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Wings Are The New Cool Speed Part: 2019 Ducati Panigale V4R

Every couple of years there are advancements in technologies that trickle down from the race track to the street.  These new technologies become the newest hot part to have on your street bike.  In the late 80s and early 90s Fuel Injection was the must have feature, after that Upside Down Forks was the hot ticket.  There was a transition from axial mounted calipers to radial as the standard high performance option.  Over the last few generations all of the focus has been on the electronics packages.  “Control” is a repeated work on most brochures.   Traction control, wheelie control, slide control, ect.  The most recent component migration from the race track to the street is wings and other aero appendages.

With the Ducati V4R the focus has been the prominent carbon front wings.  A few years ago the main talking point would be fact that the V4R has less then 380 pounds being thrust down the road by over 220 horsepower.  In true homologation form, the R Ducati is ultra special.  The 998cc four cylinder is unique to this model to conform to race regulations.  Featuring a dry clutch and an eyewatering 16,500 RPM redline there is nothing subtle about this package.

This example has a host of tasty upgrades that take an already extreme motorcycle up a couple of notches.  BST carbon wheels reduce unsprung weight and generally look amazing.  Open clutch cover to enhance the distinct Ducati sound.  A full titanium exhaust accomplishes all three in one part!  Adjustable rearsets and a few other add ones round out what was clearly a well thought out and expensive collection of parts.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Extended warranty for 12, 24 or 36 months available at a discounted rate.

– Full Spark Titanium Exhaust System
– Rizoma Stealth Mirrors

The Panigale V4 R is a real piece of supreme engineering, a 998cc version of the 90 degree V-4 that last year claimed the title of most powerful street-legal, naturally aspirated bike, extracting 214 hp from its 1,103cc unit. We all knew that the final target of the Panigale V4 project was to create the ultimate Superbike series contender – the bike that would bring the World SBK championship back to Borgo Panigale. Indeed, the just unveiled Panigale V4 R seems to be ready to stand up to those expectations.

The engine is a derivative of the unit that propels the Ducati Desmosedici GP racer, starting from the identical bore and stroke measurements: 81mm by 48.4mm. In simple terms, the original Panigale V4 unit was destroked, while keeping bore unaltered. Lightweight titanium connecting rods are 104.3mm center to center, for a rather healthy 2.15:1 rod length to stroke ratio that is very important for the health of an engine that is expected to rev to 16,000 rpm.

– Stock #: R2100


The seller’s listing contains is slightly confusing set of information because it mentions both 998cc and 1103cc engine sizes.  Perhaps they have someone new at the dealership wiring copy for the adds and they got a little overzealous with the copy and paste.  The $36,880.00 asking price might seems steep when you think that 7500 miles and three years ago this bike carried a $39,995 MSRP, but when you look deeper at the context there is a relative bargain here.  First the MSRP for the 2022 bikes is $47,995.  Second that price is before dealer fees, taxes, shipping and any additional performance parts out of the catalog this bike has had installed.  An interested buyer would be wise to ask if the original equipment is included with the sale.  These parts are valuable in their own right, and the option to return to 100% stock may be appealing down the line.


  • Someone could make a bit of money designing and producing tasteful covers for those who want to unbolt those stupid looking wings.

    • I bet more modern buyers are looking to add the wings to some of the older, or lower spec models to update them. I wouldn’t want my top tier sport bike of this era to lack any of the best technologies.

  • Posing on a red Ducati is best done atop one with ‘wings’. Oh, and a numbered plaque!

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