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The Ultimate Track Day Bike: 2006 NCR Millona One Shot

Update 7.25.2014: Buyer has let us know this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

2006 NCR Minolla For Sale

Well funded Ducatisti are no strangers to NCR and their legendary history with race bred Ducatis. The Millona represents one of their earliest production offerings as they previously only modified customer bikes. The philosophy is a time tested formula that is based around engineering efficiency to go fast rather than just shoehorning in a larger powerplant into an existing platform. The bike is littered with titanium, magnesium, and carbon fiber materials throughout to save as much weight as possible. It doesn't even have a starter! Through these efforts the dry weight is just 265lbs! While the base offering Millona is fitted with a standard Ducati 1000DS motor, the "One Shot" trim level was the top of the line and features a bored out version to 1100cc and boosts power to over 110hp. While this number seems lackluster on it's own, when paired with that little weight it is anything but. If you're ready for the next level of balance, refinement, and execution, your mount has arrived.


We'd like to thank AutomaniaGP for this Featured Listing and wish them luck with the sale!


2006 NCR Millona One Shot for sale on eBay


from the seller:

To most motorcycle enthusiasts, the name NCR most likely brings to mind cash registers and other nondescript invisible electronic support hardware. For Ducati enthusiasts, the name NCR represents the ultimate in focused, high-performance Ducati-powered Sportbikes, hand-built, the best of the best in design, build quality and performance. NCR opened in 1967, providing parts for Ducati 250 twins, and eventually built complete bikes like the ones that Mike Hailwood won the Formula 1 World Title and 1978 Formula 1 IOM TT on - and, more recently - Ducati's WSB team bikes. NCR’s extensive racing background has enabled them to offer the highest technology and product quality - to a select customer base - and they are unmatched in their field.

The Millona range, first offered in 2005, is their first “production” motorcycle.

The “One Shot” was the top of the line for the Millona range and also offered an “S”, “R” model. For the 2006 price of $71,000, basically one-off builds of the One Shot used engines heavily modified by NCR for performance - and a delivered weight of 264 pounds. As Millonas were rolling prototypes, early model specs vary - as can be seen by the Marchesini Wheels used here instead of the later BST Carbon hoops.

A list of general specs given by NCR for the Millona is as follows:

Air-cooled 2 valve Desmodromic 1100 cc Ducati L Twin
All bolts/fasteners titanium
Big bore kit with 1078cc Pistal pistons
Ducati Performance race cams
Heads ported, polished, flowed
Crank lightened, balanced
Light weight flywheel
Ducati Performance WSB Close Ratio Gearbox ($4,500 upgrade)
EVR slipper clutch
Sand cast magnesium timing case cover
Vented magnesium clutch side case cover
Carbon fiber air box with carbon fiber ram air snorkels
Titanium clutch cover

Chromalloy trellis frame by NCR
Handmade aluminum swingarm by NCR (weighs 3.8 kg)
Triple clamps from billet aluminum by NCR
Carbon fiber subframe
Carbon fiber faring, gas tank, seat cowl,
Carbon fiber oil catch can, front fender, belly pan
WSB Brembo Monoblock calipers from billet w/ titanium pistons ($5,800 per set)
Brembo 2 titanium piston rear caliper from billet
Braking Wave rotors 300mm front, 200mm rear
Titanium / Aluminum Rearsets
Titanium / Aluminum Clip-ons
Ohlins forks
Ohlins Rear shock

By visiting NCR’s web site, more specific information can be obtained http://www.ncrfactory.com/eng/html/18.00.shtml rather then my copy and pasting here.

This particular 2006 bike, #18, was brought over by the NCR factory to Canada where it was raced successfully. It was purchased and raced again by Trevor Dunne of Santa Barbara Ducati. In his words, “It is the best bike I ever owned”. Work reasons forced the sale. A buyer out of Kelowna, BC then bought the bike and finally sold it to its present owner who did track days with it on the West Coast until recently.

While the Kelowna owner had the bike, Dave Alexander, of Fluid Suspension Science in Washington State, completely rebuilt the engine in July of 2010. This included head work along with porting and a new valve train using heavy metal seats and ti valves. The crankshaft was lightened and the rods rebuilt at the same time. The cylinders were re-plated and new rings installed (the original pistons were in excellent condition). A Supertech transmission was installed during the rebuild and a new alternator installed. Of course, belts and bearings were replaced and all seals were renewed at the same time. As David said, “Jon has always been meticulous about his bikes”.

The One Shot was used as a track day bike by the present owner for several seasons and has approximately 15 days on it since the rebuild by J Alexander, about 35-40 hours. In its previous life, it was raced in anger and not everything went as planned at each event. There are two areas with minor cosmetic damage on the bike. One is the right foot peg frame mount which has a small bend causing the foot peg to be pointed back slightly. This happened while the bike was having its tires changed by a track day vendor. While on the stand, another rider bumped the bike, causing it to tip over and cause the damage. On other side, the bottom of case cover provided by NCR is scuffed, but NCR offers superb support and parts are normally available and quickly supplied. The bodywork presently on the bike was sent to the owner by NCR when the stock paint on the original parts started to fade. It is Carbon Fiber, almost flawless and beautiful in its execution. The original set, and a third set of bodywork are included with the bike - as is the auxiliary battery used for initial cold starting.

When the bike was brought to us, we immediately took it to Hansen’s BMW Ducati Triumph in Medford, Oregon for an inspection - knowing full well that the first thing anyone interested in the bike would want to know is the mechanical condition. The timing belts and idler pulling bearings needed servicing and the valve lash was checked. We have included the work sheet showing the measurements taken. The bike has been fired and run, but without lights, plates or most importantly, a horn, it could not be ridden on the street, so we have not driven it. You may contact Hansen’s directly if you need more information from them concerning the bike.

The selling price is $39,995. Because the bike was never intended to be registered or licensed by NCR - it was not issued an MSO and was sold with a bill of sale only. We will provide the same documentation at the time of sale.



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