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Sport Bikes For Sale posted by

Titled and Beautiful ’92 TZR 250 RS


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Location: San Juan Capistrano, California

Mileage: 9,600

Price: Auction

Update 5.17.2012: The new owner that purchased this bike when we first listed it in March has let us know that it is back on the market. He states that he’s chasing a new piece and is selling this one to make room. See it on San Diego Craigslist for $9500.

Wow. This is one good looking bike. Sure, the TZR250 is a killer ride out of the gate. Everyone who follows RSBFS knows how special the two stroke 250 is. Power to weight is the key here. You get a package that is going to handle like a dream with the kind of power that will keep up with many. Plus, it is just a beautiful bike.

Here’s the seller’s details-

1992 Yamaha TZR 250 RS Racing Sport 3XV8 Dry Clutch California Rare

This TZR 250 3XV8 Racing Sport is a very rare bike with factory dry clutch and I would guess there are probably only two or three here in the US and this is the only one that I know of here in California with a California title and plate. And yes this bike was grandfathered in and is registered to its 9 digit vin so its very rare. 

This bike still has all the original 3XV farinings complete, original windscreen, stock pipes and silencers etc. Mechanically I have over $3200 in parts receipts from Red Line CI and TSR worldwide, as new. The entire motor has been gone through within the last 2000 miles all factory OEM Yamaha parts, new crankshaft, pistons, rings, bearings, seals, clutch, clutch basket, friction plates, springs, etc. The Bridegstone BT016s only have limited mileage on them and bike has been fully services only running Motul 710 since. The fuel lines and carbs (bowl gaskets etc) have been services and the bike retains its original 3XV battery, most of these get the battery tossed in the truck, it goes under the seat. The bike starts easily and is built by, in my opinion, the best two stroke builder of all time; Yamaha. 

The 3XVs are the closest of he two strokes to a true GP bike derived and very close to a TZ but manageable for the street. The feel, braking, feedback, is on par with the best of the best. The handling is superb, but its really the feel on the road that separates them, bar none. I have owned a few two strokes and these are quite special and definitely the most fun to ride of the 90’s era bikes. This bike will come up in first for sure and with a nudge in second. I had an R and it was nowhere as quick. This bike is for sale locally so the auction can end anytime. 

I can go on and on about it but the pics, condition, maintenance history, and title should be enough ……. if you are fortunate enough to be able to own one of these, I would highly recommend a 3XV. 3XVs are quite rare of all the two strokes but the RS was limited to 1000 units and has the factory dry clutch which is also new ($1000), adjustable rear suspension, etc. Clear California title and current registration in hand, sold As is. Enjoy the ride……

And some more pics (with many more in the auction)-

Based on the information from the seller, this bike is clean, original and well maintained. The seller details all of the maintenance work recently done to the bike and it sounds extensive. The photos certainly show a very clean machine with no real visible flaws. The bike is titled, which is a bonus.

This is a cool bike and we’ll see where the seller put the reserve on the auction. Something tells me this thing ain’t gonna be cheap. But titled two strokes in this kind of shape rarely are. However, if you have the means, then I am jealous, and you should take a look at this auction.



  • Stunning bike, great shape. The TZR’s tend to fetch a bit less than NSR’s do, not too sure why. I wonder what the reserve is? It’s under 5 bills right now!

  • No reason a NSR should fetch more then a TZR performance wise the TZR is right there and just as trick. To bad it’s an RS not an SP the RS is yammie’s version of an SE. I also think the seller is correct NSR n RGV’s are fav more common over here then TZR’s espeically the v-twin models but there’s more then just two or three!! I know of at least two in my area that are street reg’d.

  • At these prices buyer beware and aware. Sellers will ALWAYS exaggerate rarity to close the sale.

    Always. 😉

  • I have one of these (albeit a lowly R model), and it is truly a lovely bike to ride; poised, stable and effortless. They’re also a lot less peaky than an RGV, RS or KR.

