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One Owner 1993 Ducati 900 Superlight in Kansas

1993 Ducati Superlight For Sale

Here is a very tidy Ducati 900 SS/SL for sale in Kansas that looks not only complete but tastefully upgraded as well. With only 12,500 miles it’s been ridden but sparingly for a 900SS. These look very racy but are actually quite agreeable to touring, even with the Keihin carbs. The seller is asking $10k or best offer.


1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1993 Ducati 900 SL
Low mileage one owner.
944 cc,balanced crank, Bucci pistons,Bucci rods
C.R. Axtell ported heads,Vee Two cams amd valves,adjustable cam pulleys
Vee Two primary gears,clutch hub and basket,slave cylinder.
Pro Italia bars and rearsets.
Fast By Ferracci mufflers.
JMC swingarm.
39mm keihin fcr flat slides
There are lots of parts I have missed.
Stock mufflers,seat,windshield,bars,carbs,rearsets are included.




  • I bought a 900ss featured on this site about two years ago. I agree with the overall comfort of these bikes. They are very comfortable. This bike looks awesome.

  • This owner clearly spent a fortune on this SS motor, and that JMC swingarm is expensive. They’re great bikes to ride, and this one has to be a mid range monster. That said, he doesn’t know how to sell or market his bike, that’s for sure. Nothing but a list of parts and engine work, and he expects someone to just commit $10K or offer? Doesn’t even say if it runs or needs work! Who did all that extensive engine work/built the motor and maintenance on a Ducati in Whichita Kansas- him? Any leaks? When were the belts and valve adjustments done? We all know those are critical on a 20 year old Ducati. Wait a minute- all that engine work, and still running stock suspension? You gotta be kidding, stock 20 year old Showa stuff isn’t that great and should have been upgraded long ago. There were quite a few recalls and problem areas on SS’s and specifically Superlights, but not a word on that (cracked swingarm at welds by front pinches, Marvic wheel issues, frame cracks by steering head, engine studs). Why do buyers have to guess on all of these things, or draw it out of him with question after question?

  • Mike the bike hit all the points I was thinking when reading the eBay listing. All that motor work riding on stock suspension ? I could go on and on with all the unanswered questions this listing presents. I don’t think a lot of thought went into this build. Seller doesn’t even say the bike is in good running condition. I have to assume that it isn’t.
    The Superlights are very collectible bikes, but not this one. It’s collectibility has greatly diminished with all the modding that’s been done. No collector will buy this scooter at this point and those are the guys paying the premium that these bikes get over a standard issue 900 ss. Premium in this case means twice the price.
    Good luck to both the seller and buyer. I’ll pass, thanks.

  • I happen to know this bike! I’m not the owner but I’ve known him for close to 20 yrs now. It’s a clean piece of equipment and he’s taken good care of it. If there were any issues with it I’m sure he would’ve mentioned it in the ad. Keep in mind that in KS there aren’t many twisty roads so still having the stock suspension really isn’t indicative of anything other than the owner knowing that dropping big $ in good suspenders nets no real gain on a daily basis. (also indicative that the bike never went to the track)

    I have ridden the bike before and after the mods and it definitely runs strong for a 900 Duc. If you’re interested in anything more than virtually kicking tires shoot the owner an e-mail, he’ll answer any questions you have. If I hadn’t just bought a basket case v7-sport I’d probably have this in my garage…

  • Those magnesium wheels should not be driven anymore. They are prone to break, caused by internal corrosion. Invisible from the outside, which makes it more dangerous

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