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Ducati January 20, 2023

Touch Up – 2007 Ducati Monster S4R

Monster S4R’s aren’t seen as often as the even more rad S4RS, maybe because most riders with $14K for a Monster back in 2007 probably could go another boat payment for the RS.  Still this example is almost everything a super naked fan could want, with the exception of a couple of spots that could use a little love.

2007 Ducati Monster S4R for sale on eBay

Four-valve Monsters were first delivered in 2000 with the 916cc S4, but for 2007 got the new testastretta 998 with 130 hp.  The classic trellis frame had to be beefed up for the new engine, and it was still a project to install all the engine plumbing and electrical beautifully.  Suspension components are merely excellent rather than exotic, with fully adjustable Showa forks and Sachs monoshock.  Wheels and brakes appear up-market, though there might be metallurgical differences with the wheels.  The matte titanium finish makes a great composition with red and black accents, but didn’t use carbon fiber as part of the package.

Presented by a boutique Wisconsin dealer, this S4R looks very good with just a few fixable cosmetic issues.  A hair under under 9,000 miles, Termignoni carbon mufflers, both keys and a recent valve service are part of the deal.  The nicks in the paint, scratched clutch cover and “experienced” front brake lever could be addressed on the next owner’s schedule, and a finished tailcone might still be available from the factory.  Good notes provided in the eBay auction –

Modifications consist of a Ducati Performance-branded tank protector pad, a vented clutch cover, a bar-end mirror, clip-on handlebars, carbon-fiber mufflers, and a rear-fender eliminator kit. Service in preparation for the sale included replacing the timing belts, tires, front brake rotors, and spark plugs as well as checking the valves and flushing the brake and clutch fluid. This Monster S4R has 9k miles and is now offered in Wisconsin with an owner’s manual, a red key, a black key, a key-code card, and a tool kit, and a clean title.

The bodywork is finished in matte silver over a red steel trellis frame. Features include a Ducati Performance-branded tank protector pad, a matte black-finished front fender, a side stand, rear-set foot controls, a rear-fender eliminator kit, and a two-up seat with a removable body-color cowl. There are mild scratches and scuffs on the fuel tank and the tail section, shown in pics.

Black 17″ Marchesini wheels were mounted with 120/70 front and 180/55 rear Pirelli Diablo tires in preparation for the sale.  The front rotors were replaced and the brake fluid was flushed in preparation for the sale.  Service in preparation for the sale included checking the valves along with replacing the timing belts and the spark plugs. 

Sustained triple-digit speeds are somewhat easier on the S4R than on the rider, but all good for a short burst.  The next owner could take it to another level with a cat-less exhaust, a new tune, some guards for the radiators and find some nice carbon bits – all before the riding season really gets under way.  The ask is assuredly post-pandemic, but the Make Offer button is there to get the conversation started.


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Honda January 19, 2023

Well On Its Way – 2003 Honda Fireblade 954RR on BaT

2003 Honda Fireblade 954RR on BaT

If you rewind the clock on the motorcycle industry one of the more interesting things that you should notice is the breadth of engines that are floating around in the wake of today’s 200hp superbike motors. You’ve got your massive v-twins, V4s, boxers, and singles and the list goes on. In my opinion, the variety is what makes so many different bikes from different segments entertaining to ride. It’s also what makes the different companies stand out from each other. All the manufacturers have contributed to the engine-rich history of motorcycling but one of stands out above them all: Honda. This 1.2k mile 954RR and its sub liter motor is merely a section of a bygone chapter in Honda’s motorcycling biography but it soon may be one that we come to enjoy revisiting more and more often.

The 954 marked the end up the sub 1,000 cc track-focused suprbikes from Honda. The factory released 5 generations over a decade so when they got to the 954, there wasn’t much left to do. The 929RR engine was already seriously lightened but the engineers were able to shave yet another 2 pounds off for the 954. The displacement increase came from boring out the jugs by 1mm and this resulted in a oversquare setup in the 954RR. All the weight savings and power increase resulted in a 2.4 lb/hp power to weight ratio which is not too far off from some of the liter bikes today. I think what draws me to some of these early 00s sport bikes with motors between 600cc and 1,000cc is the torque. You get close to liter bike-levels of torque but with hp figures that are slightly more manageable. The lightweight chassis also get you closer to a 600 in weight. That combination of hp, torque, and weight seems spot on for delivering an experience that’s both exciting and accessible for the common man.

