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UK Beauties: Kawasaki KR1-S, Honda Segale 900 And Spondon Yamaha 200

I got the yawns searching for interesting bikes in the U.S. today so I jumped the pond and the sellers on eBay UK did not disappoint.

We see way to few of these beauties on RSBFS.  I still consider the KR1’s, especially the “S” or ubber rare “R” the rarest of the Japanese 250’s.  This one has had a semi restoration but apparently is still wearing original bodywork with original paint.  The damn things aren’t slow either and seem to have a cult following.

I like what I don’t see;  corrosion.  The mind wanders and tries to imagine what a 1996 KR1 would have looked like.  Would it have resembled the X-09 in any way?  Scroll down halfway down the page and have some tissue handy.

Asking price is a hefty but in my humble opinion worth it at 4200 GBP.  It would dress up any Kawi collection.

Click it.

Does this thing not have a Mad Max element to it?  The Australian with no gas kind, not the Italian with plenty.  I’m asking for your comments on this one as I’d love to know more about these bikes.  As far as I can tell, they are kind of an Italian version of Harris or Spondon.  I have no idea as to what series the bikes were run in.  This seller has quite a few high end former race bikes for sale if you are looking to lighten your wallet.

Best heel guard I’ve ever seen.  RSC was the first incarnation of HRC; correct?

Simply nasty!  You might not be invited back to your local track day after letting everyone enjoy that symphony.

Asking price is 12,900 GBP and you can see more pictures here.

Lastly, this Spondon framed 200cc Yamaha caught my eye.  Apparently it was purpose built for an Irish 200cc class back in the day.  The bike has since been restored and is now looking for a new home.  The bike is officially listed by the seller as a Spondon/Fahron.  Who can fill me in on the Fahron?

I love all the different takes on frames back in the two stroke glory days.  I don’t know if it a sleeved down 250 or 125 on roids.

If you are looking to dip your toe into the vintage race bike world, this may be a modest way to test the waters.  The starting bid is 2,5000 GBP.

Check out the auction.



  • A good buddy brought a KR1 into the states a few years back. He eventualy sold it off to a collector. The bike arrived minus an engine,(came separate) in tack. Love these bikes….just another model the EPA Nazi’s were allowed to keep off our shores.

  • Picture after being sold off…..

  • Damn, those Jolly Moto’s look nice on there.

  • My friend traded his honda hawk for an street reg’d 89 KR-1 this summer it’s not a KR1S but damn close motors are almost the same. I thought the CL ad was fake at first but I have now ridden it. Going to turn it into a KR1 / KR1S hybrid of sorts. I also know what it’s like compared to my VJ22 & MC21. I think my 250 hunger will finally be satisfied once I get a VJ23 & 3MA I’m a sucker for the reverse cylinder over the 3XV’s. Especially the 3MA’s in the Guilouse colors.

  • Fahron Engineering is a well known 2 stroke tuning company in the U.K. Ron Phillips developed a water cooled kit for the Yamaha RD400.The pictures look like the same type of conversion( 1 barrel only) has been done to the Spondo/Fahron bike.

  • Shaddow,
    Thanks, I can always rely on the RSBFS readers to fill in the blanks.

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