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Bimota December 8, 2010 posted by Brian

2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica

2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica

Daytona Beach, Florida

B.I.N. $15,000.00 SOLD! for $14,000.00 B.I.N.

Rare, check, Exotic, check, SPORTbike, check – yeah I think this gem from Bimota has it covered. There’s not much I can offer technically that hasn’t been said before (see past SB8 listings here) about this bike, but let me try to offer the highlights. This Bimota has a Suzuki TL1000R motor for propulsion and the usual Rimini goodies adorn the rest of the bike; aluminum frame, lots of carbon fiber, ohlins fork, shock and damper, OZ wheels, Brembo brakes – you get the idea.

This bike has a reliable motor from Japan, exotic styling from Italy and today you can add relative affordability to its list of attributes. Check out the CNC ridges on the triple clamps – awesome stuff! This particular version served primarily as an interior ornament for the owner while his main steed is a SB8R. The full listing for your review:

For sale is nearly new Bimota SB8K “santamonica”. If you are reading this listing then I don’t need to tell you about the history of bimota as a marque or this model in particular. It is showroom quality with only 600 miles on it. It is my 27th bimota bike over the years. I purchased it for show and tell only and as evident by lack of mileage she has been in my living room as a beautiful work of art. She is trickle charged and periodically started and ridden but my daily driver is her older relative a bimota SB8R. The time has come to thin out the herd a bit and I need more room so this wonderful machine is being offered for sale. Bimota USA MSRP was over 40k. She is now being offered at a mere fraction of that cost. She is sure to appreciate in value over the years. Email if you have any questions. Thanks for the interest and Happy Holidays.

I feel like the bike is solid when my biggest complaint is the LED tach. The only exception I take with the listing is the seller’s assertion that this bike is “sure to appreciate over the years.” The B.I.N. seems totally reasonable, especially considering the low miles and top condition. and make sure he throws in the bike stand and cover for your 15 large!


Honda December 2, 2010 posted by Brian

1992 Honda NSR 250 SE

1992 Honda NSR 250 SE for Sale

I’m big fan of two stroke grey bikes, and this MC 21 from California represents one of my favorites. The NSR was tops in the 250 class and this generation only takes a backseat (in my mind) to its successor, the single sided swingarm MC 28. This red & white SE model hails from California and has the oh so coveted title. The owner mentions that there is “some discoloration” on the lower fairing, but it’s hard to make heads or tails of anything with the tiny thumbnail images provided. Better photos would be a totally reasonable request by any potential buyer. Also of interest in the description is a “frame off restoration less than 1,000 miles ago”. Enough of my snippets, you can read the full listing for yourself:

Extremely rare 1992 Honda NSR 250 SE with current California registration!!!!!!

This is a very clean and well cared for NSR. The bike had a full frame off restoration less than 1,000 miles ago. The re-build consisted of a new crank, cylinders, HRC heads, clutch pack, hoses and bearings, shock and forks serviced, new gold o-ring chain and sprockets. The bike has many upgrades including, Tyaga SS chaimbers with carbon / kevilar silencers, Tayga billit tripple trees, aluminum faring mount and gauge mount, HRC cages and carbon reeds, Tayga billit rear sets and aluminum axel inserts on both the front and rear wheel, aluminum rear cush drive, new Michelin tires.

This bike is very clean and very sound. I have owned several NSRs and this is the best one I have owned. Never crashed, although some discoloration on the lower faring (19 year old bike). All original plastic, and I have a spare left front faring. I have the manual and some extra faring decals. I also have ALL of the original parts, so you could convert it back to complete OEM in a few hours. Comes with rear lift stand.

The bike has been registered in California for over 10 years so title is intact.

This is a great opportunity to own a Ca titled, almost new NSR. These bike do not loose value, rather they continue to go up. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a very collectable and rare bike. I can arrange to deliver within 100 miles. If purchased from out of town, I will help ship, but the cost is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

I have a very high E-Bay rating so bid with confidence. If you have a zero rating I will not even consider your offer (burned too many times).

I may consider a trade (plus cash either way) for another exotic bike?????

Those of you bored with your current e-ticket ride can maybe swap bikes with the seller? The restoration sounds a lot like basic maintenance, but a conversation with the seller should clear things up. The starting bid is totally reasonable at $5,000, but we do not know what the reserve is – I’ll be curious to see where this bid ends. and good luck holiday shopping.

Sport Bikes For Sale November 15, 2010 posted by Brian

1986 Suzuki RG 500 Gamma

1986 RG500 Gamma

11,433 Miles

$22,500 (BIN)

Here we have a clean example of the venerable Suzuki RG500 Gamma for sale. Gammas have frequented this site before, check out some prior listings here. This bike is from the Canada and it appears to be in good condition. The Gamma sports a square four 498cc 2 stroke motor generating 94 HP in stock trim, although the owner claims to have a dyno run showing 108 HP on this model.

Riders have been using these bikes for virtually every purpose under the sun, sport/race is the obvious way to go, but people have sport toured these bikes and there is even a naked street fighter version out there.

