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Three-Tone – 2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika

BMW developed and supported the Boxer Cup series in the 2000’s to showcase their R1100S, and had a special edition Boxer Cup Replika available toward the end of the run.  Special livery, suspension and components set the editions of 300 apart from the normal -S.  This Jersey native is spotless with low miles for a Beemer.

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika for sale on eBay

Using BMW’s well-known 1085cc twin, the R1100S has 98 hp available, with Bosch fuel injection and dual catalysts keeping everything legal.  The “Cup” used extended fork tubes and shortened Paralever torque arm to provide additional lean angle for the track.  Laser provided the dual underseat exhausts, and other Replika parts included a slightly lower 6th gear, 5-1/2 inch rear wheel, carbon head covers, and pillion seat cover in body color.


This BCR looks very nice indeed, without even the usual right boot scratches on the seat cover.  Not sure about the whereabouts of the lower fairing, or as BMW likes to call it, the engine spoiler, maybe home in a box.  Nothing in the way of upgrades or options seen or claimed, in the eBay auction:

2005 BMW R1100S Replica of the Boxer Cup BMW racing bike
Only 1 of 200 built in perfect condition
11,000 Miles
No Reserve


Time didn’t stand still for the R1100S and it was soon eclipsed by the R1200S, HP2, and of course the S1000RR and its special editions.  But it was a re-introduction of the -S for BMW, powerful and neutral handling if not light weight.  The Cup ran from 2001-04, sometimes in support of the GP or Daytona, and sometimes an endurance race of its own, and has been re-incarnated this year on the R nine T.  At least on a more technical circuit, the original BCR would likely dance away from the newer machine…




  • These are great looking bikes & though i’d rather have an HP2 i’d make do with this one without too much whinging.

  • The missing belly-pan, or engine-spoiler is a multi-thousand dollar carbon fiber piece from BMW NA, IF you can still get one.

  • Maybe he has it, there is a picture with it. When I had my 03 Replika I ran without it on for stated cost reason.

  • Sort of an “Eeeek! A mouse!” Ride height look from that side profile.

  • Looks ready for off road duty with that stance!

  • “No reserve”

    $5000 “Reserve not met”

    Which is it…..

  • The CF belly pan is so expensive to replace that I can’t bring myself to cut mine down (the stock footpegs ride a little high for sport touring and I’d need to cut the pan down to put on i.e. Suburban Machinery pegs). Not having the belly pan on there diminishes the bike’s appearance IMHO.

    I’m not sure about whether this BCR actually has the Laser Exhaust, I can see the catalytic converter on there, something the full Laser systems didn’t come with (only the BMW exhaust, which was more restrictive and heavier, came with the cat). I’m not 100% sure Laser didn’t just make slip-ons to replace the BMW muffler-piece, though.

  • 2005 BCRs came with Laser exhaust standard. This one has it, fully chromed cans as opposed to non Laser with baffles. Can’t see the ABS ring on the front wheel and the rear end wheel sensor position on the final drive indicates it to be a non-ABS model. Also appears to be missing is a heated grips switch, so it may be the BCR Race Prep. OE belly pans are not cheap, but can be found used in the $300-$500 range. There is also a company making aftermarket body kits, in case you don’t want to modify your original one or as a complete replacement. These are not sport bikes, rather sport touring bikes. Weight is close to 500lbs with 98 hp, no drag racing glory here. However, very stable and the 3/4 riding position is still not too bad on the back.

    2005 was the last year and most colorful of the 3 years the BCR was offered. Definitely a polarizing color combo but the least of my favorite. $10k price is ridiculous as is the description. A lot more needs to be disclosed here if the seller hopes to get anything significantly higher than the opening bid.

    If anyone is looking for a BCR, I have a 2004 BCR Race Prep with one third the miles, full service history and a full Remus exhaust for less than the asking price here…just sayin’

  • Hey Tirefrair, just a few days ago I had someone come in asking if I had a line on a BCR. If your serious, shoot me an email at Iconicmotorbikes.com. He’s definitely a solid buyer and looking for something local so maybe our transport guys can bring it back as they head back out to the east coast next week for a round trip.

  • Motorman, email sent via Iconic website. Regards.

  • Hey George! HAHAHA…Too funny, I didn’t know it was you with all these online aliases. This is Adam from Iconic Motorbikes. When I had my shop MotoExtreme Performance I was a big TLR and Ducati shop and somehow the motoman name stuck. Anyway man, call me sometime. You know my number. Tad’s here now too. Come down this weekend!

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