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Titled and Derestricted 1994 RGV250 (VJ22) In OR

 Titled and Derestricted 1994 RGV250 (VJ22) In OR

It looks like someone was a fan of Kenny Roberts Jr.  Remember when Suzuki actually had a competitive GP bike?  Yeah, it has been a while.  It looks like the owner of this RGV has done the majority of the work for you on this one.  It is titled and derestricted,  the two biggest issues RGV owners have to deal with.  Don’t panic about the Aprilia carbs and CDI.  Suzuki actually supplied RGV250 engines for the Aprilia RS250 so everything engine wise is interchangeable.  The bike also has a banana swing arm on it.  These means that either this is actually a 1991 or they have made the swap from the braced arm of the 94 to the popular banana arm of the 91.  It is also sporting an upgraded exhaust system which is nice if you are on a budget.  The stock ones are practically anchors.

Details from the ad:

I have for sale a 1994 RGV250 vj22. the bike is in great condition and is titled and registered in OR.
LIst of things done to bike
-TYGA expansion pipes
-Aprilia RS250 34mm carbs
-Aprilia cdi(23d70)
_serviced powervalves
-movistar /telefonica race paint scheme
-new brake fliud reservoir
– all new fluids
– always run on 40/1 castrol tts with premium gas
-new brake fluid front and rear

The asking price?  $4000.  All in all I don’t think that is too bad of a price considering what you are getting (title, derestricted). Of course we don’t know the mileage and pictures never tell the true story of the condition of a bike.  If upon personal inspection or better photos I think this one could be a keeper.  Warm up the leg you use for kick starting, no electric starting here. Check it out here.


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