buyers are encouraged to come inspect the vehicle in person but no test rides unless you have cash and a motorcycle licence.

So, if you’ve read this far and still haven’t bought this bike, you’re crazy! Anyone got $5200 for a perfectly good kidney??


Ducati April 20, 2010 posted by Jay


1974, well not a great year for bikes or cars, and on the edge of a gas crisis, there’s really not much excitement in the mid seventies that I can remember except when the US tried to make us all change to the metric system. Remember they started changing all the speed limit signs on the highway to kilometers? That went well. Anyway my first hand experience with these bevel drive Ducati’s didn’t come until 1978 when I was working at a Honda/Suzuki dealership. My parts manager finally saved up enough dough to buy a brand new 900SS and wow, what a bike! Blue and silver, Conti pipes; he drove it to work and then raced it on the weekends at Loudon, just a kick ass piece of machinery compared to the Honda’s and Suzuki’s at that time, but twice the price. 

This 1974 750 GT seems pretty darn nice and has the cool Conti pipes. This one claims to have been restored 10 years ago and has only been driven about 800 miles sinse, so it should be a very good example. Again nothing real special about a ’74 GT or even the 750 Sport, seems ’73 was the year to have for those. As nice as it seems I just don’t see the $14,500 asking price. I mean you’re getting into 750 Sport territory which is the more collectible one. I had a real nice restored ’73 750 Sport in 1997 and sold it for $14k back then pretty easy, and they have gone up since. Again if you really want a cool restored bevel drive, this may be it, but try to snag it a better price though. Located on Chicago’s CraigsList, click here for the jump. 

Here’s the really long detailed ad:

The one kick wonder matching #s 10 yr old restoration with only 800 loving miles since dellorto carbs, conti pipes please contact for viewing.

So all in all if you’re “jones’n” for a cool bevel drive you can ride, here it is, just try not to pay “tomorrows” pricing for it; hey we’re in a recession!!…Just my .02 worth.

Ciao for now…….Jay

Ducati April 15, 2010 posted by Jay

1994 DUCATI 888 SPO LTD #61 OF #200

You know in Club racing that “guy” with all the money, I mean he pulls in with his badass trailer and Range Rover, has a pit set up that mimic’s the 2009 Honda Repsol MotoGP Team and then pulls out some insane $100k race bike. Well in 1994 we had a guy like that, nice guy though but one day he shows up and pulls out an ex Doug Polan Ferracci 888(955) AMA bike. We were all like “WTF”??? I remember  just how rare it was to see such a bike so we all just stood around while someone wheeled the electric cart over to start it. “Ching, ching, ching, ching…BaBAM!!” as it fires up. The rumor was it had 150hp and in 1994 that was huge, so in the spirit of “my wanker’s bigger than yours” this guy pleasantly dices around all day for last place.

Well I’m back again talking about 888’s, seems like these things come in cycles, when you want to buy one there never around, then when you don’t, there everywhere. It’s one of my favorite Ducati’s and their best performer until the 916 came out. LTD’s or “Limited” were the last 888’s produced for the street but not a whole lot different from the regular 888 SPO ‘s other than some carbon bits and a few other misc cosmetic items. In ’93/’94 you could also buy for racing their SP4 and SP5 versions which were basically copies of the bike they raced in World Superbike. Ducati offered so many “trick” bits for these bikes and at the time Fast By Ferracci Ducati was at the top of their game for racing and tuning  here in the US. Their presence at each AMA Superbike event was just about on par with Ferrari’s F1 efforts.  Located in Frankfort IL, here’s a pretty nice example on EBay, click to view.

From the ad: 

#61 of 200 made & only 75 sold in the US. Original wheels, Ohlins shock.

12,000 mile service done 4/30/08, including valve adjustment & timing belts.

I believe I am the 3rd owner.  The only mods I am aware of are the rear sets & a Corbin seat.

There are small areas of chipped paint on the lips of the fairings where your toes would hit when feet are on the footpegs. These were present when bought & I have added a couple.  There is also a crack on the underside of the right fairing which has been repaired & is not visible on the outside, also on pics.  Always garaged & never dropped while in my posession.

There are no mechanical issues whatsoever.  I am selling the bike because my back arthritis cannot tolerate the riding position.

The bike is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

Will deliver within 100 miles of the Chicago Metro area in an enclosed trailer

Conclusion;  these things give me major “wood”. This one seems to be a really nice clean example for the miles and maybe with a bit of paintwork, a set of stock rear sets, the bike would really shine in my opinion. If you wanted major “Starbuck” posing points try to locate a set of Termignoni carbon cans to finish it off. Keep checking this sale and see where the price goes, it could be one hell of a deal.

