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New in the crate: 2001 Honda RC51 SP1

Dan 7

Located outside Montreal, reader Rod sent in this brand new RC51. Pictures seem legit though listing on Kijiji is slightly suspect for something of this caliber. Listing states make offer but the price listed is $38,990 CAD, which is $28,770 USD as of today. This bike falls a couple years short of the 25 year import rule but this was a bike offered here in the U.S. the same year. Not sure if that helps but on the other hand, it destined to remain a display model the rest of it’s life so maybe it doesn’t matter.

2001 Honda RC51 on Kijiji in Canada

From the seller’s listing:

Only one ,brand new Honda RVT, 0km one owner. Just one in the world. Time capsule. Make an offer.
Unique au monde, Honda RVT SP1 complètement neuve, un seule propriétaire . Dans crate origine. 0km
Faire offre sérieuse svp.

If you’re looking for an RC51 you can actually ride, Black Market Motorsports has this 2002 SP2 model with just 6,500 miles available:


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Unobtanium Alert: 1987 Bimota DB1SR New in The Crate!

Marty 11

1.12.2015: Originally we first saw this DB1 SR available in October of last year. It failed to meet reserve reaching just over $31k. Now back on the market, just after the Vegas auctions, it is listed with a $45k buy-it-now. Thanks for all those who emailed with the heads up. Links updated.-dc

Here is some true unobtanium; a still in the crate 1987 Bimota DB1 SR.


For motorcycle collectors, there are two main types of bikes; the survivor and the New Old Stock (NOS). Survivor bikes can be bikes that weren’t popular in their time but are now desired such as the Honda CX turbo editions . They can also be bikes that that were popular but are now hard to find in good condition such as a 1st generation GSX-R 750 slingshot.

New old stock/NOS bikes are quite a different matter; they seem to either be something a dealership had tucked away or something a collector bought and are usually in pristine condition with very low mileage. While NOS bikes ares rare, we do see them reasonably frequently here on RSBFS. But within the NOS segment there is an even rarer sub-group; bikes that are still in their original crates. There have been less than 10 NOS Crate bikes on RSBFS since this sites inception, so this Bimota DB1 SR is really something quite special.


1987 Bimota DB1 SR new in crate for sale on ebay (Canada)

The Bimota DB1 was offered between 1985 and 1990 and was designed by Bimota’s Technical Director and ex-Ducati engineer, Dr. Frederico Martini. The DB1 stands for Ducati Bimota One which makes sense since it was the first Bimota powered by a Ducati engine.

The DB1SR is an even higher performance version of the “standard” DB1. The SR model came with 4-piston front calipers, 41 mm carburetors instead of the standard 36mm, freer 2-into-1 exhaust and more radical cam shafts. The SR model was only made between 1987 and 1989 and in performance it was frequently compared to Ducati’s Laguna Seca/Montjuich/Santa Monica models of the 750 F1s. Confusingly, many of the ealy DB1SRs are labeled “DB1RS” on the fairing. Later models were styled a bit differently with a rear red number plates and correctly labeled “DB1SR”. The DB1SR was successfully raced in Italy by Tiziano Bombardi, winning the 1987 Italian Sport Production Twins Championship, finishing on top of the podium in 8 of the 9 races, with one second place finish.


Here is a portion of what the seller has to say:

This DB1SR is quite possibly one of only two still in their original shipping crates. When the current owner received this bike, he raised the crate top off the platform for only the second time since its departure from Rimini, Italy; the first time being at Canada Custom when it first arrived in our country.

It’s still mounted to the crate base and still shows some floor dust on the tires from the manufacturer wheeling it across the floor to be crated. The current owner simply couldn’t bear to have this beautiful Italian gem hidden in the crate, so he carefully removed the top and packaging so the bike could be displayed still strapped to the base. The crate top and packaging have been carefully stored.

In 1987 only 153 DB1SR motorcycles were made – and of these, most went to Japan. Although I’ve seen a pair of the later SR Serie Finale in North America, I’ve not seen one of these on our shores. This amazing piece of performance art was originally imported by the legendary Frank Romanelli – who indicated that this unit was destined for the market in France and should by all accounts, not have been directly exported to Canada.


So of course now we come to the big question, what’s it gonna take to get it? Well the DB1 is pretty rare by itself. The few previous DB1’s that have appeared on RSBFS have all gone for between 30-40k USD and given the fact that this is a still-in-the-crate bike, I would expect the ebay reserve to be at the upper end of that range. It is certainly an amazing opportunity for a serious collector to acquire a rare bike and given the recent decline of the Canadian dollar, might even be available at a bit of a discount.


