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2008 Honda CBR125R (3)

Located in Fargo, North Dakota is your choice of three 2008 Honda CBR125Rs.  Located at a dealership, the seller claims to have three CBR125Rs that are able to be registered in the U.S.  I have no idea how they were able to import, and then once sold, register three bikes but that is what they say they can do.  I would obviously confirm that these bikes can be legally registered before purchasing–and aren’t in the same boat as the 2009 Aprilia RS125s.  If these bikes are somehow U.S. street legal it would be a very cool, brand new bike, for only $2999–less money than a Ninja 250.  Supposedly the fastest 125 in production and with factory equipped with fuel injection, these 125s are quite trick.  See the eBay ad here



  • […] dealer makes no mention of title issues.  Recently on eBay there was a dealer selling brand new Honda CBR125R models, combined with this, makes me curious how dealers are getting these in.  If you’d […]

  • […] a post we had for some 2008 CBR125R’s available in the U.S. here.  I’ve also included two photos from that post but, they are NOT of the bike currently for […]

  • I rode this bike many times.Honda CBR125 is smaller displacement motorcycles that actually look good.The power, handling is similar to a 125cc scooter, but the seating position and the manual transmission make it much more fun to ride in the city and on the freeway..I am interested to cbr 125..what is price of this bike..The link you have provided seems to be broken

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