Ciao for now, Jay

Ducati April 14, 2010 posted by Jay


I remember back in 1994 I was at my local Ducati dealer looking at bikes. He had a new ’93 SPO there and he said because the bike was like $13,500 at the time they were slow to sell. I was at the 1994 AMA Superbike round at Loudon and watched Fast by Ferracci pilot Troy Corser on the 888 kill the competition and ended up winning the AMA Superbike Championship that year. Also at that race they displayed the NEW 1995 Ducati 916 street bike and my whole  life changed in a matter of minutes. In 1995 I had a new 916 and an 888 SPO, life was good.

This one seems pretty nice but the mileage is a bit steep for any collector. It looks good via the pictures and what’s better is that it hasn’t been heavily “molested”.  The carbon bits look okay until you get to the Lockhart Phillips carbon triple clamp protector (I just hate those things). The rear license plate holder has been cut up and that’s a complete under tray you’ll be buying to make it more original, but all in all the bike could clean up. Located in NY it’s on EBay with a “Buy It Now” of $11,495  click

So where does this leave us? Well, again, from the pictures the bike looks to be pretty nice and taken care of, it’s serviced up and ready to go which is a plus. The “Buy It Now” is  $11,495 which isn’t too far off, I think the bike would be well priced at  the $9000 range. These bikes really seem to hold a decent value, I mean I bought mine in 1995 used with 500 miles on it, Termignoni slip-ons, for $9500. Sold it about a year or so later for $10,500 with 1500 miles, I guess I just rode the 916 too much but given the choice again these 888’s sound like no other, the 916 is “so 5 min ago”. With their specific bore and stroke, you get  a true badass V8 muscle car tone like no other.


Ducati April 6, 2010 posted by Jay

2005 DUCATI 749R, 2600 MILES !

Rare indeed, designed for the 600 World Super Sport Class its lackluster results in that series made it short lived.  Only made in 2005 and maybe 06 the “R” designates quite a bit of performance from the “S” and base model. Shorter stroke and bigger bore than the other 749’s the first thing you notice is “THIS L-TWIN REV’S!” a whole bunch more than anything else in Ducati’s 2005 line up. Located in Jersey (Bon Jovi rocks) and with 2600 miles the owner is asking $12,000 on Craig’s List. The pictures aren’t that good but if it’s a “straight up” bike I think the price is good as these bikes were about $23k new and only a handful for the world.

Click here for the Craig’s List ad   here

The ad reads:

Up for Sale is a 2005 ducati 749R the bike has 2600 miles and is in absolutely incredible shape. It has upgrades 56mm termignoni full exhaust, throttle bodies, re-maped ecu The bike is Stupid fast and a joy to ride… 12000$ Takes it.. i believe only 250 made in the world.. … Thank you for looking.

Bottom line is this is one for the collection, it also has a full Termignoni system and not quite sure what updated throttle bodies he has? These bikes also had special lighter cranks, titanium valves and con rods, higher lift cams, quasi slipper clutch (not true racing slipper), but you could spend an easy $15k in just motor work to upgrade your base 749, thus…a great deal.


Kawasaki April 6, 2010 posted by Jay


1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R with 7900 miles and is still sporting the original rubber! 

The year 1991 and Rob Muzzy was “The Man” and Scott Russell (still can’t understand a word  that guy says) was a force to be recon with if you were a Kawasaki nut.  It’s a bit sad to see AMA these days, (okay let me be honest, it Blows), in the 90’s it just seemed cooler and more people were involved. I do miss seeing the big Fast by Ferracci rig and their beautiful set up, oh well things change. These ZX7R’s come up for sale every now and then but it’s hard to find a real clean original one. The owner even states it has the original tires (yikes) but if everything checks out, the bikes a winner in my opinion.  Listed on Craig’s List for $5500 or B.O. and located in Winter Haven Florida.

Go to the Craig’s List ad   here


Ad reads:

This is the real thing not a replica.$5500 OBO I have a 1991 Kawasaki ZX7R K1 Ninja there were only 200 of these bikes made. 0 to 85 in first gear. This bike is stock 123 hp. THIS BIKE IS ALL ORIGINAL DOWN TO THE TIRES! As standard this bike has 39mm Keihin, flat-side, carburetors; unrestricted engine, close ratio gearbox, aluminum tank, adjustable front and rear suspension, single seat and 5kg lighter than the standard version. YES THIS BIKE IS ALL ORIGINAL It only has 7900 miles. This bike has a clean florida title and it is a one owner. I do have owners book. Only real intrested buyers only. I WILL SHIP IN THE USA BUYER PAYS ALL SHIPPING & HANDLING COST!!!!!!!!!!More pic on request!

The ad pretty much says it all, cool bike, original right down to the tires, what the hell else do you want? I’m giving this a “2 thumbs up” but the jurys still out as you never know the exact condition until you see the bike.


