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Two Picture Tuesday: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Here is a beloved model smoker that was actually available to riders in all 50 States – for a brief period of time. The last of the true factory two strokes, the Yamaha RZ was 350 cubic centimeters of power-valved, parallel-twin goodness. Competing against the contemporary likes of the GPz550, GS550E and FJ600, the little RZ held its own as it buzzed its way into the hearts and minds of American youth. Today these 35 year old motorcycles are collector items, and highly sought after. Prices have been holding strong – if not climbing slowly – and time, butchers and accidents make the dwindling supply even more scarce. This advert has a fair amount of text but only two scant pics of this red/white beauty:

1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1984 Yamaha RZ 350
14,780 miles
Single seat rear cowl
Rear shock replaced
New Bridgestones

Spec 2 Research & Engineering work –
Stage 1 Porting
Cylinder Bored and Honed Oversized (estimating almost 400cc now)
Open Chambers 1.5 over
Open Head Gasket for 1.5 over
Kick starter seal replaced with Yamaha OEM seal
Setup Auto-lube oil pump
Installed new 45,000 volt ignition coil
Precision machined Lighten Flywheel
Rebuild YPVS Power Valve to SPEC II tolerances, new seals and o-rings
Dynojet Research Re-jetting carburetor richer and new needles
Professionally tuned carburetor induction system
Top end kit H, R, B Water inlet
New OEM Stock Reed Manifolds with High performance Fiberglass Reeds and Cages
All fluids changed including brake master cylinders
Installed new small end rod precision needle bearing
New battery
New Kick starter Lever
New Exhaust Gaskets
New Spark Plug Caps and Spark Plugs
K&N Air filter with “Two in One
Canadian Expansion Chambers – mellow tone compared to Spec Il pipes, but very volumetrically efficient

This US-based chainsaw shows nearly 15,000 miles on the odometer, and has been the recipient of numerous modifications and maintenance. There does appear to be some rash on the right side can, but hard to tell if that was a parking issue or a serious off. Back in 1984 the RZ350 was good for about 40-ish HP and retailed for $2,399. Today, this hot-rodded RZ is good for significantly more HP, and the price hike is nearly commensurate: the Buy It Now price is $8,000, or best offer. This is, unfortunately, pretty much in line with pricing for these models lately. We have seen higher dollar amounts for more original / lower mileage examples, but as a whole these models are getting harder to find and more expensive when you do. Check it out here. Serious tire kickers will want to request additional photos and details (or better yet, see it in person). Good Luck!!



  • $8000 and only 2 photos. It’s difficult to take that seriously. More questions than answers. The seller has a feedback rating of 1 and no sales feedback.

    As the seller notes, the pipes are Canadian spec 1986-1990. My work with them shows they will provide the same benefit as DG pipes, but at a huge weigh penalty. When I’ve tuned modified and stock RZ350 engines with stock Cdn 1986-90 pipes and DG pipes they both required the exact same jetting.

    The wise move would be to toss the boat anchor stock Canadian pipes and at the very least use a set of Jim Lomas pipes. If your budget allows, perhaps a set of Jolly Moto pipes. My experience with this engine and these pipes shows the Jolly Moto pipes require 30 more on the main jet than the Jim Lomas pipes. There is a reason for that, and it is worth the extra money.

  • Yamaha used this engine in its banshee ATV long after this model was discontinued. Does a 1990s banshee have owner and refinements that could be applied to an RZ?

    Never owned a smoker so curious. Seems like even a bike this old might still have a parts supply fortheimportant bits via the banshee.

  • Not owner… meant “power and refinements”

  • The Banshee engine is “based” on the RZ350 engine, but is very different. Different cylinders with no YPVS, different porting, different transmission gearing, etc. You would never put a Banshee engine in an RZ350 frame. Many do put the RZ350 motor in the Banshees frame.

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