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2000 Bimota DB4 with Factory Race Kit

2000 Bimota DB4 for sale

This Bimota ticks all the right boxes for me: It’s light, it looks fantastic, and it utilizes an old school approach to power and performance. In fact they not only revert from the then current 900 Supersport’s fuel injection to carbs, the race kit utilizes chokeless Keihin FCR carbs and a 2 into 1 titanium exhaust. With about 6k miles, this one is currently bid to just over $9k reserve not met with a buy-it-now of $14k.


2000 Bimota DB4 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This motorcycle is a very nice and very original 2000 Bimota DB4 with factory Tri-Colore paint scheme – my favorite model and paint scheme that Bimota has ever made. It is equipped with the rare Factory Race Kit which includes Keihin FCR Carbs (no choke), a special Bimota gas tank to clear the carbs, Corse titanium exhaust, and an Ohlins rear shock. The bike runs super well and is ridden only occasionally on our Sunday morning “coffee rides”.

As you can see from the pics, it is in very nice condition. I have added adjustable clip-ons that raise the bars about 3”. They improved the comfort level for my nearly 60 year old body significantly, but the original Bimota clip-ons are included if you’d like to change it back – see pics. (No changes were needed to wiring or throttle, brake and clutch lines/control cables.) The tires are Michelin Pilot Powers. The front is a 120/70 ZR17 Pilot Power II and is nearly new. The rear is a 180/55 ZR17 Pilot Power 3 and it is new (I got a nail in the previous Pilot Power II a few weeks ago and just replaced it!).

The body work is generally in very nice condition and paint/gelcoat is excellent throughout. There are a few spots that show minor spider webbing around fasteners (standard on Bimotas that are ridden) but nothing significant, and a tiny chip here or there. These are all very minor and you need to look extremely closely to see them (see pics). The worst cosmetic issues are a chip in the paint on the right side of the front wheel rim near the Antera logo and the cap for the front brake master cylinder reservoir – the cap is standard Brembo and should be easy to replace with new. You can see both in the pics if you look carefully. The bike will also come with the Factory race stand that is shown in a couple of the pics.

The bike was last serviced about 120 miles ago with an oil change, brake and clutch fluid change and valve adjustment. The engine runs well and the bike is a blast to ride. I have had several Bimotas including inline 4’s and other DB’s and this is my favorite of all of them. It handles super well (the Ohlins rear shock is a nice addition). It is air cooled (not a lot of extra weight – it is super light – around 380 lbs or so) and easy to work on without having to deal with all the extra bits for water cooling – water pump, radiator, plumbing, etc. It is carbureted so you can work on it easily without a computer. It also doesn’t have any heat issues that some of the other models have and handles stop and go traffic with no issues. The Corse exhaust sounds wonderful, and I don’t think there has ever been a more beautiful Bimota made! I prefer limited electronic gadgetry, and this bike fits the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, I’ve reached the age where my body just can’t tolerate clip-ons anymore and I am finally forced to admit it! Even with the raised clip-ons I added!



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  • Rumor was that Bimota at the time used unsold Mantra chassis/engines to create the DB4. True or not, and unlike that mistake, this is a timelessly beautiful Italian sportbike. This example impresses and seems thoughtfully modified, owned by a mature enthusiast, and well presented. Bella- what’s not to fall in love with here?

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