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What could have been: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

In 2008 BMW launched the ultimate boxer sport bike, the HP2 Sport. An offshoot of the stillborn GP racer project (which management wisely decided could not be competitive in a straight up fight), BMW instead released a no-compromise sporting twin of uber-exclusive status. Limited in numbers and impossibly expensive, the HP2 Sport was a brief, flashy prelude to the more conventional S1000RR. I've been eyeing this example for a bit, and decided it was finally time to share with RSBFS readers.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport ABS for sale on eBay

The BMW HP2 Sport is a bit of a dichotomy. Long known as the gentleman's transport, BMWs staid reputation was based on longevity, quality and composure; out and out sporting intent was conspicuously missing. Incorporating all of the traditional elements of BMW - including the boxer twin and shaft drive - the HP2 Sport stretched the boundaries of what was possible. New cylinder head design opened up the airways with four valves, yet were shorter than older 2-valve assembly. That new dimension, bolted onto cylinders that were placed a bit higher on the bike, made for better cornering with less risk of touching down the heads during spirited cornering. Power was up - way up - with an estimated 130 HP on tap. While nothing compared to the following S1000RR's 200 ponies, this was a high water mark for a factory boxer. Top level brakes (Brembo) and suspension (Ohlins) complimented the package, along with a generous sprinkling of carbon fiber. Test riders universally liked the HP2 Sport, outside of the price tag and the limitations of the boxer packaging. By 2012 the HP2 Sport faded into the sunset, and with it the future of the boxer as a serious sporting platform.

From the seller:
For the BMW Motorrad enthusiast - a 2009 BMW HP2 Sport ABS in absolutely pristine condition. Freshly serviced by A&S BMW in Sacramento, it's been fitted with a rare Fat Cat slipper clutch (with less than 100 miles since installation). As used on the race versions, this Suter-designed clutch is the final piece that transforms the torquey HP2 into a fluid track day or backroad delight. Very few HP2 Sports have been equipped with one as they are hard to find (this one came from England) expensive to buy and install, but worth every penny on a big-bore high performance twin like the HP2.

This motorcycle has been garaged, covered, and impeccably maintained since new. Never dropped or down and in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition. BMW made an iconic engineering statement with the HP2 Sport by building a very limited production, hand crafted "factory special" featuring DOHC radial valve heads, exotic internals and carbon fiber bodywork from an F1 constructor (signed by the technician who built each piece). The result was the highest performance BMW boxer twin ever made (136bhp), featuring sublime handling, ABS brakes, a factory-installed quick shifter and the first carbon fiber subframe on a production motorcycle. This bike sparkles with carbon fiber valve covers and tail light assembly, milled-from-billet foot controls/clip-ons/upper triple clamps, Motek MotoGP-style instrumentation (with programmable displays and lap timers), Magura levers, forged aluminum wheels, BMW's patented telelever/paralever front/rear suspension with fully adjustable Ohlins shocks and Brembo radial-mount monoblock calipers. The best components available were used in constructing these machines.

More from the seller:
Approximately 230 HP2 Sports were imported into the US (BMW kept the actual number confidential) and they will never make another Boxer like this one. A blue-chip collectible motorcycle that's a revelation to ride - it represents the ultimate evolution of the classic air/oil cooled BMW boxer motor, wrapped in bespoke carbon bodywork and mated to a lightweight chassis with world-class components. Understandably, it draws a crowd wherever it goes. The track stand (pictured) is also included. Original MSRP was nearly $27,000, and prices for exceptional examples like this now are on the rise.

The HP2 Sport was available as a base model, or with ABS. The option list was short, with both models benefitting from the same excellent componentry throughout. Price wise, this was a $25k+ motorcycle in 2008 - which was a princely sum. Prices for used models have slowly dropped as they infiltrate into the secondhand market, but overall the valuation of these bikes has persisted. What we are likely seeing is the common pricing dip prior to an eventual rise in overall values. This is a limited edition, very special model motorcycle that should present well for years to come. This is exactly the type of model that will appreciate in the future even if it was not as appreciated as a sport bike when first introducted. This particular model looks to be in very good condition, has a reasonable number of miles, and has been listed several times on eBay. The price point has slowly moved downwards since the first listing, making this example a good (possible bargain?) candidate. Bidding starts below $15k, which is in the range for the model. Check it out here, and if you're a BMW fan (airhead, oilhead, brick or inline) hit us up in the Comments and share your thoughts. Does the HP2 Sport push the right buttons for you? Good Luck!



  • Fun bike. Painful riding position, everything shakes, no clue how fast you are going or what is behind you. Great fun. Can see a slipper being of use as they have some funkiness with that torque. Really dislike that cliche sales line…”price on the rise for great examples”. You should know the market already if you are considering one of these or don’t care at all as $20K is throw away change and you think it looks cool.

  • Had one, great bike. The clutch I would think is a great addition, and you basically have to break the bike in half to install it.
    When I was a BMW service manager we would have charged 10 hours for that @ $110.00 a hour, I am sure the labor rate is more these days.

  • Frame welds don’t impress

  • Thought they were cool back in the day but the price seemed high for what it is. I have to say, I guess I never looked at them that closely but El Martillo is right, the frame welds / beads are atrocious! Part of what is so great about bikes is the detail and workmanship that goes into them….Really surprises me how bad they are! Crazy!

  • Go look at a 999 frame. Not much different on the welds. Feels like a much more exotic bike than maybe it appears with the boxer motor. If anything feels more aggressive than any of the off the shelf Japanese 1k’s. Insanely nice to look at with carbon everywhere..

  • This is the holy grail for the boxer twin faithful, I include myself in that group. The prices on these have come down from the very high teens well into middle teens. There are two groups of beemerheads who would love to buy this bike, the anal retentive “everything has to be perfect, low miles no track” types and those that are willing to forgive properly used HP2S for the sake of lower price. Unfortunately, this bike falls into neither of these categories. The market has cooled on all the R models, everything from the standard R11S, the Boxer Cup and the R12S. Rising tide floats all boats, and so it also works in the opposite direction. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own this bike but for about a $1000 or so more I can find an example that has less miles and never tracked. I think I’ll sit out on the sidelines until these soften up a bit more before making my move.

  • I own a 2010 with about 3k on it. Bought it 18 months ago with 2k on it….for 15k. Bone stock. Tiarfriar is right, prices are stagnant at best. I bought this because I main-line the kool-aid for R bikes. I can look at it all day long, and will continue to ride it, look at it, and enjoy it. I’m 52, my kid is 15. She can sell it when I’m dead and gone, or keep it for herself. The money is spent, well-spent, in my opinion. We are a small group of owners….but we know we have something special. Slipper clutch is nice, no doubt it helps on the track, and would be useful on the street.


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