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Yamaha posted by

2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 For Sale!

2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 For Sale on eBay!

Price: $7,995.00
Make: Yamaha
Model: YZ-FR1 YZF-R1
Mileage: 12,592

The good- It’s an early model YZ-FR1 YZF-R1 that looks to be in pretty good shape with good miles.

The bad- I’d love to see some better pictures- especially from a dealer that put money in a spiffy backdrop. I’d also like to read a little more about it

From the listing:
The machine that has won nearly every open class accolade since its introduction.

No really, that’s all it says- LOL!

What we know:
-80 pd ft of torque
-170 mph top speed
-390ish pound dry weight
-Titanium exhaust canister
-It looks bad ass sitting still

Maybe these sit well with me because I regret a bad decision in 98′ or maybe they’re just awesome machines that can still hang with today’s offerings. What say you?

Are you a Blue R1 person or a Red & White R1 person? Financial Doug is a Red and White R1 guy, but Emotional Doug is a Blue R1 guy. Now all I have to do is to persuade my wife in to believing I “need” this. You know, for mental health.

Okay, in all fairness, I’ve had a little bit of fun at the sellers expense with the (lack of) pictures, information and title. I suspect the seller will get a little more action after this posting, but they’d also receive more interest if their eBay listing title was correct. I stumbled across this one by scrolling through “Yamaha” listings AFTER I didn’t see it with an “R1” search due to it being listed as YZ-FR1 versus YZF-R1.

Anyway, enough nit-picking. It’s a kick ass machine and looks to be ready to roll . . . or are the dark pictures hiding something? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Check out this Blue Bad MoFo here!




  • Just picked up a 2000 model myself about 2 years prior to the Covid inflation to go along with my ’98 and ’03. Only 1500 miles on it and nearly perfect. Personally I think the 00/01 models were the best of the era to ride and in looks. Hope to see these continue to go up in value like the CBR 900s have.

  • Fun fact the tzr250 3xv was designed by the same guy who did the R1. Ever notice how the first gen R1 model code was 4xv.

    • That’s a cool tidbit. Thx!

  • Awesome I never knew that.

  • Blue guy here. Was at a trackday this past weekend. He has an earlier R1 model. I was marveling at the design of all the pieces. Especially the gear linkage passing through the frame.

    Which made me slap my head: how do you convert it to GP-shift as it righteously should be?

    If not for carbs and pump gas containing ethanol in it, this ticks the right boxes as a lovely place to spend some time.

  • An $8,000 R1 with a two pic ad. Wow. 🤨

  • There’s a 2000 on a website I frequent in better condition with excellent upgrades for $3900 OBO. GLWS

    • Oh yeah? That is probably a fairly good deal!

  • I would sell my very similar condition blue 00 with under 2k miles for $7900…and will include 3 pictures in my ad.

    • That’s a sweet deal with 3 photos. LOL!

  • Beautiful bike! I might be more of a red and white guy on the early R1’s. These are getting harder to come by in this condition. The Red and White 98’s are appreciating rapidly . GLWS

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