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Short fuse: 1997 Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace

Dan 4

Here’s a rare bike in the U.S., the YZF1000 Thunderace! Imported for only one year here, these are so rare now that this one was actually imported from Europe. Bodywork looks clean and all the bits are there, but the rest appears a bit weather worn. On the other hand, the seller states everything works as it should, and for just $6,500 you could have this 145hp in your garage ready to return to it’s former glory. Act quickly, this one is set to end Wednesday afternoon!


1997 Yamaha Thunderace for sale on eBay

  1. Michael J Michael J

    Yeah, i remember these. these were the gap between the fzr and the r1. Really an FZR with different bodywork.
    I have never ever seen one of these in real life. With a revolutionary bike like the R1 only another year away, i never figured out why yamaha put any effort into this bike. It always makes me think there is some untold story here. Very curious what the backstory is. What was going on at Yamaha at this time. Not like they didn’t know the R1 was coming. Did they think it was going to take longer to get to market?

  2. Jess Jess

    For once a fairly reasonably priced motorcycle from this seller . . .

  3. Vincent Ochs Vincent Ochs

    I came pretty close to buying one in 2001, at the time I had a Thundercat and wanted to move up. The thing that held me back was the gearbox, pretty dumb in retrospect.

  4. Dequiallo Dequiallo

    I had two of these. I totalled one by stuffing it under the back of a Mazda who brake checked me. I was doing a wheelie at the time.
    The second one I found was amazing for riding with a passenger. 135mph was easy two up! So stable.

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