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Just Your Average Ducati (Wink, Wink): 1984 Scuderia N.C.R 600 Pantah

Update:  Last posted in Jan of 2014 by Ian, it’s back and the buy-it-now is now set at $37500 but offers are being accepted – Marty/Dallaslavowner


ncr right

Ians post

Do we have any Monty Python fans that can give me a wink, wink; nudge, nudge, that this is just an average Ducati. All I can say is, “What a damn cool little bike.”

NCR is still around and somehow still gets more wow out of what the Ducati engineers started. It’s about time to exit the ultra plush RSBFS offices stage left so the seller is going to tell you the story on NCR and the 600 Pantah (by the way, he knows a hell of a lot more than me about them):

Many sucessful race bikes were made. These bikes were ridden by the likes of Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari in the 1972 Imola 200. Salvador Cannellas and Benjamin Grau in the Barcelona 24 hour. Vanes Francini and Mauro Ricci in the Italian Regions T.T, Wayne Gardner and Freddy Spencer. Doug Polen won two World Superbike titles in 1991 and 1992, and Ben Bostroms World Superbike title in 2000. Prehaps the most famous race bike was the Steve Wynne, Sports Motorcycles / Scuderia N.C.R 900 Formula 1 machines ridden by Mike Hailwood in his fairey tale comeback in the 1978 Isle of Man T.T Formula 1 race.

ncr left rear

The history of the model:

After the sucessful career of the 1970s bevel drive N.C.R 900 series bikes. They turned their attention to the new for 1980 belt drive Pantah based machines. About 30 600cc T.T. F2 machines were built by Scuderia N.C.R., including another T.T winning Steve Wynne, Sports Motorcycles ridden by Tony Rutter. These bikes were later replicated by Steve and Lester Harris at Harris Performance, and Roy Thursby and sold as Moto Vecchia. Copying is after all the most sincerist form of flatery.

After the chromoly steel framed bikes were built. In 1982 Scuderia N.C.R. turned their attention to the then ‘state of the art’ alloy tubing. They commisioned Ducati frame builder Verlicchi, and were called Aluframes. A total of just seven frames were built.

These were sold as either ‘frame only’ or ‘race kit’ or ‘road kit’. Two were sold as ‘frame only’. Both were built into inexpensive club racers. One is in Belgium #40, the other in California #394. Two were sold as ‘race kits’. One is in Italy and looks fantastic as an endurance racer #9. The other is in Australia and hasn’t been assembled or used. Three were sold as ‘road kits’. One is in Italy and looks somewhat simular to mine. The other is in Australia and looks strange with it’s blue painted frame and wheels, dual seat and quiet canister exhaust. To see pictures of the others, visit and search NCR.

ncr front

And the info on the bike itself:

This Scuderia N.C.R 600 Pantah was first registered in 1984. The weight is just 357 Pounds (162 Kilograms). The condition is excelent, and the build quality is superb. The only minor flaw is a small dent in the N.C.R stamped exhaust system. It is also missing the rear view mirror. Make no mistake, this is the only chance you will ever have to own a genuine Scuderia N.C.R road bike. I believe this is the best of the three that have been built. The frame number reflects the original donor bike. The title is foriegn. I am selling the bike for the widow of my late friend. Expert crating is available for overseas customers. Viewing welcomed with pick up service from Nashville airport.

ncr top

Here is the auction.



  • This is a sportbike. It is rare. It is for sale. Checks all the boxes! As cool as this little jewel is, careful reading and looking raises a few questions. First, the vague “foreign title” issue. Second, seller is listing for the owner’s widow, and that seems to be an excuse for so much lacking in important information. Notice that he doesn’t specifically say if the bike even runs or not, or how well? Instead of telling us about maintenance records and history (belts changed or not, llast valve adjustment, clutch, gearbox condition?), he bombards us with a major NCR history lesson. Also, that bodged together dashboard/instrument panel is a big turn off, and not up to the claimed build quality. At $50,000 asking, he might be better off trying to sell through a major auction house rather than eBay.

