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Rest in Peace Rick Lance

We are saddened to learn that Rick Lance, affectionately and respectfully known as “Lance Gamma”, has passed away. He was well known in our sportbike community as the authority on restoring, tuning, and improving the mighty Suzuki RG500, and many of the machines he massaged were featured on these pages. A true loss to our sport. Our thoughts are with his family and friends today.

We invite you to share your memories in the comments. RIP Rick.



  • Condolences to the Family, and to he Gamma Community.


  • A great loss. I new Rick since 1985 when he lived in Yucaipa California. Working out of his little 2 car garage. We did many a ride together. When he moved to North Carolina he would come by to visit me on those rare California visits. He helped me a lot with my many Gammas I had. I know a lot about Gammas, but that guy had forgotten more than I would ever know. Really a sad loss.

  • My first phone call to Rick Lance dates back to 2004 a month after purchasing a basket case RG500 that supposedly “was freshly rebuilt and ran strong”. That was a short 3 hour conversation, Shortly after I shipped my RG to Georgia and my build began. I visited Rick during the build. “Take my Pepsi RG500 for the week”. I was hooked! I still remember laughing in my helmet as the bike came on the pipe. Rick loved seeing people’s expression after sampling one of his bikes. From that first meeting I made an annual trip to visit him for the next 15 years in a row on our way to the gap. Highway 209 to Hotsprings was the morning ride to breakfast. In total he built me 6 RG500”s. Rick was a bright and talented gentleman with a passion for constantly improving the RG500, and bringing people together with those common interests. Rick you will be missed by those who were fortunate enough to know you and call you a friend. God speed my friend.

  • I am so saddened about the loss of a wonderful person and friend. Was so hoping I possibly could see him before his passing. He was determined to be at his next spring ride. I will post some memories later. And I have to thank Travis, his dear friend, with all my heart, for all the help he was able to provide Rick in a time if need. My prayers are with Rick, his family, and all his friends.

  • A very sad loss indeed. I went on a few group rides with him around the twisties of NC. What a great guy, he let me ride his bikes there (so can relate to Jeff’s comment about laughing in his helmet!), and he rode my RZ500. He was a huge help during the restoration of my RZ, even met me at Asheville airport to grab dinner and give me my freshly bored cylinders. He will be sadly missed. How to continue his legacy? Godspeed indeed Rick Lance.

  • I had an RG500 and spoke with Rick a few times, bought a set of tripod filters from him for it. Cool part about Lance he seemed to really love rg500s. In fact, he would always welcome me to come to his place stay for free and as long as I wanted and could ride bikes all day. Not many make that offer these days. Pretty cool.

  • I met Rick through the ad he placed in Cycle News magazine years ago. I was living in Germany and had an RD500. I would fly to California and we would ride to Monterey. It became a habit. We shared ideas and opinions. The Gamma evolved and became faster and more nimble.
    Rick said that a bone stock Gamma was rather dismal. After riding the 555 I agree. Rick was also a close friend and helped me and my family when I moved back to the States. I am grateful to have known him for so many years. I was happy to lend a hand whenever possible. He will be missed.
    Vaya con dios buddy.

  • Rick had an amazing outlook on life . He had a positive impact on most all he connected with.
    You are missed.
    Love you Rick. Brapp brapp.

  • Was having a great Saturday until I read this. That’s how much respect I have for Rick. A sincere moto legend loss for all of us.

  • I just found out yesterday that Rick had passed away. My heart breaks. Over the years, I had purchased 2 authentic Walter Wolfs, a black and white RG, an RZ500 and a Skoal RG 500. The only reason I purchased the bikes was because Rick would do all the upgrades on the engines, carbs, suspension, exhausts, brakes and new fiberglass. Rick had a wealth of information and had a heart of gold. His once a year get togethers were unbelievable. When I stopped riding, Rick was able to sell the Walter RG’s for over $35,000! I’m sure the folks who purchased those bikes had and will continue to have tens of thousands of trouble-free miles of happy riding. Rick would talk to you on the phone for as long as you wanted to talk as if you were the only person in the world.
    He will be missed by many.

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