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Testimonial October 20, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing Testimonial

Ethan just checked in to let us know that his FZR750RU and GS1000E have both sold, and in large part he credits the exposure on RSBFS:

Your listings were of outstanding quality and clearly helped. What I appreciate most is that, through your page, my bike was given the opportunity to find a home where it would be properly cared for. Many thanks!

I always love hearing that kind of feedback — Thanks Ethan!

Let us know if you would like to list your special sportbike for sale with a Featured Listing!


Featured Listing Testimonial
Testimonial December 17, 2010 posted by

The Best ‘I Hate Your Website’ Email We’ve Ever Received

We get a lot of fan mail about how our website has corrupted many a checking account and spoiled countless marriages, and we are always very flattered. This one though is a real beaut and I figured I’d share:

I don’t know who came up with the idea for your site but I really need you to take it down. I can’t remember how I accidently stumbled across it but it wasn’t my fault. I use to think about all the great bikes (RC30, RC45,OW31,OW01,OW02,RG500, NC30,TZ250, Etc…Etc…) I would love to own and knew they were all taken (like most Supermodels) Now that I have found this site my life has not been the same as I find myself on here every day (Several times a day) and today was the last straw when I saw the latest RC30 for sale. My mind is not my own and you have ruined my life. I have taken my rationalizing to the outer limits of creativity and can only imagine that this is how a crack head must feel looking for his next $20.00 piece. I hate you and am pleading with you to take this site down. You are all ill and very disturbed people and I am appealing to your sense of decency, if you have any left. By the way……is there a phone # to the RC 30? J

Best regards,

Thanks as always for the love everyone and have a good weekend,


Promo October 15, 2009 posted by

Our First Testimonial Post AND Promo Post, All In One!

Nathan wrote me a few weeks back to tell me about the awesome NSR250 he was able to pick up as a result of seeing the listing here on Here is his note:

I was having alot of trouble finding a rare premier looking NSR for a while as I didn’t want to have one shipped to me!! So I stumbled onto this site and low and behold there it was!! 1994 NSR 250 in perfect condition.

So I contacted the owner Mark of the bike he was so cool had all the info I needed. His NSR was truly perfect and I HAD TO GET IT! He also has a sweet looking Ducati 1098 in the garage – life is rough for him! I bought the bike from him to go along side my 08 Yam R1, and even after the sale whenever I had a question about the bike, he always went out of his way to answer it.

I am so happy with this NSR, and Mark is also the man! Thanks for a great purchase.

Without this site where I found this NSR I would still be looking because Mark really didn’t list it anywhere but here so i want to thank Dan for having this site for guys like me.


I know I speak for Alex, Doug, and Phil when I say we loving hearing this kind of feedback! Thank you so much for the kind words. And thank you to Mark for the tip to list the bike here as well.

Nathan wasn’t done though. He’s with and generously sent me a nice box of t-shirts as a thank you! I of course took one for myself and here I am before my morning ride last Saturday:


The rest of the shirts we’re giving away to the readers of! Here’s what you need to do to get yours. Start a new comment on this post and include the following to help us serve our readers better:

1. What was your favorite listing on our site this year?
2. What is the next bike you’re shopping for? (Fantasy shopping is fine!)
3. What are you going to be riding when you wear your WarriorWear shirt?
4. Would you prefer a Large or X-Large shirt?
5. Optional: If we had a special holiday store that you could point your spouse to, what would you want in there (i.e. Motorcycle stuff you’d like to find under the tree)?

That’s it! First come first served. I have 8 XL’s and 10 L’s. All the shirts are different styles and yours will be picked at random. But I’ll even pay the shipping if you’re in the U.S.

Update: Shirts are all sent out now. Many Thanks to Warrior Wear!

Many, many thanks to Nathan for the hook-up and testimonial. I’ve got a handful of other testimonials that I’m going to publish in the coming week or so. If you have a successful find as a result of this site, I’d love to hear about it: