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Snowmageddon Special – 2013 Honda CRF 450 Timbersled SX 120

Maybe it’s the current snow depths from Arkansas to Maryland measuring in feet, not inches ( and still mounting on the eastern seaboard ), but this offbeat machine is looking perfect for the northern Mississippi valley and northeast.

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 right

2013 Honda CRF 450 Timbersled SX 120 for sale on eBay

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 left

Based on the Honda CRF450R, the owner has added the Timbersled Snowcross kit, which is revertable for three-season wheeled use.  The CRF450 was comprehensively revised for 2013, and is a great base for this multipurpose machine.  A four stroke thumper with titanium intake valves, the 449 cc engine is fuel injected.  No claims for power output from Honda, though a 450 is a big offroad bike.  Suspension is from KYB, massive 48mm forks and monoshock rear, both ends have travel of more than a foot.

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 left tank

The Timbersled kit replaces the swingarm and has a 10-1/2″ wide rear track and its own twin Fox shocks.  The track is driven by a covered chain and gear from what would’ve been the rear sprocket.  The ski attaches to the forks with Front Flex Arm technology, supporting the front end in deep snow but steering like a narrow tire.

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 left rear

The owner started with a 10-hour CRF450 and made some nice updates before adding the Snowcross kit.  From the eBay auction:

Bike Additions
Pro Taper bars
MSR bark busters
Black Excel Rims
Red Talon Hubs
FMF Slip on Muffler
MSR Rear set footpegs

20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 track

Appearing to be the just-for-fun project at a northern Michigan Harley dealer, this CRF / Timbersled combo is spotless.  Low hours and control updates complement the bold graphics.  If the upper peninsula was a short drive and Wisconsin an overnight ferry ride away, this bike would be a great way to keep your trail riding going year round.  For the rest of us in the eastern U.S., it almost makes sense this week…


20160123 2013 honda crf450 timbersled sx120 right rear


  • Timbersled kits are getting pretty popular here in the NW I thought they where based out of the NW too the kit costs like 5 grand I believe.

  • what does that steer like I wonder.

  • Great question! Does it countersteer? Does it feel like the front os going to wash out at any second? Can’t id behaves anything like a typical sled. What sort of sourcery is this?

    Michael J, heading over to youtube.

    • Well I know it won’t counter steer, no gyro effect from the front.

      Agreed on the washout feeling.

    • Action videos of these looks like they work as well as a dirt bike does. If I lived in a suitable climate and owned a dirt bike, I think this would be a must have for those winter months.

      Human ingenuitiy is awesome.

      I am so ill curious if it counter steers or not. I am not an expert but I don’t believe that gyroscopic force is a factor. I may be wrong. This example would be a great way prove me wrong. Back to youtube to read comments and hopefully get an answer.

  • This thing looks like it should be in a Warren Miller film.

  • YouTube video of the Timbersled in action: https://youtu.be/PYCT-qWZz44

  • If it’s anything like a Snowjob (on a Kawi H2 in this vid) it is not going to steer.


  • Just saw the video . Looks like a great tool to cause an avalanche with (said tongue in cheek of course …..!) !! Would be fun to try to outrun the cops on it in the winter though !! Gotta make your upgrade pay for itself somehow !! 😉

  • It is like a quad compared to a dirt bike on dirt. Way better handling. Tons of them here in Alberta. Likely 50 for sale right now on our equiv of Craigslist.

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