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8 Mile Ducati Desmosedici RR in San Francisco Bay Area

Update 6.6.2014: The seller has alerted me that this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Ducati Desmosedici for sale DD16

If you're a collector that has been holding out for a nearly new DD16, your wait is over. This example has just 8 miles and has been kept indoors it's whole life. Just in case this is your first introduction to this legendary offering, it's as close as you're going to get to a modern, street legal, MotoGP bike. 377 pounds dry and 197hp from it's V4 propel this collectible to 190mph! I've seen only a handful of these on the street and even at an event like the Indy MotoGP stop, they are show stoppers wherever they turn up even several years later.

Thank you to Joel for helping to support the site with a Featured Listing and good luck with the sale!




from the seller:

I am the 2nd owner of the bike and have recently acquired it. The original owner had it stored inside his home as do I now. The bike only has 8 miles from the initial set up of the bike by a certified DD16 mechanic. The bike is in 100% perfect collector condition. I am asking MSRP which is $72K and will accept trade plus cash offers on a Desmosedici with miles. These bikes are getting harder and harder to find in this condition with such low mileage. I have been searching for over 3 years and this is the lowest mileage Desmosidici I've come across. The original owner had over $90K invested in the bike. If the bike does not sell within a month I will put it on eBay but am in no rush to sell.

Bike includes the Full Titanium Termignoni $10K exhaust as well as the Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber rear hugger. Both factory exhaust systems, ECU's and factory fairings are all included in perfect condition as well. Both keys, the factory rear stand and the manual is included.


  • Damn, that’s perty.
    Damn, I’ll never be able to have one.

  • No offense to Joel, but you are going to be waiting a while if you think you are going to get that close to origional MSRP for that machine at this juncture. $50K “might” be a more reasonable # IMHO, but most seem to be selling in the high 30 to mid 40 K range from what I have seen over the last 6 months or so. Most also have the documentations of the services and recalls as having been done, as there were a few, and they are not exactly simple. A specilaized machine for sure, but is going to require that needle in a haystack buyer willing to part ways with the duckets you require. GLWS !!!

  • Desmo buyers production number less than #850 of 1500 will need the valve springs replaced, which requries the engine to be pulled. I had mine done under warranty, the dealer bill was $8000 charged to Ducati North America. Thats one of many stories, an expensive bike to own.

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  • thanks to the poster for the ducati.org link. makes our man Joel here look more like an opportunistic carpet bagger than a guy who is being an unrealistic possibly remorseful collection seller.

    just my perception and .02 FWIW

  • lolol

    +1 BrianZ

    I’ve said it before, if you buy one under the production #1000 your playing Russian Roulette if you plan on anything but staring at it! That’s why you never see them for sale over #1000. If your planning on staring at it, you can buy cheaper examples.

    The real investment is to buy one, and part it out to the suckers who bought the ones under #1000 and want to keep them running. I believe a manufacturer only has to keep stock for parts for 10 years.


  • lol@carpet bagger, damn rednecks…

  • This may have been a bike from Ripppn Wisconsin that was for sale. A collage professor owned it. I know the bike from Wisconsin only had 8 Miles on it and was only driven by the tech and Milwaukee Ducati that did all the updates including the valve springs as I spoke with them about. The guy whole owned it was older and having some health problems. The last I was told they had a buyer in the $55000 range which was just A little to much in my opinion too. To many surprises if you are going to ride it.

  • no idea what used examples of these go for but the original msrp price seems quite a reach to me especially considering what he paid for it, theres this pesky thing called depreciation but the rarity of this bike may negate that

  • A Desmosedici with the GP exhaust system just sold for $61K at Moto Italia. That bike had 710 miles on it and considering the low miles on this one the asking price seems reasonable. Regardless, it is worth far more than $50K as we all know the value of desmo’s have risen substantially in the past year. It sounds like he wants to find one he can ride so give the guy a break!

  • @Some guy- give him a break? what is the bike worth? well, to be quite frank, it is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. I have seen D16’s on Fleabay sell for much less as I said in my 1st post. Mileage and condition dependant of course. I recall seeing one last August IIRC that was track skinned and had the more normally sized BST Carbon 17″ wheels on it for $51K with most of the street/origional parts in a box( minus the wheels). I think that bike had like close to 9K miles on it and had been used in the fashion under which it was designed. Also in regards to the one at Moto Italia, I believe they gave a warranty with that bike at that price for covering issues that popped up that DNA would not be willing to participate in. Should a dealer be able to ask more than a private sale, sure, because you would hope that a Ducati dealer is going to have to go over the bike to make sure it is exactly as it should be before reselling it.

  • hmm…
    Could “Some guy” be “the seller”?

  • Some guy is not the seller… I am. I have no interest arguing with people as everyone is entitled to their own opinion which I respect. I don’t see any harm in holding onto a bike until you get your asking price. Besides, a lot of collectors do this as they don’t really want to see the bike go. I’m hoping to find another Desmo with some miles that I can ride so if anyone knows where one is please let me know. Thanks for all your comments!

    Rick S – This might be the same bike as the story sounds very similar other than the original owner was a Doctor (maybe he was both as he was an elderly gentleman). I have confirmed the bike had the valve springs addressed and other updates that you spoke of as well.

    Jason – Keep your head up bro. I thought the same thing when these bikes first came out but it’s within your reach 🙂

  • now that’s a movie entrance……

  • From reading the posts on http://www.ducati.org/forums/desmosedici-rr/55501-finally-got-desmo-2.html#post734628, it seems like the original buyer of the bike backed out, the current owner/seller made a deal with the dealer seller to buy the bike, paid less than $55k, and is now trying to flip it for $72k. Nothing wrong with that, I just think the bike is going to be sitting for a loooooong time, unsold.

  • Hi
    How is your min price for this? are you ready to ship over seas? or i can catch it in bay area.

  • Behzad,
    If you are serious about making an legitimate offer please send me an email. I have no problem shipping the bike within or out of the states.
    Thank you for your interest.

  • The seller has alerted me that this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller!


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