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Honda September 15, 2020 posted by

Featured Listing – 1982 Honda CB450T with 1,682 Miles !

Update 11.04.2020: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Accompanying bigger silver and blue Freddie Spencer replicas to the showroom, Honda’s 1982 CB450T had nice performance for a mid-size, and brilliant looks.  RSBFS fan Bill has been around concours winners for a while now, and presents his just-about-perfect CB450T.

1982 Honda CB450T Collector For Sale

Since the Dream days, Honda has always made room for a middle-weight somewhere in their line-up.  The CB450T might be the ultimate parallel twin, with CB900F styling – a 9,500 rpm redline, SOHC and three valves per cylinder pushing 43 hp.  As Honda would do, engineers put some neat stuff in, 9.1:1 compression and a 6-speed transmission, while bean counters stipulated the rear drum brake and emissions-compliant 30mm Keihin carburetors.  Stylists carried the day with the Comstar wheels and stripes that flowed from tank to the upturned seat spoiler, and just needs a number plate to channel the number 19 CB750F AMA Superbike.

Bill has been following RSBFS since the early days, and knows his way around perfect, having placed Honda bikes in the AMA museum and cars in two leading Honda collections.  He wandered through many CB450T’s before finding his example, several years ago now.  But best to let Bill describe:

MINT condition

One year only model. Honda made the CB400T for 1980 & 1981…but ONLY the CB450T [for 1982] got the extra 50cc and the Silver Freddie Spencer paint scheme, with the uber rare rear spoiler…like the bigger…and matching…CB750F and CB900F.

Last year for Honda SOHC

Honda made about 4,600 total production for US market, about 3,100 were made in the black paint with red and orange strips….only about 1,500 were in the Freddie Spencer Replica AMA Superbike race colors (Pleiades silver with 2 tone blue stripes).

Mine has: 1,682 orig miles from new, ALL fluids new with less than 25 miles including  brakes/ you can literally remove the brake pads and lick them…they are cleaner than your dinner plate, bike always kept in climate controlled, carpeted garage as seen in pics. No stories, no excuses, no rips, tears, no BS…it is FLAWLESS period. Even the chain is immaculate. Bike stays on battery tender 100% ready to go.

Bike has 1 mile on brand new tires..yes ONE (1)

I am second owner from new, I’ve owned since 2012, I am 60 years old, prior owner was 60 when I bought it from him.

Only mods to bike are PERIOD CORRECT K&N gloss black 1.5” lower handle bars and short stem black mirrors. YES, YES I have the original high bars and long stem chrome mirrors and they are ‘as new’ too.

Bill asks $4,500 is open to offers.

Freddie Spencer is certainly due a commemorative, having given the best part of his riding career to Honda.  Beside many AMA Superbike race wins, Spencer helped Honda develop the NR500, NS500, and NSR500, and took both the MotoGP 500cc and 250cc championships in 1985.  The ’82 CB450T is a single year special, partly a technology demonstrator for the SOHC drivetrain, and a great tribute in silver and blue.  Bill has a lot of expertise around the brand, and has curated his CB450T to museum level.

Bill has his CB450T in suburban D.C.


Featured Listing – 1982 Honda CB450T with 1,682 Miles !
Ducati July 26, 2018 posted by

1974 Ducati Mk.3 450 Desmo

Hard to believe it was just 1968 when engineering director Fabio Taglioni put Ducati’s street eggs in the desmo basket, having used the valve actuation technique in race machines for several years.  The Mk.3 line included 250, 350, and 450cc singles, and while this last-year model hasn’t run in a while, its low miles and great cosmetics make it look worth some effort.

1974 Ducati Mk.3 Desmo for sale on eBay

The original bevel-drive engine uses separate cams to drive each valve, singing to 8,000 rpm on their way to 30 hp.  The Dell-Orto carburetor with a throat just over an inch in diameter handles the fuel mixing, and while there is an electrical system, starting is by a left side kick lever.  The Mk.3 gained a 5-speed transmission, helping keep the single on the boil.   The chassis has a hunch about the future of the engine being a stressed member, but in this case the steel backbone keeps things together.

A limited amount of this bike’s long history is available, but it looks to be an older restoration and re-paint in a typical Ducati chrome yellow.  The age makes the correctness of details way beyond my knowledge base, but maybe a knowledgeable reader can point out a great original component or glaring faux pas.  The owner says this in the eBay auction:

Up for sale a beautiful 1974 Ducati single Mark 3 450 motorcycle.  10,785 miles show on the odometer.  This used to be a blue Mark 3 originally.  The original seat will be included.  Clear title in hand.   The bike has not been started in years, so it will need to be sorted out if you want to put it on the road, no battery. Sold as is with no returns.  Light scuffs and scratches from years of storage.

Many of the elements on the Mk.3 appear almost comically lightweight, but the magic 100 hp/liter was still just over the horizon.  With the gear driven desmo and cable brakes, not much to refurbish in the return to service.  But a careful inspection and slow start are advised, brake and shifter are not on their usual sides…


1974 Ducati Mk.3 450 Desmo
Honda January 23, 2016 posted by

Snowmageddon Special – 2013 Honda CRF 450 Timbersled SX 120

Maybe it’s the current snow depths from Arkansas to Maryland measuring in feet, not inches ( and still mounting on the eastern seaboard ), but this offbeat machine is looking perfect for the northern Mississippi valley and northeast.

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 right

2013 Honda CRF 450 Timbersled SX 120 for sale on eBay

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 left

Based on the Honda CRF450R, the owner has added the Timbersled Snowcross kit, which is revertable for three-season wheeled use.  The CRF450 was comprehensively revised for 2013, and is a great base for this multipurpose machine.  A four stroke thumper with titanium intake valves, the 449 cc engine is fuel injected.  No claims for power output from Honda, though a 450 is a big offroad bike.  Suspension is from KYB, massive 48mm forks and monoshock rear, both ends have travel of more than a foot.

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 left tank

The Timbersled kit replaces the swingarm and has a 10-1/2″ wide rear track and its own twin Fox shocks.  The track is driven by a covered chain and gear from what would’ve been the rear sprocket.  The ski attaches to the forks with Front Flex Arm technology, supporting the front end in deep snow but steering like a narrow tire.

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 left rear

The owner started with a 10-hour CRF450 and made some nice updates before adding the Snowcross kit.  From the eBay auction:

Bike Additions
Pro Taper bars
MSR bark busters
Black Excel Rims
Red Talon Hubs
FMF Slip on Muffler
MSR Rear set footpegs

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 track

Appearing to be the just-for-fun project at a northern Michigan Harley dealer, this CRF / Timbersled combo is spotless.  Low hours and control updates complement the bold graphics.  If the upper peninsula was a short drive and Wisconsin an overnight ferry ride away, this bike would be a great way to keep your trail riding going year round.  For the rest of us in the eastern U.S., it almost makes sense this week…


20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 right rear

Snowmageddon Special – 2013 Honda CRF 450 Timbersled SX 120