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Kawasaki March 19, 2011 posted by

1992 Kawasaki KR250C3 KR1-S still in the crate!

1992 Kawasaki KR1-S *still in the crate* for sale-

Location: Laredo, TX – in a crate
Mileage: Less than 1
Price: Step right up and place your bid

This bike has been storaged, on purpose, in it´s original crate for 19 years now. It was bought from Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI-Japan) on August 1992; which was the very last production batchs for this model.

It is the “pearl” on my personal 2 stroke bikes collection, I decided that is the time to pass it on to some other collector in the world.

And there you have it- A brand new 19 year old Rare Sport Bike For Sale.

These are definitely the rarest of the rare 2 strokes in the US and they rank at the top of the rarest 2 strokes in the world. Some 2 strokes are difficult to find, some are hard to find, some are damn near impossible to find, but a brand new, still in the box KR1-S might come around as often as Halley’s Comet.

I’ve already talked to a few qualified collectors regarding this particular machine and all but one said they’d love to have it. I also talked to a few skeptics who couldn’t get past not being able to see it. I personally have no doubt that it’s in there and preserved perfectly. Since it’s been in a box and protected from the light I’m going to say the rubber bits should be in pretty good shape as well.

The seller has put some pretty tough restrictions on the on the sale of the bike. I totally understand the reasons why and can’t say I blame him one bit. They also have a stellar rating of 100% with 695 transactions within the ebay community so you should find a little reassurance in those numbers.

There is a $200 USD fee for product to be picked up locally. Delivery is to be made within 15 days of bids end, depending on buyer-seller communication and arrangements.

Please DO NOT ASK to open the crate, I will not be willing to do so unless person interested is willing to pay a $3,000 USD non refundable fee.

I’m a little confused as to why he would charge you if you wanted to pick it up. I personally would not move this bike any other way.

What about you- what would you do with this bike?
-Would you leave it in the box?
-Open it and offer it to Barber for display?
-Ride it?
-Do you think there’s another one like it in the world?
-Would you buy the box and not peek inside of it?

Any guess on what it’s going to take to put it in your collection?

Here’s what it might sound like if you win and open the box:



Kawasaki October 28, 2010 posted by

The Crown Strikes Back: Record Setting KR1-S In The UK

Record Setting KR1-S In The UK

I think that is the smile of a man that had just broken a record.  This KR1-S for sale is the current holder of the production 250cc speed record at Bonneville.  Everyone makes claims to sell bikes right?  Well they have the paperwork to prove it and there is a nice write up on the KR Forum about the endeavor.  Long story short, this bike rolled across Bonneville with a two pass average of  136.5 mph.  Very nice for a stock two built back in 1990.  By the way, a KR1 has held the record since 1989.  Kawasaki, why did you give up on these bikes?  On a similar note, check out this work of art, the beautiful but flawed X0-9.  Sure seems like Kawasaki has a history of starting projects and then pulling  the plug rather quickly.

As the title states this KR1 is located in the UK.  The seller states he is only interested in buyers in the UK.  If you are in love but not sipping tea on a regular basis shoot the man an email.  You never know, maybe you can convince him otherwise. 

 Details please:

 Kawasaki KR-1S C2 Black and Green

This KR-1S is arguably the ‘Fastest’ production 250 in the world being the machine that took the 250 production record at Bonneville in August 2007.

The bike is in good condition (some might describe it as very good condition for the age). Piccies are of the bike before it went green mudguard, and as it was at Bonneville. Bike is in one piece but at the moment the bodywork is stored to keep it safe.

Fairing is very clean with no cracks. After coming back from the States the bike has sat in my garage for 3 years so has no tax or MOT currently on a SORN. The vehicle was taxed and had an MOT when it went to the States.

Having decided to sell it, I don’t ride on the road, I have fitted an engine with crank cases tuned to my latest 2010 specification. Barrels have been replated (as I type they haven’t even been run).

UK buyers only bike is advertised elsewhere and will be removed if sold.

Buyer will need to collect

Lets take a little trip down memory lane and pretend you just scored a brochure on the hot new 1990 KR1-S.  If you would like to check out the auction or try to convince the seller to tear down his trade barriers, .


Kawasaki May 21, 2010 posted by

1989 Kawasaki KR-1 250cc 2-stroke

1989 Kawasaki KR-1 250cc 2-stroke screamer

*UPDATE – Ed tells me it sold to the first person who looked at.

Location: Miami, FL
Price: $2,600
Mileage: unknown – but, Ed kindly gives his phone # for any would be buyers to inquire about his bike.

This was submitted by Ed, the owner of this little gem, and he is only asking $2,600 bucks for it! Heck, at that price you can barely by a 49cc scooter. Make the jump to the listing here.

Rare, rare 250cc 1989 KR1 Kawasaki. High rpm screamer, 55 HP / 280pounds. Engine has been tuned, oil injection works, new brake pads, lights & signals good. Cosmetics are OK but would need full paint & polish to make it to restoration level

Bill of sale only, have info on obtaining title.

I think it’s a steal even without a title and current registration.



Kawasaki April 27, 2010 posted by

1990 Kawasaki KR1-S 250, MINTY CLEAN BREATH!

Pass the “Grey Poupon”, we’re headin’ over the pond to find this great piece of Kawasaki history. Starting in 1975 Kawasaki was a force to be recon with in the 250 GP class. Their inline twin with counter rotating cranks made some serious horsepower as Eddie Lawson proved by winning the AMA 250 GP Championship in ’80 and ’81. Winning 5 World 250 Championships Kawasaki chose to stop racing 250’s in 1982 to focus on World Superbike machines, until a surprise visit at Daytona in 1992 with a “new” version of the KR1. This new version was heavily guarded as the new motor was allegedly an upside down fuel injected V-twin, finishing a 6th place while the other bike DNF’d, Kawasaki was never seen at a 250 race again. Located in West Yorkshire England, here is a brilliant example of their street going version, it is just plain smashing. Click here for the jump.

The ad reads:

Black and green, totaly standard and original 1990 KR1s. Great condition and fantastic performance. No known problems. Grab one before the prices start to climb like the other classic strokers are doing. £3299 ovno.Will come with 12 months mot


With 9000 miles this bike looks the part. At under 300 lbs these were one of the lightest 250’s on the market and made 55 rear wheel horsepower from an inline twin. So at about $5500 (US) I think the bikes a steal, except one small issue, getting into the US. If the laws have remained the same you can bring in anything you want if its 25 years old with no problem, if not which is the case here, then Customs may ask you for DOT/EPA paperwork for this bike which it doesn’t have. This can still be a little “hit or miss”, it’s worth a call to your local Customs broker and see what he says. Anyway this bike is still the dogs bollocks, tell him you found it here at!