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Racer with lights – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

After it was started in 1976, the AMA Superbike Championship became a way to reach the sporty segment of the American motorcycle market.  The 1983 rule change reducing maximum displacement to 750cc was the catalyst for a new approach, rather than racing road bikes, Suzuki tailored their racing machine for public use.  Their light weight and simplicity won the championship in 1989 and launched a thousand privateer race teams.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right front

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left

Introduced in 1985, the GSXR-750 had an innovative alloy frame, and the bike was noticeably lighter than the competition.  An evolutionary engine, the micro-finned inline-4 is primarily oil-cooled, a large oil radiator behind the front fender.  The full fairing recalls the Suzuki endurance racers, and the riding position is decidedly racetrack oriented.  Updates for 1986 include a more stable 25mm-longer swingarm and radial tires.  Intended to homologate some components for the AMA championship, the Limited Edition had an alloy fuel tank, dry clutch, 310mm front disks, steering damper, electronic anti-dive, and remote reservoir rear shock.  Special badging and colors, gunmetal grey engine paint and blue wheels distinguish the Limited Edition.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left front wheel  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition headlight

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition binnacle  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition tank

With quite low miles and very stock, the previous owner did not mess with perfection, apart from a pair of conformal front turn signals and a little de-reflectorization.  Intact headlight fairing and the absence of more than a couple of nicks in the bodywork is encouraging.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left tank  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left seat fairing

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right exhaust  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right engine detail

From the eBay auction:

This is the bike that started the homologation wars. If you are looking for something special to show up at bike night on, this is it!
Bike is from my private collection and has been stored in a climate controlled environment being ridden only once or twice a year.
Everything works perfect and the motor runs flawlessly. Dry clutch functions as it was designed as well. This example is very close to stock with the exceptions of the windscreen and front turn signals. It does come with the stock from turn signals and three of the four side reflectors (one of the front ones is missing. It does have the front headlight bubble which is no longer available and is removable if you choose. The rear helmet lock is missing too, but still has the stock exhaust in great condition.
There are some small chips here and there but nothing major and the bike has no scratches on the lower fairing bubble which is a sure sign the bike has been dropped. The pictures should speak for themselves and if I were to rate this from 1-10, I would give it a solid 9.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left rear wheel  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right steering head

A simple lightweight racer, this is the second year of the Gixxer dynasty, a no-nonsense star on the track, which became an undeniable movement on the road.


  • Not a bad example, troubling/noticeable corrosion showing, but certainly not as repulsively modified as that previous one with the wire wheels! There do seem to be more changes from stock that the seller neglected to mention. Minor stuff that can be changed, but in a sport bike this rare it’s worth mentioning. I see: incorrect grips. Some moron removed and drilled holes in the rear brake pedal, brake caliper stay, and shift lever to “lighten” them apparently. What they did was irreversibly modify and devalue those parts. Would have to source correct ones from a regular ’86/’87 GSX-R750, no big deal. Rubber fork gaiters need to go immediately- they look quite goofy and wrong, and are just that. Is the swing arm polished, and did they come that way originally? Hard to tell. Stock windscreen is clear and has a black rubber strip on edge- good luck finding those! The items seller did mention are easily fixed: stock front turn signals, reflectors, and helmet lock need to be put back, and the ugly tank protector and Yoshimura stickers need to be removed.

  • The rubber fork gaiters “need to go” huh? What are you, a gay hairdresser?

  • love this bike, i like it as is, don’t expect to be perfect or 100% stock, i made a very generous offer in ebay and was short, for all the critics out there i would like to imagine ten years from today when this bike is worth $25k , you’d say i could had bought one years back for $10k but the forks gators were ugly and the foor pegs had drilled wholes ,i hope someone buys it soon and puts some miles on that pup, would make a good couple with my Gamma 500,
    good luck with the sale. Amazing bike

    • Just a thought…If you like it and sounds like you do, see if he will split the difference between what you offered and what he wants. I’m still; sore from kicking myself for the ones I let get away. I have no affiliation with the seller BTW. Good luck!

  • …And steel brake lines. This bike is a nice example, but those are just incorrect or modified parts that I noticed and would change easily (the windscreen and strip being hardest to ever locate). I didn’t state that they were deal breakers or that I would pass it up or not bid on it because of those changes. Again, I agree it is a nice one.

  • Was the second bike I put into my collection. bought mine in 1991 with 356 miles on it, flawless condition, paid $4,250.00 for it back then. lol still has 356 miles on it.. and still one of my favorites 🙂

  • Although the bike has sold. Correct me if I am wrong but I think on the limited model the exhaust shield holes ran vertical rather than horizontal. I think the exhaust is probably from a standard model.

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