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Price Reduced! 2008 Ducati Desmosedici with just 27 Miles!

Update 4.22.2014: Sold! Congratulations to buyer and seller!

Update 4.3.2014: Price reduced to $53k for a quick sale. -dc

2008 Ducati Desmosidici for sale

Gino is one of the first to take advantage of our March Madness special on Featured Listings to help promote his 2008 Ducati Desmosedici with just 27 miles on it! It comes with all available options and stock parts as well. He also has a MV Agusta Bruatale Oro and a trick Suzuki Katana that are on offer as well to help him to get started with a new business venture. Contact him directly by email if interested.


I'd like to thank Gino for helping to support our site with a Featured Listing. Good luck with the sale!


from the seller:

I have a brand new 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR that I need to sell, I'm the original owner of the bike and the bike is in mint condition with only 27 miles on it. The bike will come complete with all the original accessories and options that came with the bike, placque, cover, the standard factory muffler (I have the racing muffler option on there and the bike produces 200 hp with this option on it), all the factory decals, along with all the original documents and anything else that came with the bike.

I unfortunately need to sell the bike because I need to raise capital for my business, or else I wouldn't be thinking of selling this bike, but though times call for though measures and I've got a few other bikes as well in my collection, like the original 2004 MV Agusta Bruatale Oro that has like less than 50 miles on it, so again it's in mint condition, as well as 1999 Suzuki Katana 1000c that looks just like the original '82 model that has very little miles on it, again under 50 miles and in perfect mint condition. All in all, I'm realistic and fair about my prices and if you're a serious buyer by all means contact me and we can make arrangements for you to see the bike and negotiate a good deal for both for us.


  • It must be somewhat disheartening to buy such an exotic motorcycle for $75k new, put a measly 27 miles on it, and sell it for $58k. All I could think is “…It cost me over $600/mile to ride this bike. Guess it is just a matter of perspective.

  • Yes i’d buy it in a hartbeat, just gotta sell a arm&leg or 25 or 6 BULTACOS. PS. ALOWING ONLY ONE REPLY WORKS 4 ME

  • ???????

  • I think I’d consider taking this one over the last one posted where the guy was trying to flip it and make a few bucks.

  • Its gotta be the coolest sounding bike on the planet with the race exhuast installed. If you ever hear one you will never forget it.

  • i am interested in the 1999 Suzuki Katana 1000c..send me somes pics and what price you want to motec300@yahoo.co.nz….thanx

  • Thanks for the clean Desmo Gino!

    • Congratulations to buyer and seller!


  • Stickers are in the wrong place. it would drive me mad. 🙂

    Congrats new owner but make sure the recall on the rear seat unit has been done. It’s hard to tell, does not look like the stock one from the pictures but mine’s been in a box for 7 years and I can’t remember what it looks like. Any Ducati dealer will ( and must as a term of their contract with Ducati ) honour any outstanding recalls even today. Will be no cost to you. The rear seat unit must be done, they set on fire!

    @Jeff. The supplied ‘Race’ exhaust is different. Doesn’t make much of a performance difference. However the GP07 Titanium race exhaust ( and bodywork ) which came in the UK for nearly £7000 extra, fitted? Now that’s something special


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