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The Ducati You Love to Hate: 2002 998S Bostrom #66

2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom for sale

Every time we post one of these the comments are flooded with negativity, but there is always lots of actual bidding activity. This example has covered a mere 900 miles and bids have already cruised passed the reserve at $13k with 4 days remaining. So rather than hearing only from the haters, lets hear from fans of this bike in the comments and why it’s special to you.


2002 Ducati 998S Bostrom for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Limited Edition Ducati 998S Bostrom. Number 66 of 155. Only 893 original miles and includes rear stand,books two keys.Has special carbon bodywork,ohlins, Arrow exhaust.Also has Rizoma,STM,Mad Duc cap and Mono blue carbon grips.I have the original blue grips.There are no dents,scratches or marks.Oil and ducati oil filter changed every April.Started and let run during the year.Keep inside as part of my collection.Sold “AS IS”.


  • When the Bostrom replicas were released I didn’t really care for them. Too gaudy I thought. Now I think that they are beautiful and I love them. At this point in time I think they’ve become a blue chip investment bike. With only 155 examples in the US it is one of the rarest Ducatis ever sent to this country. These bikes have a wild paint scheme unlike anything else we’ve seen from Ducati. They have Bostroms own, hand done signature on the tank, and the rarity of 155 units. At only 893 miles, I’d be shocked if the bidding stopped at $13,000. This is a great piece of Ducati memorabilia that should hold it’s value and even appreciate from here on.

  • Rare, but not that special.

  • “Bah! Humbug! This bike was no doubt the result of an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There’s more of graphics than of gravity about it!”

    merry christmas ya’ll 🙂


  • I can find nothing positive to say about this model, so…

  • I am with Mike, can’t find anything good to say. Oh wait- The Arrows look nice. Even if they are Termis…they do look nice.

  • The Bostrum 998S Replica was made in three series of 155 bikes i.e. 465 bikes. Each series is numbered out of 155 so I guess it should be possible to find 3 bikes with the same plaque numbers (but different engine/frame numbers). There were 155 for the USA, 155 for Europe and 155 for the rest of the world. The USA versions had the standard 998, 125 hp engine and the others were the deep sump 998S (i.e. 996R), 136hp engines. Just like the concurrent 998S Bayliss replicas, the USA version had more carbon fiber parts which is nice, I guess. Nice bikes.

  • Not going to hate. Bostrom was the man, and if you’ve never ridden a 998 then you need to. They’re so raw, no much less refined than the 1098. Thing is, whoever buys this isn’t going to ride it and that’s the shame in it. It needs to be out there.

  • I loved watching Ben in wsbk. As far as the bike goes, I like the blue frame and wheels

  • I heard Anthont Gobert bought one as soon as they became available.Will never part with it.

  • The Ducati You Love to Hate:….like Eric Von Stroheim in the movies.

  • Throw some red fairing lowers on it while you ride it around and it would be pretty cool. Keep the stock ones hidden under your bed until you’re ready to sell the bike.

  • Beats the hell out of a Matrix edition.

  • Its the flames that kill it to me. It just looks like a squid got hold of a standard bike and went to Pep Boys for the stickers.

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