There’s not much else you can do the 954RR to make it perform better. Power upgrades tend to be intrusive and there aren’t many full exhaust systems on the market. I also think this low mile bike should be kept as stock as possible. An easy cosmetic change is an upgrade to the RC51 rims. The 3 spoke wheels on the 954RR are not my favorite and the 5 spoke RC design fits my tase much better.


From the listing

Features include a full fairing, a solo saddle, a passenger pillion, and a four-into-two-into-one exhaust system with a Two Brothers Racing slip-on muffler as well as black-finished 17″ wheels, triple disc brakes, and rearset foot controls. The bike is said to have spent approximately a decade in storage before it was acquired by the selling dealer in November 2022, and subsequent service reportedly included replacing the battery, the chain, and the rear sprocket in addition to flushing the fuel system and changing the oil. This CBR954RR has 1,200 miles and is now offered at no reserve with an owner’s manual, a tool kit, two keys, a Gorilla alarm fob, the removed slip-on muffler, and a clean California title.

If anything is true about the 9xxRRs it’s that they age well mechanically and cosmetically. Early model year Fireblades have seen the most appreciation but as time passes the later model years find themselves higher and higher on the value curve. I remember seeing nice 954s transact for $3-$4k about 3 years ago. Of course the market still sits higher than it once was but clean examples are getting harder and harder to find. This example is extremely low miles and seems to be in top cosmetic condition.

To me, this is a long-term collector buy. Fireblades haven’t hit the hockey stick part of the value curve but I think they slowly will. I usually like to post rideable bikes but considering the showroom condition I think this one should be to be put on display.

The bid currently sits at $6.5K at the time of writing. Good luck!

Thanks for reading,


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Honda January 18, 2023

90-Something – Honda CBR400RR / NC29

Toward the end of the Baby ‘Blade’s development, Honda brought out a asymmetrical alloy swingarm which identifies this CBR400RR as a 1990 or later example.  Thoroughly renovated by its owner, it’s waiting out the weather in the living room and still priced such that a shipping container beckons.

Honda CBR400RR / NC29 for sale on eBay UK

Mostly intended for the home market, the littler CBR continues to be a popular gray market import.  Similarities with the flagship are many, with the twin alloy frame spars, twin headlights, 17-inch wheels, and of course lookalike livery.  Because of the lofty rpm’s needed to generate its 59 hp, the 400 uses gear driven cams, giving it a unique audio signature.  Dampers are on the budget end of the scale, but right-sized for the light weight, and dual front disks might have been a little more marketing than engineering. 

Peculiar that this owner doesn’t state the year anywhere in the auction, but it looks great with many new parts and a nice rendition of the torn paper paint.  Even if the odometer has quit, km’s are probably close and at 8,099 quite low.  A long list of refurbishments in the eBay auction –

Since purchasing it in 2015 I have only done around 500 miles and spent a fortune on it.
I spent the first 12 to 24 months working on it with professional help.
It is/was always stored in a dry, dehumidified garage and only ever ridden by me in sunshine.
05-01-23 Just had 4 new plugs, 4 new carb seals, New brake fluid, MOT.
03-08-2019 New Coolant
05-07-2018 Carb clean and new jets.
14-02-2018 Front Fork Rebuild, Fork seals and fork oil, rear brake service and fluid.
08-06-2016 New Fairing Parts, New Ignition Switch, New Screen, New Hagon Rear Shock, New Chain & Sprockets, New Pirelli Diablo Rosso 11 Tyres, New Brake Pads Front & Rear,New Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust System & Black Widow Silencer(sounds awesome), New Fuel Pump, New Grips, New Handle Bars, New Mirrors, Pillion Seat Re Upholster,Speedo Converter kph to mph (works a treat, mph matches what it says on the clock, so much easier than trying to work it out or putting stickers on the clock), New Rectifier, Complete Motorcycle Re Spray By Dream Machine
Sounds fantastic and gets admiring looks wherever it goes.
There is a slight scrape to one engine casing (please see pic), but it never really bothered me so I never sorted it.
Also the odometer does not seem to be working but the trip does so again I never really bothered getting it sorted.

Yearly updates seem to have slowed to a crawl with the gull arm, and stopped in 1994, though some sources say the model was sold until the year 2000.  Even the full-size FireBlade was a shoehorn fit, and the 400 has a second seat which should leave room for a size M rider.  Even accounting for shipping and importation this CBR looks like a winner.


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Suzuki January 16, 2023

Swatch Me – 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 !

