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Unchecked – 2003 Honda RVT1000R / RC51 with only 795 Miles !


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Hard to know whether parking a barely broken in RC51 would elicit cheers or jeers, but it’s looking downright visionary 17 years later.  Today’s RVT1000R is a one-owner, carefully tended, showroom stocker in amazing shape.

2003 Honda RVT1000R / RC51 for sale on eBay

As the second round of RC51’s, the SP-2 had revised suspension and fuel injection.  133 hp were on tap at 10,000 rpm, thanks to dual fuel injectors in each 62mm throttle body.  Up front, that triangular scoop sends fresh air through ports on either side of the headstock right to the airbox.  HRC had plenty of input on the alloy chassis and rear suspension, though the new model’s wheelbase grew a bit.  Fully adjustable dampers are aboard the 43mm forks and Pro-Link monoshock.  Side-facing rads have a lot of exhaust area and there is a cooling fan behind each one.   The myriad incremental changes on the SP2 made for another Colin Edwards WSBK championship.

Though years of storage might have more effect than 795 road miles, neither are apparent from the pictures of this RC51.  Not seeing any mods save a magnetic tank protector.  Too many good pictures to bring over but they are available with the seller’s comments in the eBay auction:

Original Arizona title, with only 795 original miles.  D208 OEM tires, service just completed, new lithium battery, NGK IFR9H11 spark plugs, fuel system service ( fuel injectors sent to RC Fuel Injection for cleaning and flow testing with receipt, new fuel filter, pressure regulator ) GN4 oil and OEM filter, both OEM keys, books, toolkit, solo cowl cover and spare passenger seat, gasket for rear passenger seat.  Fantastic condition, doubt there’s a better 700 mile bike on the planet, has been stored since 2004.

The SP2 is the curator’s pick for a long-term RC51 purchase, though there was a Nicky Hayden special edition which might be more collectible.  The ask for this example is not far from double the MSRP, a good comment on the sport bike market.  Hopefully this one isn’t quite done turning the gears, and can produce a few grins before going up on the pit stand for the long term.






  • The market bubble isn’t far off. I’ll be keeping my assets liquid, sitting on the sidelines, and waiting for the big crash. $20k RC51s, $15k CR500 dirt bikes, this is insane and won’t last. Y’all people are smoking crack.

  • I looked at this bike 6 months ago when the original owner listed it locally. To those that have to have the lowest mileage RC51 it’s the holy grail. Whether it brings that $$ remains to be seen.

  • for anyone who is curious about the difference between the SP1 and SP2, here is link that gives a good overview


  • I’m in the market for an RC51 SP2 but I don’t need one with less than a thousand miles, and this asking price is well beyond rational.

  • A bit tragic, letting something like that sit for 17 years. And these current ‘market prices’ are in line for a massive correction pretty soon…..

  • 20K!?!?! That seems nuts but it’s really only 5K in 2020 money.

  • I just bought a 5000-mile 2003 SP2 in the same immaculate condition for $6k last month… Not saying there isn’t someone out there who will pay $20k for this one, but that someone won’t be very smart.

  • Buy low, sell high. If I wanted to sell some of my bikes, I would make a killing. Unfortunately, I love my bikes and have no desire to sell any of them. Definitely a correction coming soon. Best of luck if you purchase an RC51 for $20k.

  • The seller is looking for a collector with deep pockets. It is not intended for sale to someone looking to enjoy their RC51. Plenty of clean RC51 examples out there that can be had in $6-$8k range, with bikes in the upper ranges being close in appearance to the one for sale here.

  • Another clear sign of the everything bubble.When banks pay zero interest for 13 years running people gotta find another place to make some returns. The MC collector bubble is no different from the Stock and Housing bubbles.

    It will correct eventually but it could be a long time.

    I like the RC but 20K is nuts. But it’s only nuts if someone doesn’t buy it and bet this sells close to ask.

    Why would you store this bike for 17 years?

  • Yup, these sort of prices are just another off-shoot of the prevalent casino-capitalism hyper-bubble in place right now. Very dangerous territory for sane consumers.

  • Any way to see what it sold for? Or did it just remove itself from E Bay?

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