Yamaha April 5, 2010 posted by Jay

Super Rare!! 1989 Yamaha FZR 250R

Ahh…the 80’s again, big changes in the motorcycle industry as bikes made quite a big advance in that 10 year span. I  had Yamaha’s back in the 70’s and then a YSR50 which I bought in 1991 to cruise around my small town with other friends that had them. Back then for like $800 you could thrash these little things all day long and they just wouldn’t quit, almost like my GSXR1100 of that time but that thing was a tank. I then bought a really bitchin’ 1988 TZR250 (reverse cylinder) in ’97  that was awesome and looked like a real GP bike. But back to this FZR250R, well as the owner states it is a pretty rare bike here in the US and that is a hard fact, definately one to add to your gray market collection. Even though Honda was pretty much kind of the inline 250 4-strokes this Yamaha is just dead nuts unique.

Located in Michigan go to the EBay listing 

Read The ad below:

This is an extremely rare Japanese domestic model FZR250R.  There are only 2 that I know of in the US.  Here are the hard numbers: 250cc four cylinder four stroke, 18,500rpm redline, EXUP exhaust, aluminum deltabox frame and swingarm, 45 bhp.  These were built at a time when the Japanese manufacturers were trying to beat each other in the ultra competetive 250cc japanese championship.  Of the four brands (Suzuki GSXR250, Kawasaki ZXR250, Honda CBR250RR, and the Yamaha) the Honda and Yamaha were the best.  This FZR has far more in common with the OW01 than with the mundane FZR600 that we got stateside and actualy cost more at the time than the 600 did.  Now here is whats wrong with it.  It has a few minor blemishes on the bodywork and a crack in the upper fairing near the left mirror.  The rear turn signals are not yet wired in (easy fix). The eyelet at the V were the two side fairing meet is broken, there is a small dent in the swingarm behind the exhaust can, there are minor chips in the paint on the wheels, and it needs new tires.  All in all it is in exceptional shape with very low milage for a 21 year old motorcycle.  I have been in the process of restoring this bike and have bought many new parts for it.  It runs like a watch and these motors are well known for easily cracking 100,000 Km.  This motorcycle is sold with a bill of sale only as it is not legal for road use.  There are ways of titling it, but that is up to you.   If you want a unique peice of motorcycle history for you collection, here it is.  But if you think I am asking too much, please wait and bid on the next one.  Cheers

To sum up things, it’s not the coolest 250 inline 4, but the rarity of this bike is king especially with the decent miles. For $4500 I think it’s in the ball park even though you need to chase it a bit cosmetically. I love the smaller bikes and this is just the little brother to the FZR400, 600, and 1000, what a cool collection that would be, “click and buy” !


MV Agusta March 27, 2010 posted by Jay


MV Agusta ‘Senna’ LE #161 of 300

Okay, here’s a little motorcycle trivia;

Ayrton Senna is- a) A famous motorcycle racer, b) A famous motorcycle tuner, c) Tamburini’s cabana boy.

Other than MV paying tribute to Mr. Senna and perhaps donating to his favorite charity from the sales of this bike, Senna really doesn’t have any motorcycle connection. He was by far the Valentino Rossi of F1, of course.

“Limited Edition” bikes, sometimes I have a real hard time trying to figure out the difference between these and a standard model. I’m generalizing here but come on, remove the decals and the carbon bits and how special is it? The Italians always have a great way to try to “impress” the public with these things. Maybe it’s just the story they tell behind it, “The Senna, we maka di carbon thread by thread by local virgins in the village, then it is formed together using only the sap from the 1000 year old Olive tree”. When I hear things like that, I just write the check. 

Anyway, with no year listed I am going to have to assume it’s the 2007 F4 1000 which is a  really great bike and not to be confused with the much earlier 750 Senna. It’s really the marriage of a dependable high hp Japanese (copied) inline 4 and the styling of an Italian sport bike. These bikes just don’t break but this one …well it’s a bit “cosmetically challenged”. The bike new listed for $29,995 and the asking price on this one is $18,900 and located in San Fran.

The ad reads:

Hello All,

This bike speaks for itself. More Rare and sexier than a Ducati. Bike is located in the East San Jose area for those that would like to view. Approx 6000 miles, Single Owner.
Bike was downed previously and fixed at Monroe Motors. All fairings were replaced except the right mirror, and you can see the engine case has some slight damage. Frame was checked and it’s straight. Bike was lowsided on residential roads at about 35mph. Bike has a CLEAN TITLE. it is current registered and insured. Asking $18,900.

Bike comes with the cover, stand, manuals etc.
Mods: It has a scorpio alarm and an eMoto aftermarket exhaust system (sounds awesome) and the ECU reprogrammed.
Go to the Craigs List ad here

It’s too bad the frame and engine case got scuffed up, that’s a harder  more expensive fix. I know the guys at Monroe Motors and it would be worth a call to them for their view, there’re great guys. The only concerning issue is that the paint on the frame where it meets the head stock is cracked which could mean a fairly hard fall and a frame that just isn’t within spec. It’s still fixable but if it were me I’d go over the whole bike with a fine tooth comb first to make sure the frame just isn’t bent all over the place. With regular used F4 1000’s selling at $13-$14k you just have to want a Senna or maybe you just want it because the Alcantara seat matches your M3’s.