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2002 Ducati MH900e For Sale in Rhode Island with Just 80 Miles

Need a new display piece for the den? Perhaps this MH900e with only 80 miles will fit the bill.

from the seller:

This is #1907 of 2000 of these special edition models. I've used it only as (heated, dehumidified) garage art, up on a stand, looking pretty. A beautiful piece of mechanical sculpture. It comes with the Ducati stand, a spare set of directional signals, and factory manuals.

So what would you do if you could throw down on this one? Would you keep it a display piece, or arrive at meets on rare occasion in perfect weather to everyone's envy, or would you put this one right into regular duty? While I'd love to think I could do ride it often, I think it has to be relegated to to a collection right?



  • I would drive it EVERYDAY like I do my old Monster 900. The irrational part of me says it should stay inside and look pretty. The realist in me say’s it needs to be enjoyed every single day and when it’s been driven into the ground, rebuild to do it all again.

    The MH900E is hands down my favorite Ducati. It was one of the first Ducatis I saw when I was working on a partner project with them in 2001.

  • The MH900E is hands down my least favorite modern Ducati. Silly, over done, cartoonish, graceless Terblanche “star designer” heavy handed styling treatment. Cast aluminum fake sump peice is an overt example of dishonest design. Harshly uncomfortable to ride, form over function. Contrived marketing exercise, meant from day one to be a “collectable” model with it’s initial internet only sales hype. Has not aged well at all, and seems to be just passed from collector to collector with inherantly flat market values.

  • in my opinion Ducati MH 900E is not for everyone,with a little bit of work and creativity you could improve the riding position big time and becomes very comfortable,is the type of bike you either love or hate,i love mine with passion.


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