Personally, my favorite thing to do with this bike is rip the motor out and stuff it into a RGV250 chassis, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Some outstanding conversions of those customs can be seen here and here (see “ultimate RGV”).

Principal modifications consist of Jolly Moto pipes and forks from a GSXR 750. An excerpt from the seller:

The 498cc square four two-stroke engine is unrivalled and unbelievely light. Handling is simply incredible. The unique Posi Damp forks can be pre-adjusted to suit load, road surface and riding preference; the Full Floater rear has been specially constructed to give you superior shock absorption and power delivery. Stopping power is terriffic. the perfect motorcycle to control 95 horse-power. (mine is aroung 108 HP) you have to pass dyno to know exact HP.

This RG 500 with original 18000 km / 12000 miles was kept in a dealer place for the last 7 year since this year. Exaust pipe cost $3400 ca, front fork was change from GSX-R 750 and the clutch is new. Brake, tires are perfect. Motor is perfect with full compression, thebike was tune-up and just pass full inspection at Quebec SAAQ #6878390. I also put Originale from flasher from Europe. The side from light are there to fill the hole of the big flasher that was there before. The back flasher are from FZR6. The paint is original except for the buttom of the gas tank that also are small buble aroung the gas cap.It start on first or second kick.Everything on the dash, light, sppedo,rpm work perfectly. Investment to make this RG500 the way, is more than $7000.00 that was done (Front fork, Pipes, Clutch, Motor, Tune-Up etc). So the new buyer can enjoy driving it. I was having a lot of two stroke since 1985 and this one is driving better then any other rg that i drove before. I also have the passager seat in perfect condition that include in the auction.

If you have any question, you can write to me using contact the seller and request question.

Street Legal and plate. I am in Qc, Canada and i will help to ship it every where is Canada or USA.
I can ship the bike to anyplace in Canada or USA.

The bike is titled in Canada and I am not sure how the title transfer process works. I concede the condition appears to be solid (the bike sat for 7 years); however I am left scratching my head regarding the asking price. The opening bid is close to market, if not a little high, but the BIN is stratospheric considering this is a relatively pedestrian version (not a bad thing) and the miles are not particularly low. Check out the document.write(”);full listing complete with more descriptions, videos, and additional photos.


Sport Bikes For Sale November 4, 2010 posted by Brian

1990 Yamaha OW01 FZR-750R

1990 Yamaha FZR-750R OW01

5,200 Miles

$15,000 Starting Bid

This 1990 OW01 for sale is a fine example of Yamaha’s response to the superbike wars of the late 80’s and early 90’s. This is my second listing from Jeff’s collection, and this is a relist on RSBFS (see the first posting). Regular readers are probably familiar with this collection of bikes, all rare and in fantastic condition. He has one photo of 3 OW01’s sitting next to each other, so it would only be fair to share the love, right?

The OW01 was a homologation special from Yamaha intended to compete with the Honda RC30 in WSB racing. Although Fabrizio Pirovano was not able to take this bike to the promise land, Eddie Lawson won Suzuka and Dave Sadowski took the 1990 Daytona 200 on an OW01 – see a replica of that bike here.

The bike itself is typical homologation stuff from the era – Ohlins shock, titanium con rods and magnesium calipers. Production was the magic 500 units, but surprisingly few of them came to the US . In the seller’s words:

1990 Yamaha FZR-750R – 0w01 750cc Homologation Special

All original and in excellent condition with reasonably low milage.

Shown with YEC Kit exhaust canister but will have with original Yamaha exhaust muffler in place at time of sale

as the original has been wrapped up and boxed for safe keeping.

For those true enthusiasts and collectors out there, you”ll already know the history and how rare the 0W01 is here in the United States.

Reportedly, there were less than 30 of these machines Stateside when Yamaha imported them back in ’89-’90

and supplied the AMA Superbike team with theirs to race.

Most became race bikes -so the number of original condition machines that were never raced remains VERY low.

Check out my other upcoming auctions -as I’ll have a number of other additional homologation specials coming up soon that will include:

Honda RC-30, Yamaha YZF750 0w02 R7, Bimota 500cc V-due, Yamaha R7-1, Ducati 888 among other SBK machines.

For whatever reason, these bikes really did not hold their value very well; and certainly not when compared to its archrival (can a motorcycle have an archrival?) the RC30. My guess is that the seller would be happy to fetch somewhere between his starting bid of $15k and $20k; any more would represent a strong sale. The listing with more photos and a tech article can be found .


Aprilia November 2, 2010 posted by Brian

1994 Aprilia RS250 Reggiani

1994 Aprilia RS250

4,100 miles

$7,495.00 BIN

Here we have a 1994 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani replica. If you’re thinking that you’ve seen this bike on RSFS before, you are correct. 1994 was a banner year for Aprilia as they wrapped up the 125 and 250cc World Championships with Kazuto Sakata and Max Biaggi respectively. This bike is a race replica of the version Loris Reggiani rode prior to his step up to the 500 class on behalf of Aprilia.

