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Engineering Art: 1975 Honda CB750 Yoshimura Endurance Racer

cb front If a bike like this can't get your heart beating faster I don't know what will.  You don't even have to be into race or vintage bikes to appreciate the attention to detail and engineering excellence here.  We use the term "engineering art" with Bimota alot but this Yosh/Honda just stepped up to the top of the podium as far as that is concerned.  Hats off to the seller for providing some beautiful shots of the bike and the story behind it. 

cb left

Just a bit of the story on it (there is much more on the auction):

The collector who owned this bike for the last 37 years related to us that it was professionally built in 1975 from the frame-up by Yoshimura North, with no expense spared. It is believed that it was built on commission for a privateer race team that wanted to compete in the Bol d’Or 24 endurance race in France, as well as the LeMans 24 hour race. But the team’s efforts never materialized and the bike never went to Europe. Instead, the bike was immediately purchased by the aforementioned collector and drained of all its fluids. It went directly into his extensive art collection and was stored in his living room as a prized piece for the next 3 decades.

From what we were told, Yoshimura built the motor to their full race specs. They fitted their aluminum racing tank and racing saddle. They equipped it with authentic Honda CR750 CR31 carburetors, the CR750 megaphone exhaust and CR750 tachometer. They fabricated a custom aluminum oil tank, used aircraft style oil lines and a heavy duty oil cooler, and fitted an ARD racing magneto. They chose Ceriani forks and triple trees up front, and a Dresda swingarm with Koni air shocks in the rear. The bike rides on amazing Kimtab magnesium wheels and Goodyear racing slicks. Stopping power is provided by Hunt plasma-cut triple discs. Many of the parts on the bike, especially the carburetors, tach, and magnesium wheels are now extremely hard to find and worth quite a large sum in their own right. The bike is fitted with high powered Marchal headlamps, as well as a low-mounted Cibie spotlight on the right front fork. The fit and finish is exquisite, down to the perfectly braided safety wire on various nuts and fasteners.

cb dash

Yeah, it is that nice.

cb right close

Be sure to check out the auction as the seller provides a good read on the history of the CB750 race engine.  That must be a beast to kick start.

cb oil

Ever heard of Steam Punk?  This picture has that that sort of feel to it.

cb carbs

Simpler days.

yosh 2

Lets hear some numbers from the RSBFS masses on what you think this one is worth.  If you want to enjoy a beautiful bike or place a bid, click here.



  • Ten grand MAX. That’s all it is worth. But I’m sure there’s a sucker out there who will pay more.

  • This thing has cause quite the stir on the SOHC4 website recently. It’s a top notch bike for sure. However, the CB’s have always had the problem of kind of having a glass ceiling. I think that this should be a 2-3 grand shy of a comparable condition sandcast. Just personal opinion, but I think others will agree (come the end of the auction).

  • That’s the coolest bike I’ve seen in a long time.

  • I’m with MrMan…this thing looks amazing! If you like 70s endurance racers, this bike pushes all the right buttons.

  • I think it’s gorgeous. I’d pay a lot more than $10k for it. Having said that I’d want to race it, not park it in my living room.

  • Really? $10k max? No way. This will fetch a bit more than that. Otherwise it would be completely ridiculous to sell and should go to the motorcycle museum at Barber.

  • I can’t imagine them letting this bike go for under $40k. This thing is so cool, and the parts have to be worth more than that. Definitely it qualifies for an “if I win the lottery” kind a bike. Kudos to RSBFS for capturing this one.


  • Wow this is something else! Easily worth 40 grand. In 1970’s money it probably cost that much to build, so no real value lost.

  • Another point is the workmanship on this, beautiful stuff. The other point is how many unraced bikes from this era are out there? This is a true historical item.

  • Easily one of the most unique and desireable sport bikes to become available this year. Amazingling cool.

  • $40k seems high to me. If it had provenance maybe I’d feel differently. I was thinking closer to $20k-$25k. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.

    • Well, we were both close. Sold for $30,100 to a lucky guy.


  • Kind of misleading listing…
    Neglects the fact that it is NOT RUNNING!
    I have seen the bike at MidO and it is beautiful.
    Do question the “story” of its history.

  • I am a buyer at 8K, that’s what its worth to me, a 2 stroke dude!

  • ^^^At 8K on this one, you’re a spectator and a dreamer. Your two strokes are worth 1/2 of what you think they are to me, a four stroke dude!

  • Hey sixthgear, 2 strokes may not be worth much to you, but they are worth much more to most other collectors. Back in the day, this bike could never dream of being as fast as a TZ250 on a road race track, you think they could keep up to a TZ500, KR500 or RG500? not a chance, TZ750? KR750? No! I have owned many CB750 and I love the bike, it is just not a real race bike, MY OPINION! But its still extra collectible! They only raced these in the diesel class!


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