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Dust Bunny – 1992 Honda VFR400R / NC30

Not born on a construction site, but this vintage VFR400R may have acquired permanent resident status.  Propose to this beauty and whisk her away to the country ( roads ) of your choice.

1992 Honda VFR400R / NC30

A staple in the domestic market, the 400 cc VFR got great attention from Honda and the model was produced from 1986-1993.  For the third generation NC30, a 360-degree crank was introduced, and the redline raised slightly to 14,500 rpm.  Unrestricted power is closer to 68 hp, more inkeeping with the Nissin brakes and staggered 16 and 18-inch wheels.  The alloy twin-spar chassis accepts the right-side-up forks and the race-derived single sided swingarm.  Twin headlights in the RC30 lookalike fairing fool many a fan until they’re close-in.

Looks like this owner has carved out a spot in a larger garage to work on his VFR, and while not without some miles, it looks very good.  Just a couple of comments accompany the eBay auction:

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30, 18,000km or 11,000 miles, new tires, new brake pads, new fork seals all original fairings, de-restricted. Vermont registration, can be registered in any state in USA 

Bike runs very well

The VFR400R wasn’t sold far and wide, but along with its track manners and geared cam soundtrack, has a loyal following.  The ask is up in superbike territory, but a V-4 400 is rare and getting more so.  This Honda red example looks worth pushing the Make Offer button, at least to start a conversation.



  • Unrestricted just means you disabled the top speed limiter on these 400’s in the upper gears. It does not unlock more power like the 250 two strokes. The 400’s where restricted to 60 hp stock. Even with a pipe it’s probably only making 60hp to the rear wheel.

    There is no unrestricted hrc cdi boxes for the street model. There is one that was meant for the track and it advances the timing that it requires high octane race gas and the lights don’t work with it.

    The rvf400 however has two street cdi’s offered. The A box which came standard oem and an B box which is an hrc box pretty common. But all it does is give a slightly hotter spark for better throttle response it doesn’t add more hp. Then there’s the full on hrc race cdi that requires race gas.

    All the 400cc 4 strokes in Japan where restricted to 61hp then after 93 to 59hp.
    So unless this bike has a custom cdi and aftermarket cams and or some upgraded carbs to like some fcr’s. It’s not cracking the 60hp barrier very easily.

  • country roads…take me home…to the place…I beloongggggg

  • This bike was posted on eBay and linked on this site in November 2019. Exact same pictures so one would assume it never sold. It’s scary to think that after 7 months they couldn’t manage to take pictures of the bike in some other setting then whatever…that…is all over the background in those pictures. I get the feeling that whoever eventually owns this bike will be in for some surprises.

  • sorry William it didn’t turn up in my search ! Occupational hazard of reviewing several each week… 🙂

  • I’m not critiquing the second posting on this site. If it’s for sale and it fits the criteria for this site then great. I was just stating that information to substantiate why I feel this bike could be of questionable upkeep.

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