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1990 Honda NSR250R with Repsol Livery

Update 11.29.14: We last posted this NSR in July of 2013. The eBay listing now includes more photos that clearly show Tyga bodywork, but also a Florida plate. Buy-it-now is set at $5k. Links updated. -dc

I never get tired of seeing a clean NSR250 for sale, and you shouldn’t either. It’s hard to get tired of a lightweight, race oriented packaged couple with a two-stroke engine that’s got to be perfect for some neck wringing. This NSR come to us again from the land of two-strokes; Canada. It also appears to have been registered in Florida at some point and the owner says it has a U.S. title.


From the seller:

For sale is a 1990 Honda NSR 250 with less that 3000km (1800miles) from new.

The bike is in ABSOLUTELY perfect condition. On a scale of 1-10 I would say its a 9+.

The bike was never raced and still has the Florida license plate and it comes with

American Title and Canadian ownership.

One should first note that the body work isn’t OEM. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. It looks damn close to the OEM body work of later NSR’s. Nobody in their right mind should pick anything over Repsol livery given the choice. It is a shame that there aren’t more photo angles with better lighting. The last NSR250 we saw was located in the States and sold for close to $5k. This one starts at $5k and isn’t in the US. I would advise to do your due diligence when it comes to title/registration requirements in your area. Check out the auction here and place your bid today.



  • tidy little NSR ….probably not a SP (Cabin Colors)
    Probably an R, or maybe SE

    Steering damper is a nice touch

    Clearly MC21 Frame, but VIN seems a bit suspicious from the Ebay Ad….

    MC110603862….therefore 1985 NS250-R

    who cares, its titled and plated and good to go

  • A family member viewed this bike – most probably been tracked or dropped and that us why not original fairings.

    I have several 250 bikes that are a 9+ out of ten and the family member said this is more like a 6 or 7 that you would ride not collect

  • Don’t like this seller, I would be careful if you bid.

  • Bid to $5,200. Reserve not met. -JS

  • He sold an RG500 last year that I was outbid on. It had a New York plate, 6,000 km and went for $15,300. He has a decent size collection.

  • Unless its a typo, with a title washed VIN like that, just be sure that the MC11 chassis is not registered anywhere else. If the DMV office the buyer takes it to, to be transferred under finds the other number in the system, the new buyer will lose the bike.

    The person that titled this bike originally probably took the MC11 he had that was titled, changed the frame number on the NSR and then simply took the new bike in to do his transfer/inspection and voila the MC11 number automagically landed on the MC21 chassis and paperwork.

    There are a number of TZR250’s floating around the USA using RZ350 VIN numbers, the hope is that the donor RZ350 was actually destroyed and is not still on the road wearing a plate.

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