Might be too nice to leave sitting around the pits all day, but today’s GSX-R50 seems to have a lock on rarity by the pound. 

1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 ( Switzerland ) for sale on eBay


Accompanying bigger GSX-R’s to the showroom in select markets, the littlest Gixxer was reportedly first to the market but took an early exit after just a year in production.  The fairing and livery template the GSX-R1100, though at at 139 lbs. weighs less than the superbike’s engine.   Differing from most other pocket sportbikes, the R50 is said to have an alloy chassis and four stroke engine.  Performance was off compared to 49cc smokers, but since it was never here, rarity is off the charts.

Knowing a market waiting for an unusual gem, this Swiss owner has listed his GSX-R50 on stateside eBay, and started with a healthy minimum bid.  It appears that required DOT equipment is in place, though it’s unclear whether road registration would be required or even desired.  Even Hamamatsu was in on the joke with the Suzuki Advance Comical System decals.  Owner’s comments from the eBay auction –

Real rarity!!!
Most likely the only one in Switzerland with official road approval
Mileage currently 230 ( Kilometers !!! Not Miles )
4 Gears – Top speed 60 km/h
Spiegler steel braided brake line
Rim edges chromed, rim star painted blue
Gear lever, Kick-starter and clutch bracket (at the engine) chromed
Polished muffler cover
Front brake caliper painted gold
Chain guard painted blue
Gold colored chain
Saddle with embroidered Suzuki “S”
New maintenance-free battery fitted in May 2022
Tire profile: 95%

This mini-GSX-R might be a little spendy after a plane ride and an appointment with customs, but will surely be the only one at the show.  By all means the nicest GSX-R50 to grace our pages over the years, and worth every effort to win the smiles per cc title.


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Ducati January 14, 2023

From the Catalog – 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman Marcus Edition

If you are hankering to own a super rare Limited Edition Ducati Superbike but cannot quite afford the R-spec homologation machines across the 851/888/916/996/998 range, may I humbly suggest what you see before you is an exceedingly rare by the numbers bike priced within reach of mere mortals. Offered only through Neiman Marcus catalog, the N.M. Limited Edition was a 748 two seater with exclusive silver paint, a carbon fiber front fender and that special numbered plaque on the triple trees. Sure, it is just a standard 748… but prices on those classics are on the rise and this one is legit rare with only 100 units produced. Only one picture and limited information currently offered by the seller (with a promise of more to come), but the bike appears to have Arrow cans added on, which is a bonus. The fairings appear to be missing the “Ducati” logo and the front fender is painted, which could potentially indicate a respray. Serious buyers should contact the seller – you can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!

1998 Ducati 748L Neiman Marcus Edition for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This 1998 Ducati 748L is #86 of 100 sold Exclusively thru the Neiman Marcus Catalog in 1998. The Bike is powered by a 748 CC L Twin Paired with a 6 speed Transmission and finished in Silver over Gold. Painted Trellis Frame and Wheels. Termignoni Carbon Fiber Mufflers. This Bike is a new arrival, going thru service and detail at this time. Once it is complete there will be over 30 pictures on line and Video available by request. 23409 Miles.


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Moto Guzzi January 13, 2023

22 Year-Old Red Head – 2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello

OK, maybe spring on the shore of Lake Como isn’t in the cards this year, but Moto Guzzi had a limited edition V11 that celebrated life in red.  Today’s Goose looks very good and quite original with a little over 16K miles.

2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello for sale on eBay

Styled and named to commemorate 80 years in Mandello del Lario, the limited edition used the recent V11 backbone chassis and two-valve twin, with respectable power at 91 hp.  Torque was actually plan A, with 69 ft.-lbs. and a new six-speed transmission plus a light hydraulic clutch.  Nicer components spiced up the traditional drivetrain, with Marzocchi usd forks, an adjustable monoshock, 320mm Brembo brakes and wide 17-inch alloy wheels.  The side view is a composition in red, black and grey, with candy apple valve covers and a helpful carbon fiber handlebar fairing and mudguard up front.

Not a great time of year for a test ride in central Wisconsin, but the owner has wheeled her out for a short video,  hard to share but easy to play on eBay.  A few touch-ups to the fuel tank, but otherwise looking quite good and just waiting for a proper detail.  Fresh Michelins and the Power Commander will fill in the dry spots in the fuel injection map.  Notes from the eBay auction –

Bike is #49 out of 300 numbered bikes produced. It was estimated there were around 177 shipped to the United States. Bike is all original besides a power commander and a Penske rear shock which was over $1000 new. I was told by previous owner the clutch was done but I do not have any paperwork for it. It feels great.