The seller states that a portion of this bike has been repainted and I see some of the vinyl decals are not up to OEM spec, if such things concern you. This bike has a coveted California title, huge bonus points for that. More from the seller:

im thinning out the herd and this one is the nicest. its a 1994 aprilia rs250 the bike has 3900 km and is in near perfect condition. the aftermarket parts are tyga side by side pipes and silencers, mild steel headers. new tires with 40 miles on them, and new chain, are replaced only due to age not wear. the bike had some minor but annoying scratches on the tail section and the the left and right lower fairings so as anal as i am i had them repainted with the reproduction decals. i could not get the tail section decals that said rs250 so i had a sign shop make some up. the bike looks new and runs awesome.

This bike comes with the original pipes, Tyga pipes, new tires and overall it appears to be a clean offering. All in all, I believe this is a strong representation of the RS250 and the asking price is well within precedent for similar Reggiani models posted. Jay offers a great tidbit on the fork seals here, recommended reading if you are serious about purchasing this model. My wife has declared me out of the bidding for this one (something about too much debt?), so I leave it to you RSFS readers. Check out the sellers phone number, more photos and a video in the .


Sport Bikes For Sale October 30, 2010 posted by Brian

1999 Yamaha R7 OW02

1999 Yamaha YZF750 OW02 R7

Miles: 3,264

Price: $22,000 (BIN)

Update 11.3.10: Sold!

This 1999 Yamaha YZF750 R7 is another beauty from Jeff’s outstanding collection. What could possibly be better than a limited edition Yamaha OW01? You guessed it, a Yamaha OW02! This race homologation model was limited to a production run of 500 units in 1999, making this quite rare indeed. The condition of this particular example is pristine. The R7 was produced to qualify the bike for World Superbike racing, and thus was not titled for street use from the dealer. Despite that fact, this version carries a Washington state title.

At a quick glance, this bike could be mistaken for either one of its siblings, the R6 or R1, but that would be a huge mistake as this is outfitted with race technology not afforded to the other “R”s. Some of these goodies include titanium valves & connecting rods, Ohlins suspension front & rear and a “back torque limiter” clutch, an early version of the slipper clutch. The seller tells the story:

1999 Yamaha YZF750 0w02 R7

750cc Homologation Special

All original and in excellent condition with only 3,264 miles.

This bike is titled, regestered and LICENSED for road use in Washington State.

No issues getting this machine licensed for the street -as it has already been done-!!

The bike has the YEC-Kit fuel pump, fuel regulator and wiring mod to engage the secondary fuel injectors and raise the horsepower

from the restricted state of tune used to pass import regulations (along with the addition of the Kit silencer and Kit airbox).

It is shown with YEC Kit exhaust canister but I also have the original Yamaha exhaust muffler as the original has been wrapped up

and boxed for safe keeping along with the original regulator, fuel pump and airbox.

For those true enthusiasts and collectors out there, you”ll already know the history and how rare the 0W02 is here in the United States.

Most became race bikes -so the number of original condition machines that were never raced remains VERY low.

Check out my other upcoming auctions -as I’ll have a number of other additional homologation specials coming up soon that will include:

Honda RC-30, Yamaha YZF750 0w01, Bimota 500cc V-due two-stroke, Yamaha R7-1, Ducati 888 among other SBK machines.

Regarding price, the $22,000 seems to be right in line with market value based on past comparable sales, as seen here and here. See the full listing including heavy tech specs and more photos .



Sport Bikes For Sale October 29, 2010 posted by Brian

1988 Yamaha FZR 400

Editor note: Please welcome our second new Contributor, Brian, with his post on this great looking FZR 400. You can read more about all the contributors on this site on our about page. Welcome aboard Brian and have a great weekend everyone! -dc

An 1988 Yamaha FZR 400 post not by Doug, this may be a first. This example has 18,000 miles, I know you may be asking yourself “what’s so special about a 1988 FZR 400?” Allow me to answer what is so special about this bike – it’s an FZR 400!!! Widely hailed as the best handling sportbike of its time, this bike rightfully has a cult following (see more information on the FZR 400 here). Some would actually argue that this is the best handling bike even well beyond its contemporaries.

This bike screams late 80’s sportbike through and through – dual round headlights, deltabox frame and a good ole analog gauges with the tach front and center as it should be. However, do not confuse this bike with its bloated bigger brothers of the day, this was truly a scalpel amongst butcher knives. The owner says it’s stock, I assume he means save for the dark ZG windscreen. Before you point out the flaws, let me offer the cracked fairing, rusted bolts and general wear and tear consistent with a 23 year old motorcycle. Honestly, who cares about that stuff? This bike is meant to carve twisties and leave an ear to ear grin on your face. The dedicated riding position and mid fifties HP rating serve to remind the owner of the bike’s singular purpose.

From the seller:

18000 MILES




You can see FZR 400 selling prices here, and the BIN of $2,500 seems totally reasonable to me, but I am a little biased. See more photos and information in the . Good luck bidding!