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Visions of Joey: 1990 Honda RC30

If you stop through this dusty corner of the Internet often, you have by now figured out that our buds at Iconic Motorbikes pull no punches when it comes to lining up the finest wares for their museum/dealership. It’s easy to say that they deal in the best or nothing, but a cruise through their inventory will back it up. This 1990 Honda RC30 is absolutely no exception.

1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay

It is a 7,400-mile U.S.-spec example, and it’s original down to the plastic spiral around the rear brake lines. After the first owner racked up the street miles, the bike was sold to a Honda dealership, where it sat in a climate-controlled display without being ridden. That means that the bodywork, aluminum parts, plastic and rubber are all free of the aging you often see on long-dormant machines. The only giveaway is the sheen on the tires, which we would swap out if you plan to ride it.

From the eBay listing:

1990 Honda RC30 in fantastic condition & all stock! LOW MILES!
Honda RC30’s are arguably one of the most collectible and sought after sport bikes and their values continue to climb! A recent zero mile example fetched over $92,000 at auction in Las Vegas in Jan, 2018. I personally bid on the other RC30 that was at Mecum and it too fetched $44,000 and honestly, it doesn’t hold a candle to this one as I went through it with a fine tooth comb prior to bidding. Still pondering the values, there are a few on Ebay UK right now, the nice ones are very close to our asking price and if you add in shipping, crating, import fees, you’ll be at over $45K and still not know what you bought until you receive it and we all know how that can go….(I for one sure do…unfortunately)

This particular one is in fantastic shape and babied since new with only 7400 miles. It’s a US Version bike so speedo is in MPH which makes it that much more collectable (and sought after). Note the 17 digit vin as well.

The second owner of this motorbike was a Honda Dealer that just used it for display and put 0 miles on it so it stayed indoors and in a climate controlled environment.

Has a Title, original handbook, original Honda RC30 Sales Brochure, some articles, magazines and other cool tid bids calling out how special the bike was at the time. Also equipped with the OEM tool kit and a very rare RC30 paddock stand which will be included with the sale.

You’d be very hard pressed to find another example this clean and near perfect. Most are Japan imports with oxidation or have had crash repairs, etc. Not this one…Beautiful as it is and needs nothing but a new owner! You will not be disappointed!

Feel free to come see her in person at our Dealership in Marina Del Rey, CA. We’re only about 15 minutes from LAX and staff permitting, we’ll even come pick you up at the airport need be. Take a look at some of our other super rare bikes for sale at iconicmotorbikes.com as check back often as we’re adding and selling bikes every week. As it sits today, we have 6 more bikes to post including a KTM 1290, a Derbi 50, a CBR400 and a few others. We even have a Rare Harley VR1000 with zero miles up for sale.

We’d be more then happy to help with shipping. Whatever we can do to make your transaction as easy and stress free as possible.

Motorbike is for sale locally at our Dealer / Museum so auction may end early without warning.

The best part of this deal is that the bike has all its U.S. paperwork in order, and could quite easily be seen before purchase, which is so rarely the case with these bikes. If it’s up your backstraight, though, we’d hurry. There’s not much doubt the RC30 will be gone in short order.


  • Where does one get replacement tires for these with the oddball sizes? I think only a desmosedeici is worse.

  • Shinko has the correct sizes as does Avon.
    I use Avon on my 30.

  • Personally, I have a set of Marchesini’s I use and wrap up the OEM ones if I ever sold the bike. A Customer just brought one in for service but you’re right…very limited choices on stock wheels. Avon’s are good tires though.

  • Honda sent more than 300 RC30’s to the US and almost 5000 where produced over a 4 year period, there are a lot more good condition RC30s out there than people would care to admit. Far more where sold to private buyers than ever raced.

    The bikes often stay in families or get bought by friends and contacts and they don’t always get to the open market. I can see how great condition bikes can carry a premium, but the prices asked and paid for over the last year don’t jive with the bike quantities when compared to other rarer bikes of this era. I think many buyers fear one will not come up again and bid like its the last obe out there LOL.

    That being said, this is a good bike and someone will no doubt drop $40k for it.

  • What Motoman said about the tires – pull the stock wheels and run Marchesini 17s, along with the adapter for the rear shock that corrects the geometry for the 17 vs. stock 18. Or a decent shock that corrects the geometry.

    RC30 prices have definitely gone up quite a bit in the past few years and I think that’s a reflection of the overall financial markets and the age of the guys who were in their formative years when the RC was unobtanium for us who were kicking around on VFRs/ZX7s/Gixxers/Hurricanes. I remember when local dealers couldn’t sell them at $16k – I could have bought a new leftover in ’92 for $12k, but at the time all of my money (and then some) was going to Michelin and WERA entry fees… ah to be young and irresponsible again…

    When a nice RC came available an hour away from me 2 years ago (craigslist believe it or not), I snapped it up and haven’t regretted it since. Still can’t get over how small these things are – I measured the seat/bars/peg relationship compared to some of my other bikes. The RC is actually tighter than my FZR400!!! Its so tiny it definitely needs to be on a track, they are crap road bikes unless you’re the size of a jockey. But even with that said, it makes all the right noises (especially with a pipe) and has enough power to be fun. I love taking short blasts on it but it seems a waste, which is why I have a set of race bodywork, Penske shock and the Marchesinis for track days! Giddyup!!!

  • I can see this one being lot’s more pricewise. Gotta love the sound of that motor at full song.

  • RC and Billy…I’m with you 100%. I know there’s a lot out there but I was hard pressed to find one for the “right money” (two of which cancelled on me after I bought them…). Anyway, I kept thinking why the hell are they so expensive but fact is, you have to figure there were quite a few that were likely waded or parted out, even if there are 5000, considering it’s one of the most sought after bikes out there for our generation, that’s not really all that many. What surprises me more is that OW01’s haven’t followed suit. So few of them, also beautiful machines but in my opinion, they will be next! I have a few collections I’m thinking about acquiring, keep some, sell others but mostly keep trading up the collection. The funny thing is, each collection that I hear about has an RC30 and no matter how many times I hear it….I’m instantly interested! Speaking of Billy…just wrapped up a full service on the FZR I bought from you, using as a loaner bike for our shop, customers seem to really like her. She did her first movie rental last week too, it was pretty exciting stuff 🙂

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