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Two stroke restomod: 1986 Suzuki RG500

The problem with owning classic sportbikes is that even in their best shape, they perform like they would have 30 years ago, which can be a terrifying affair if you’re used to modern suspension and tires. Couple that with a take-no-prisoners 500cc two-stroke powerband, and you’re really playing with fire. This 1986 Suzuki RG500 has had those concerns addressed, with mods to allow it to run modern tires and reworked suspension and brakes.

1986 Suzuki RG500 restomod for sale on eBay

The work was done by renowned RG500 tech Rick Lance, and the seller says no stone was left unturned. The bike was taken down to the chassis and gone over from top to bottom. The forks have been rebuilt and the anti-dive bypassed, and the engine has been treated to a mild tune, including a rare set of aftermarket expansion chambers.

From the eBay listing:

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma. Full Rick Lance Gamma build “resto mod” from the frame up, in excellent condition, mods inc 17 inch wheels, GSXR brakes, Fox remote shock, upgraded forks internals, anti dive block off, plus all the usual Lance Gamma mods, filters, taps, clutch. Rare Tommy Crawford expansion chambers, motor has stock bore with mild tune, lightweight bodywork with single seat with excellent stock style paint scheme, less than one thousand miles since full build including the engine, suspension, gearbox, etc etc, as you would expect from a Rick Lance build it runs and rides perfectly, carburation is spot on pulling cleanly from idle to the red line.

Hard to find these now especially in this condition with everything being practically new, gets lots of attention where ever it goes, sounds amazing, from an era when GP bikes were 2 strokes and four cylinders there will never be anything like it again, own a piece of history!

Clean GA title in my name, located in North Georgia USA Can assist with shipping

The price is an eye-watering $26,500, which is staggering even as the price of nice stockers is climbing. That said, if a modern-style two-stroke superbike is your thing, we doubt you could build your own for cheaper.


  • All the right stuff! Rick Lance is the man for these bikes. A very nice build that updates a great platform and makes it practical to ride with more modern bikes today. If you’ve never ridden a two-stroke on the pipe, it’s a treat not to be missed! Make it 500cc four, and it rises to a whole new level. Seems a lot of money at first glance, but I’d be surprised if you could build one this nice for the asking price. Someone will be very happy this spring/summer!
    Chuck S..

  • This little looks like a very nice RG500. Rick Lance knows the mods to make these great bikes a pleasure to ride and own. I agree with the moderator, it would be hard to build this bike for $25k. There will be day when you reflect : remember when you could get a Built Lance RG500 for only $25k. Don’t believe me, look at the rc30 market.

  • Considering that fake RG sold for over 18K at mecum, this seems like a fair deal. I say fake because they announced in bidding it was actually a 400 with 500 graphics (late discovery). Sorry to break the news but the bikes of our time have hit a new base price and it’s north of $20k! 400’s are next as 250 2 strokes are already there.

  • So was the gear box upgraded all it says is rebuilt I would want to know. Since it’s modded and the stock transmission is a weak point barely enough for a stock engine.

  • I think it’s a bit too pricey! But if I had the $ I wouId buy it. The best thing about this bike is all you have to do is ride it-all the work has already been done.

  • Good note on the gearbox. The ad says it had a “full build” and Lance typically uses the gear sets from England (forgot the name of those folks). Worth asking the owner to look at receipts on that one.

  • Have any of you ever owned or ridden a Gamma?
    I have.
    Have you ever experienced a transmission failure with your Rg?
    I had 4 failures running tuned bikes averaging 1 failure every 40,000 miles over a 160,000 period spread out over several bikes in my possession. In the last 30 years, this fine example has been ridden 11k miles. How much do you think it will be ridden in the future? Worrying about transmission Gremlins is a poor excuse for not experiencing all a well developed Gamma such as this one has to offer.

  • I’m sorry I don’t know if this was explained, but how does it have a 17 digit vin?

  • Rick,
    I do own a Gamma that has one of your engines it (built quite a few years ago and still running strong!). Spectacular! The previous owner’s receipts say it has a Nova gear set in it. He told me he had issues with the stock one before he sent the engine to you for your magic. Just one person’s experience. I wasn’t suggesting that someone shouldn’t buy the bike without the Nova upgrade, only, that for $25K, one should know what they’re getting, and it should be the best of everything. My Gamma has many similar upgrades to this bike and it is a joy to ride. It is tractable and practical for the street but still brings back great memories of the TZ Yamahas I rode in AMA racing back in the early-mid 70’s when it comes on “the pipe”. Thanks for building such sweet machines!
    Chuck S.

  • It has a 17 digit VIN because it was originally imported and sold by Suzuki Canada as a Canadian spec bike.

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