  • 6th does make a good point. You can be vague if you are selling an old $2,000 GSXR but when you are asking $50,000 (to start), you should expect that buyers will want to know absolutely everything about the bike.

  • The seller appears to live in a parallel universe where truth is relative, subjective and even optional. He may also not be aware of place values in numbers as he clearly has the BIN price at least two orders of magnitude above this bikes value on planet Earth.

  • Correct spelling is optional in that universe.

  • The bike is a 1981 Scuderia NCR TT600 Panthilever. I believe it to be the only road Scuderia NCR ever to have been built. To ansawer peoples comments directly. 6thgear. “Foreign Title” The title was German. I have a photocopy of it showing the original owner. It now has a US Title. “Owners Widow” My friend did pass away, and I’m selling it for his wife. But the US title is now in my name. I am responcible for selling it. “Bike Runs” The bike has a new battery and runs great. I have only ridden it once around the neighborhood for about two miles. You can ride it more if you turn up before buying. “Maintenance History” The original owner owned it from 1981 till 2006. He registered and had it inspected in 81 and 82. He didn’t use it after then. He sold it in 2006. It was not registered in his name as he didn’t use it. But he did a full service on the bike including belts and tires. It hasn’t been used since. When I took control of it, I brought a new battery and it started first time. “Instrument Panel” the didital speedo is an aftermarket item that was not from NCR. They never did speedos. The speedo can be unbolted to return to stock. “Clamined Build Quality” The build quality is superb. “Auction House” Why would I take the bike all the way to Las Vegas to watch it go through an auction for 5 minutes? Ian. I’d like to know absolutly everything about it as well. I’ve written to Rino Caracchi as have three other well known experts. I’ve been unable to find the absolute difinitive ansawer from anyone about it. Very little has been written about NCRs or TT600. Everyone writes about the 81-83 TT2. But I did meet Pierre Terblanche last week who is the first person in the US who even recognized it as a TT600. Djani. “Parallel Universe, Truth Relative, Subjective, Even Optional, Two Orders Of Magnitude Above Value On Planet Earth”. Like I said, finding information about this bike has been very hard. Even owners of simular bikes like the blue framed one in Australia thought it was aluminium framed. This I later found out to be incorrect. As too when I saw others that looked like mine, but didn’t have an alloy gas tank or a steering lock. Making mine the only one I’ve ever seen that is like this. Everything I’ve ever said has been the utmost truth at the time of writing. As more up to date information becomes available I make updates. As for it’s value on planet Earth. How much would you value the only road bike built by the Ducati factory race shop? Adam. As for my spelling, I’m sorry about only that.

  • Clive to answer you question as what would he value the only road version, I think it would be closer to $20,000. It is a lovely bike and looks absolutely amazing but $20,000 is what the current price should be.

  • Guys this seller is absolutely full of it. I made him an offer and he then responded saying he would prefer to keep it for that price. I then said I thought he was selling it for someone else and this was his response. “Everything I have ever said is 100% accurate. The part about selling it for somebody else was to avoid the tax man and has nothing to do with anybody else. Congratulation, your now a blocked bidder. klyvnkne”
    Look at the elaborate lies he wrote on this forum about selling it for someone else and the title etc.
    Some real scammers out there. I made a serious starting offer for the bike as I have part of my collection in NY and part in sydney and now I wouldn’t buy this bike for any money. This guy cannt be trusted.

  • A reference was made to this bike using my name. I must clarify that without a close inspection it is impossible to conclude the authenticity as claimed, If by chance it is as the vendor is claiming, where are all the trick bits gone, EG Magnesium wheels, floating disks, magnesium forks Tachometer, plus other little bits that are missing from this example. these are the bits that identify the NCR product from the home assemble kit..Thersby (Without prejudice)

  • The thing that jumped out at me are the stock belt covers. Any race bike builder would have ditched those for exposed cam belts because of weight.

  • I’m definitely no expert on these bikes but the complex story that continues to change plus a number of key items not being present seems to throw up more questions than answers.

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