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They Don’t Have To Be Old: 2012 Erik Buell Racing 1190RS Carbon Edition

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Yeah, I drove into the ultra plush RSBFS offices in my Suzuki Samurai listening to New Order but that doesn’t mean we are stuck in the late 80’s/early 90’s here at RSBFS.  This 2012 American made beauty is one of 100 ERB 1190RS’s and only a few of those were done as Carbon Editions.  The Carbon Edition is a $4000 upgrade over the standards $39,999 price tag.  For that price tag you are getting a bike, once race tuned, that was a regular top five finisher in AMA racing (well, there is that part of actually having someone skilled enough to twist the throttle too).

rs right

Can someone explain why I don’t hear about Erik Buell in the non-motorcycle media?  Why is his story not on CNBC or featured on Money.com?  He definitely got the ass end of the American dream working with Harley Davidson.  The good news is it looks like has come out the other side in good shape and building for the future and maybe his best motorcycle to date.

If you’d like specs, info and  colors click right here for the EBR website.

Enjoy some American motorcycle porn.

rs left low

rs cockpit

rs rear

rs seatThat says race bike and sore butt.

rs muffler

Somebody at EBR remembers two strokes.  This is all ditched on the race bikes.

rs brake

I guess with only one disc you better keep it cool.

rs right rear

We all know carbon isn’t cheap; the asking price is $44,995 which is basically MSRP.

You can see the listing on eBay right here.



  • WOW !!! Haven’t seen alot of new stuff from Buell lately . That is a treat on the eyes . Those wheels , especially the rear is remeniscent of Honda Comstars from VF1000Rs and the like . Mmmmm wonder if he’d do up a set for a Honda ?? Just a thought….. 🙂

  • Beautiful bike from an inspiring maker! Afraid that it’ll be a tough sell in this market, though.

  • …Sorry, but that seat (foam) is a joke. It’s so flimsy, cheap, and not up to the level of the rest of the machine. Why couldn’t they have fabricated a real seat for the price?

  • […] good friend and co-worker Ian may not be stuck in the 1980s, I am happy to languish in that era for as long as magnificent two strokes such as this RZ500 are […]

  • Respect to Erik Buell- that is a seriously relevant piece of equipment compared to his H.D. tainted tractors. The seat- I get it, it’s a race bike, albeit a street legal version. Besides, lets get real, a rare soul indeed drops 40 large on a motorbike like this and actually spends a significant amount of time in the saddle on the open road. Great post, I was unaware that they offered the carbon edition, and at only a $4k upcharge?! It would cost that much to convert nearly any sportbike to full carbon if you source and install all the bodywork. The Aprilia RSV1000R Nera edition cost $40k nearly a decade ago, based on a sub- $20k bike. I digress- interesting post, looking forward to good things from EBR..

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