    You pay for this in a lower peak HP number; upper 40s for a decent stocker. A set of aftermarket pipes and a rejet will land you low to mid 50s. Porting to SP specs (not sure if the RS has these barrels or not) will get you to low 60s, and programable ignition will net a few more. Personally, I wouldn’t sacrifice the lovely midrange, although the stock chambers are quite heavy.

    Worth bearing in mind that trick as the dry clutch is, it has a reputation for being grabby and a bit fragile. Combined with the close-ratio ‘box (which the SP had, and I think the RS may too) and its silly-tall first gear, it’ll fry plates for fun.

    Wish mine was as smart as this one.

  • Mine Mine Mine $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Luv it

  • I was lucky to purchase this bike from the ebay auction. I am waiting to take delivery some time next weekend. I cant wait to feel 18 years old again. I hope that everyone in this blog who wants one will get one supersoon!!! I cant wait to enjoy the ring-ting-ting of it!!

  • John how do you like it? How was the condition?

  • The seller took unbelievable care of the bike. My friend saw it and said it looked like it was purchased a month ago. Everything on the bike was original including the Japanese stickers from 20 years ago. The seller took me to his mechanic and went over the whole bike. Pristine and after riding it I can say it felt as strong as a brand new bike would. The gearbox is perfect for street use. The bike wants to go fast and it has a phenomenally strong mid range. First gear you go slow and from second on you just ride it hard. The harder you go the more the bike seems to smooth out. I come from riding Honda cr250 MX and the bike wants to be ridden like those bikes, meaning gear, up the rpm and change gear and up the rpm and change gear again and just shift and go all the time. It is a VERY rewarding ride that involves all senses. I touch the bike and it feels like quality all over, I smell the two stroke, I hear the sound of the exhaust and the engine, I ride it and I forget all my problems. We all need one bike like this in the garage. The seller was very professional. He only sold the bike because he got a 95 TZR 250 SPR (special version of this bike, more GP oriented). He even towed it on his truck to my place to help me out. Great person. I guess such great people are still around!Thank you Tim for selling this bike and thank Yamaha for making it and the guys of this website for making us all happy sharing our experiences.

  • Where are you located with this TZR? I have a rare black 91 R modle here in Vista,Ca (San Diego) that I ride. Looking to start putting miles on it because it has been sitting for 3 years while I have been constantly deployed.

  • Nice score John. Make sure you visit (and join) the rest of us TZR owners at http://forums.mytzr.com/ It’s a great forum with very knowledgable members from all over the world where the TZR’s were sold..unlike here in the US.

  • Hi Rob, I am also in San Diego. Yeah we should ride some time. Just email me some time that you wanna meet and go running around with the smokers. Also, for all TZR owners thank you for the welcome. I will see you at the TZR forum.

  • ola tengo una tzr 250 3xv qieres comprar…

  • If interested in purchasing this TZR I have it for sale in the San Diego craigslist. Just punch in “Yamaha tzr”. I am explaining why in my ad. Let me know.

  • Didnt this sell for $7500 when it was orignally posted in san juan capsatrono? So a few months later it goes up $2k? Y? I know its a spectacular ltd edition but damn

  • Tim,
    I am the owner of this bike.I think you have the wrong TZR. If you punch in the information as “1992 Yamaha TZR RS” you will find it on ebay where it was auctioned by the previous owner. I purchased that bike for 10,000. The TZR you saw for 7500 is some other motorcycle. Hence, I am actually selling for less plus including a genuine yamaha cover plus had the mechanic lube everything and change fluids and all on the bike upon delivery. For whoever is interested this is one clean bike that does not disappoint.

  • I’ve got a ’92 TZR and some other grey bikes (2 and 4 strokes) and I’m in Vista as well. We should definitely try to hook up. How do we get a hold of each other without posting our emails here?

  • http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mcy/3671788972.html

    For Sale Again. It shows the same exact pics in this ad. Only Difference is in the original ad in May 2012 he wanted $9,500 and now he wants $12,500?????? It appreceiated $3,000 in just 10 months? That’s way better than throwing your money into the Stock Market. LOL The other difference is no Mileage listed

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