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2009 Aprilia RS125+Title=FUN

Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 W/350 Miles

The seller says this bike is just FUN.  I think that pretty much sums it up.  I’ve been told these bikes aren’t rare because they are available at your local Aprilia dealer.  This one makes the cut because someone happened to get a little piece of paper for it that two stroke enthusiasts covet.  Que the sun shining through the clouds and singing in the background: it has a title.  You are free to pollute on either street or track.  Along with the paperwork the bike has some nice upgrades for a boost in power from those 125cc’s.  If you need more info on these bikes be sure to check out the RS125 section of the AF1 Aprilia Forums

Details from the auction:

2009 Aprilia RS125

Great 2 stroke Street legal…yep you read right….This is a street legal bike in all 50 states…..no small feat.

Properly broken inwith mutiple controlled and measured heat cycles on the street and on dyno

350 miles total since new.
All the Street legal stuff
Arrow exhaust
34mm carb upgrade
V Force Reeds and Intake
Pipercross Filter
Custom Alum Chain Guard
Aftermarket Alum Pipe Bracket

OEM Exhaust, 28mm carb spare sprockets, spare jetting, etc also goes with the bike

This bike is just FUN!

Stock gearing is good for around 90mph, Gearing good for 116 or so will go with the bike although with the mild tune/Untouched motor…it is good for about 102 ( documented with Time Slips)

Super reliable, electric start.  All the Upgrades you would want are already done, jetting sorted out.

Only 125 of these bikes brought into North America……and most are not street legal.
Likely the last Street 125 you wil be able to get in the US.

Original list price on these was 5495.00   what I paid
All the street stuff cost 1200.00 (plus labor)
Arrow Exhaust  397.79
V Force Reeds 200.00
34mm Intake  89.00
34mm Carb 269.99
Evotech exhaust hanger  60.00
Pipercross filter  40.00

Just there we are at 7770.52……excluding tax 

Also included, Several Sprockets ( all taller than stock)
Jet selection
Spare plugs,
Copies of all timing slips and Record certificates  (fastest 2009 Aprilia RS125 in the world)

Am able to deliver to Southern North Carolina over the last weekend of October

Located in Central PA  ( Harrisburg area)

Am able to help with any shipping from my end if delivery does not work out.

Bike will be sold with clear title ( Street registrable) and a listed sale price of whatever you request.

Additional photos on request for serious bidders.  Shown Photo does not show street equipment

Now, you may be saying, “Ian, you’ve had one to many gin and tonics tonight, I’ve seen this bike before”.  Well you have but the bike has no hit Ebay for a go around.  So  hit the seller up for some more photos and throw a bid on a fun a little bike.  .



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