Bike starts and runs great. Has excellent Michelin Pilot Power 4 tires. Needs nothing. The pictures are unedited and speak for themselves. 

I have all the original literature for the bike including pictures of it being uncrated, letter of authenticity, manuals, original sales receipt, advertising, and a small model of the bike.

Guzzi has a clean and clear WI title.  A Mistral crossover and carbon exhaust will be available for this bike at an agreed upon price.

The Rosso Mandello was only mid-point in the V11’s model run, and the longitudinal V-twin and shaft drive soldier on in Guzzi’s current line-up.  For all their traditionality, many innovations have come out of Mandello del Lario – the first motorcycle wind tunnel, a 500cc V-8 racing engine, and more contemporary CARC shaft drive that reduces torque reaction, and cartridge fork innovations.  Just starting their second century, Guzzi’s continue to be unusual if not rare, with yearly production in the several thousand range.  The Rosso Mandello came here in just a few hundred though, and this example looks very collectible.


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Honda January 12, 2023

Without Further Ado – 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30

1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 

Another easy one for the masses. This bike needs no introduction. Early Honda sport bikes are some of the most desirable and well known pieces of two wheel machinery that exist in the enthusiast community. Honda was spending heaps of money in R&D to produce some of these championship winning designs as made evident by the MSRPs that followed suit on homologations such as the RC30. If I’m not mistaken the RC30 was $15k. Gear-driven cams. 16 valves. ss swingarm. Yata yata yata. Like I said, this bike needs no introduction. I should listen to myself and just spare you all the time and move on. I’d rather belabor my opinions on turbo engines, genetic modification, and bicyclists.

Red, white, and blue means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. God Bless America and Toby Keith. For Honda sellers or buyers, we know the ol’ RWB means $$$. The seller notes some cosmetic blemishes on the plastics and a small dent in the fuel tank. I wasn’t able to find a picture of the dent in the fuel tank but I wouldn’t dwell over it much. 20k miles means she’s slept around a bit…as she should.

I’ll admit I probably don’t know as much about these bikes as some of the market so I’ll have to pass the magnifying glass over. One of the commenters on the auction, outobie, calls out the following parts being modified:

 “the lollipop reflectors are missing, the chain guard is missing, the fuel cap is the wrong color, the frame, swing arm and rearesets are polished, the “elf” badging is missing, the OEM rear stand that it was shipped with is not mentioned and doesn’t appear to be present. windshield is missing it’s trim, license plate bracket and tag light are missing, aftermarket rear reflector bracket, Left bar end is missing and right appears to not be stock, brake pedal rubber is missing. What if any of these things are included with the bike”

These bikes have always been popular so I doubt it ever ended up in the hands of a buyer that would make these changes for no reason. More likely than not they were made for track use which seems fair for a track bike. The seller acknowledges he’s not selling a museum piece. I can help you get started bringing her back to stock with this stock rear shock. Just make sure you are sitting before you click and see the price. Clean up the Ohlins and keep her in the back pocket.

You don’t see these too often with a polished frame and I really don’t know what the general sentiment is on polished frames. I would love to hear thoughts in the comments. I’m personally a fan and I think it adds to the “retro-ness” of some of the 90s products but that’s just me. Maybe not the most fitting here.

The seller mentions in the comments that the bike had sat for 10 years prior to his purchase. We all know what happens to seals, gaskets, filters, etc when a bike sits but the seller seems to have addressed all of that. He even recommends buyers to speak to the shop who serviced this RC30 in 2022. I’m sure the shop and tech remember this bike. You don’t see them often.

A piece from the seller-

” The bike is equipped with red, white, and blue bodywork over a twin-spar alloy beam frame, and additional equipment includes a quick-release fork, a monoshock, a single-sided aluminum swingarm, triple disc brakes, aluminum wheels, a four-into-one exhaust system, a solo seat, and a side stand. The bike is said to have been kept in storage for a decade prior to seller’s acquisition in 2021. Recommissioning work in 2022 included cleaning the fuel tank, repairing the exhaust system, changing the fluids, fitting aftermarket turn signals and Brembo front brake calipers, overhauling the clutch, petcocks, brakes, and carburetors, and replacing the battery, thermostat, horn, intake manifolds, tires, radiator caps, and fuel cap. This VFR750R is now offered with a 2022 service invoice, a copy of a 2019 issue of Motorcycle Classics magazine, removed front Nissin brake calipers, and a clean Virginia title in the seller’s name”

I’m excited to follow this auction. The bid sits at $25k with 5 days remaining at the time of writing. Sub 1k mile examples have routinely transacted for $80-$90k but that’s the ceiling. If you’re looking for a floor, Iconic sold an RC30 with 70k mi for $26k in 12/2021. There have been a number of transaction between those two numbers I think the comments on the auction offer lots of education on this specific bike and should help guide the price. Believe it or not there’s a 2×3 painting of an RC30 that sold for $2.5k Congrats to the buyer?

We’d love to hear thoughts on price guidance or any stories/memories you have of the RC30 in the comments!

Good luck and thanks for reading!



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Suzuki January 11, 2023

Colorful – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

In plucky defiance of the almost subdued red and bronze LE featured earlier this week, today’s GSX-R is a stateside version, with a few differences to the home market version, and quite an upgrade to base model.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for sale on eBay

Good as the showroom GSX-R750 was, Suzuki needed to homologate certain features for racers, and the Limited Edition was almost half again the cost of the standard.  Hard parts like the dry clutch, close ratio gearbox, and a slightly larger fuel tank were only part of the story.  Some markets got 29mm Mikuni flat-slide carbs, but the stateside version came a year later and this example appears with a constant velocity set-up.  Other special components on the LE included electrically NEAS operated anti-dive forks, steering damper and beefier clip-ons.  The Japanese model was tuned for just 77 hp, but the ROW model claimed 100, and beside a few items conforming to each DOT rules, just the muffler and livery differentiate the two variants.

Presented by a collector with another GSX-R available, this one looks very collectible, with low miles and no apparent “experience”.  A fairing touch-up is noted but not visible in the pictures provided.  All other finishes look about 1/33 of their age.  Detailed comments from the eBay auction –

The example before you has never been subject to any major abuse or racing. It appears to have made it through unscathed. History of bike from what I know. It was originally from Massachusetts then made its way to Wisconsin and changed hands twice from the vehicle history report. It then made its way to Georgia where I purchased it in 2018. Owner did not register it as Georgia doesn’t require a title for bikes over 25 years old. Previous owner did mention that the upper fairing on the upper right side had been touched up due to a garage mishap. Not even noticeable. Owner rode it twice and stored it the rest of the time. All other body work is original. No cracks, no hair-line cracks, no scratches. Bike runs/idles/ shifts great. All electrical works as it should. I’ve put about 100 miles on it since 2018. 

In the last year I had RMC Moto motorcycle shop do:
New fork seals and fluid
Fresh Motul oil and Suzuki oil filter
New OEM air cleaner 
Rear shock completely rebuilt. 
New NKG spark plugs 
New brake fluid/bleed
New clutch fluid/bleed
Chain lubed and adjusted 
Carbs cleaned / adjusted / synched 
Tires are about 2-3 years old (probably 10-15 miles on them)
Battery is about two years old 
Bike is currently stored with fuel stabilizer in it. And on a battery tender. 

This bike sounds amazing at any speed and begs to be given more throttle. A very fun bike to ride. Whether for pleasure or investment, you will not be disappointed with this purchase as it’s sure to be a discussion piece and will continue to appreciate in value.

This model changed the look of superbike grids in national and world championships, and some described it as the first modern superbike.  No denying it belongs in any serious collector’s gallery.  Three days left in the auction and the mid-teens have arrived but haven’t met the reserve.  Hopefully knowledgeable readers will weigh in and maybe even bid.


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Kawasaki January 10, 2023

Once A Champion – 1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 “Tomcat”


Picture 2 of 24

1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 “Tomcat” 

With a trophy in the cabinet for the GPZ lineup, Kawasaki was likely feeling very good about their successes in the late 80s. There was no shortage of publicity and it only made sense to try and use the same formula to sell bikes while all the eyes were on them. The ZX10 “Tomcat” was the successor to the GPZ 1000RX, which was the GPZ 900’s bigger brother. While the 900 always overshadowed the 1000 due its role in the cinema, there was no doubt about a growing thirst for faster and faster bikes in the American market.

Picture 7 of 24

The ZX-10 was known mainly for it’s top speed. The motor was largely similar to that of the outgoing GPZ 1000 but one of the main differences included angled intake ports that called for a semi-downdraft carb. Improved aero and a lighter curb weight along with the engine is what ultimately allowed this bike to use all of its 131 hp to propel it to 165 mph. The frame was coined as an “e-box” frame as denoted on the front fairing. The use of aluminum was starting to really take off and was one of the major sources of stiffness and weight-savings in the era.