Post Script: The same seller is also offering a nice 1986 Ducati BOTT Racer which can be seen here.

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X-Ray Vision: 2002 Ducati MH900e Brand New in the Crate!

Dan 17

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale in the crate

Even though these were practically released as turn key collectibles, most buyers put them on the street for a little while to experience the investment a little bit. If you browse our archives, the examples we have highlighted have only turned 500-2500 miles in most cases. Not this one. It’s still a 0 mile example and never removed from the crate. While previously unopened sportbikes we’ve seen haven’t necessarily had a preview of what’s inside, this seller has taken the time to x-ray the contents! While part publicity stunt, it will add to this particular example’s history and value. 20 years from now if it’s still in the crate, can you imagine what it may be worth?


2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay


from the seller:

2002 Ducati MH900e still in the original, un-opened, crate!

This is #1617/2000. The crate has literally NEVER been opened. It still has the original nylon straps around it as it came from the factory.

I won’t go into details about the Ducati MH900e model itself because I’m sure, if you’re looking at this listing, you are well aware of the history of these bikes. If not, Wikipedia has some great information.

This particular bike was purchased locally by an acquaintance who, by the time the bike was actually delivered to him (2 yrs after his online order), had fallen ill and was in no condition to drive it so he had it delivered to his home still in the crate. It sat in his heated garage until last year when I acquired it.

Knowing the rarity of finding an MH900e still in the crate I did not want to open the crate either. But also knowing that a potential buyer would want some form of confirmation as to the contents, I made arrangements through some senior contacts I have at UPS to have the bike taken to the airport for a security scan and x-ray. I’ve attached pics of the x-ray. If you look closely you can see everything inside, including the stand and box that contains the plaque & shirt (on top of the seat). I also have the original bill of sale (from 2002) from the local dealership.

I make/offer no warranty about the mechanical condition of the bike itself other than it is brand new, complete, and the crate has never been dropped, damaged, or opened. Obviously never having been PDI’d by a dealer, it would be impossible for me to warrant it mechanically.

I apologize that there aren’t more pics, but there’s only so much detail you can show of the crate itself. If you would like any more shots please contact me. For obvious collectability reasons though, I will NOT “break the seal” and open the crate to take pics. The winning bidder will be entitled to open the crate and my facility prior to shipping if they choose, once payment in full has been made.

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2 Yamaha RZ500’s: A Really Nice One to Ride, Another Still in the Crate!

Dan 10

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Lets start with the rider first. It’s a 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with a mere 7000 miles and available in Florida. It has some minor modifications and a few minor needs, but bidding has been very steady. It has passed reserve and currently over $11k with about 2 days to go.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

Here’s a hard to find clean, low mileage, unmolested beauty with only 11,262+/- kilometers or 6,998 miles. Runs, rides & sounds great. Maintenance & service receipts and records back to 2002 plus original service manual in English with historical jetting notes, etc. on inside cover. Bike is mostly stock but has some tasty upgrades including expensive Jolly Motto pipes, $2,800 engine rebuild with parts from RZ’s Unlimited, front forks rebuilt with new seals, carbs cleaned 06/2012, manual electric cooling fan and new chain & rear sprocket geared 1 step shorter to compensate for tall first gear. Professionally painted in 2012 with all new decals. Pictured plastic fairing edge guards included but need new silicone to stay on properly. Very comfortable ergonomically, handle bar height is the perfect compromise between low sportbike bars & a full upright position. FAULTS – Aftermarket solo seat section & pad recently acquired on e-bay in separate auctions for steep prices. Solo seat section has 1 paint chip and pad is pretty worn but can be recovered by interior auto trim detail shop. (these are VERY hard to come by) Front windscreen fair, blinkers not connected, right mirror has broken swivel but bike comes with 2 other working original mirrors. Comes with petcock rebuild kit. Current one works but on is off, reserve is on. Last, the wheels have been painted red which looks fine just not original. Anyone mechanically inclined (which excludes me) can easily put the finishing touches on this beautiful bike.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 New in the Crate For Sale

Now for dessert. Forwarded from Andy, it’s also a 1985 RZ500 but this one is still brand new and in the crate. It’s in Australia on and there are a lot more pictures of what is inside available there. Could be yours for a little over $30k USD.

from the seller:

Brand new, still crated 1985 RZ500.
Keys, mirrors, bellypan & books boxed untouched since leaving Japan.
Australian model, delivered to a Brisbane Yamaha dealership in 1984


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