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The Racier RS250: 1998 Honda RS250

The Racier RS:  1998 Honda RS250

While most of us our quite content to motivate around a track on an Aprilia RS250 there is a much racier RS out there for the adventurous.  Without connections to the factory:  this (or a TZ250)  is about as close to a GP250 ride as you are going to find.  While TZ250’s are fairly common you don’t see a Honda RS250 for sale all that often.  This one is being offered for $7,500 or best offer.



How can technology from 1998 look like it should be kicking ass this year?  It will be painful to call these vintage bikes.  I know it is an injustice to the bike but I could put it on a stand and admire it everyday.


I  don’t know enough about the RS’s to know how much here is standard or what is kitted up.

Lets let the seller explain:

1998 Honda RS 250 GP bike. I purchased this bike three years ago or so and have yet to do anything with it so I am looking to sell it. I have installed new Dunlop slicks on it, podwer coated the wheels gold, new factory Honda clutch, replaced throttle cable, clutch cable, radiator hoses, radiator cap, and brake hoses. The bike has an Ohlins rear shock and steering dampner, modded carbs by Ian E, aftermarket pipes w/carbon fiber silencers along with some mild port work. The bike is ready to race! I have a few spares including another new clutch (Barnet), two pistons, and some rear geraing.  I will drain all fluids crate it and have it ready for your courier to pick up.This is a race bike,there is not a title.



A nice sealed air box to gulp lots of cool, clean air.  I bet with some searching you can find some leftover HRC goodies for her.



You can find the bike on Ebay here.






  • As a track-focused rider, I cannot say how much I want one of these. A personal goal for my collection is to one day own a machine that was designed from the ground up as a race-only model.

    That said, I have several misgivings about owning one of these – likely others do as well, which is I’m sure this hasn’t sold yet (relisted from last week at the same favorable price).

    One problem is the lack of opportunities to race in its class. I know the USGPRU still runs these, but their track outings are few and far between. If they don’t keep regular attendance (these machines are rare to begin with), it is hard to say how long they’ll continue to run, and as with any oddly-classed machine, the competition may be thin.

    Further, I recall hearing that HRC discontinued new parts support for these – which could be a real problem as the entire engine expects a pretty rapid service interval (bottom end rebuild every ~2000km, or something). Can anyone with some experience with this bike comment on the current parts availability for these? If I were to get one as a useable collectable (handful of race meets a year), would I be able to keep it going for years to come? Will the costs exponentially skyrocket in the future?

    In spite of all that, I’m right there with you Ian, worst case is it would become a living room sculpture, and the price almost makes it worth it for that.

  • I know that there are several aftermarket vendors that make replacement parts for the RS. Pistons, cranks etc.
    I actually believe there are more suppliers for the RS than the TZ. The RS was more popular than the TZ in other parts of the world.
    I have a TZ250, and yes there is more work to be done than on a typicall 4 stroke, however the pleasure outweighs the work. Since these are purpose built machines, they are extremely easy to work on. You could even replace the crank with the engine still in the frame! Top end can be done in 1hour.
    !500 kms for crank, 500 kms for pistons, 250 kms for rings. These are factory numbers and others have been known to strech it.I know of a fellow who with care, gets 1000kms out of his pistons!
    Spares kit is a bit light.

    The bike is truely a piece of art, but on the track it is a piece of magic


  • Wardlaw, can you point me towards any aftermarket suppliers for the rs250?

  • Saw one on CL a couple weeks ago in the sf bay area for under 5k. I’ve actually been searching for parts for this bike almost everyday for the past few months, so I have an idea of what’s available on Yahoo Japan. Spares aren’t that easy to get.

    BTW if anyone has a rear hub assembly from one of these, please let me know. I’ll pay good money!

  • Hey you tried contacting TSR world wide ? They are outta the NL’s and they specialize in two strokes. I use home dawg for when i need parts for my RGV / NSR and have gotten TZR stuff from him. A few weeks ago I got from him a new set of reedblock / carb holder rubbers for this kawie KR1 250. Good service too!
    stay away from accu products SLOW is what they are I won’t use then again!

  • For parts, try RMD motors in Japan, VHM in the NL, Ian E Racing.

  • http://www.redline-ci.com here in San Diego. He can get you all the parts you need.

  • thanks for the tips on parts guys!

  • Double thanks! They have the parts I’ve been hunting for.

  • i am interested a honda rs 250 gp 1998 located in Texas,i would have more informatins!
    best regard Zerbini Fabio

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