Picture 11 of 24


Evolution of the motorcycle during the 1980’s was elevated to new heights. Manufactures were taking the leap and pushing the limits of performance, speed and style and Kawasaki was at the forefront of this movement. The ZX10 was hailed as the new flagship performance bike for Kawasaki and took the world by storm in 1988 by building the world’s fastest production motorcycle for the 1988 model year. 135hp, 165mph top speed, quarter mile under 11 seconds, the ZX10 “Tomcat” was the bike everyone wanted to own, but never wanted to line up against. Cycle World Reported in 1988, “A motorcycle visually, mechanically and functionally awash in velocity, it is the new Sultan of Speed, a sportbike insuperable…. Nothing else mass-produced on two wheels even comes close. Now we have entered the Starship Enterprise era: “So radical is the engine’s intake-port angle that the tops of its canted Keihin carbs actually sit higher than the uppermost part of the cylinder head…” That engine’s now confined inside Kawasaki’s first aluminum perimeter frame, proclaimed “e-box” on the fairing because of “its egg-like oval shape when viewed from above.” Radial tires-17 inch front, 18 rear-and twin-piston brakes let the big Ninja stop in 107 feet from 60 mph, the shortest we’d ever recorded.”
This example with under 5k miles is an extremely nice example for any collector, rider or enthusiast. Bang for the buck and appreciating classics like this don’t last long, you won’t want to miss this one.

Picture 4 of 24

The GPZ and ZX-10 led to the battle between Honda, Kawasaki, and eventually Suzuki for the top speed crown. The Blackbird, ZX-11/12/14, and Hayabusa all traded heavy punches throughout the ’90s and early ’00s. While the Blackbird and GPZs have cemented their status, some of the Kawasakis have been lagging slightly but that doesn’t take away from their credibility as actual sport bikes. They were market pioneers and leaders in the segment with this bike. The example today has extremely low miles for a 1986 and seems to be in fantastic condition. The seller mentions there was a repaint done a while back but it is certainly hard to tell from the pictures. A Vance and Hines slip on and upgraded seat are mentioned as well.

The bike is listed at $5.9K but I suspect there would be some room for negotiation if you make an offer. The price is such that you can collect it or ride it without much worry. It’s no secret that bikes we can buy today aren’t the same as the 80s and 90s in terms of feel and emotion. The retro-inspired options offered today are nice to look at but lack some of the character provided by the motors and chassis of the decades past.

Thanks for reading!



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Honda January 8, 2023

Buffed ‘Blade – 1994 Honda CBR900RR

No new FireBlades are coming off the assembly line, so maybe a restoration of a classic sportbike could push someone’s particular button.  This SoCal example looks reasonable all around – not too many miles, fairly clean, not overdone, and substantially original.

1994 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

Designer Tadao Baba slipped the Blade in between classes, shoe-horning the 893 cc’s into a middleweight’s chassis, and keeping it just a few pounds heavier than a contemporary 600.  The right side up forks were styled to look usd,  and while the 16-inch front wheel was a solution from the previous decade, it still worked to reduce mass and ease turn-in.  The shift drum was redesigned for 1994, and sometimes fox-eye headlights are seen, but this one has the dual sealed-beam lights and beaucoup “speed holes” in the fairing.

Though there aren’t all that many close-up pictures, this CBR900RR looks very good for its 27,392 miles.  Some bits have more patina than others, but the fairings look complete and correct.  The rear mudguard has been truncated, but some original turn signals were found and mounted.  Still waiting for the proper grips, a nice list of mechanical work is in the eBay auction –

  • 27k miles
  • D&D exhaust
  • new petcock
  • NEW alternator case cover gasket
  • replaced alternator case cover
  • choke cable and bracket replaced 
  • OE chain guard
  • carbs rebuilt and split replaced manifold o rings
  • carb synced
  • new plugs
  • oil & filter
  • air filter
  • coolant flush
  • brake fluid flush
  • seat  re-upholstered
  • detail /degreasing
  • OE windscreen
  • new grips
  • new rear sprocket 
  • fuel pump
  • fuel lines
  • OE blinker

Having stood the sportbike world on its ear, the FireBlade went on to five more generations, with three new engines.  The ask is up there, but if a pre-buy indicates everything here is for real, it might save the new owner a lot of the detective work expected in a new 30 year-old sportbike.

– donn

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