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Talk Like a Pirate – Arrrr! 2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7RR


When it comes to Ninjas, the Double R model of the ZX-7 is the one that is closest to the racing variety. Like its homologation brethren (think RC30, RC45, OW01, OW02), the ZX-RR was an up-rated ZX-7 meant to end up in the hands of racers. Weight was reduced by some six and a half pounds. Carb duties are handled by a brace of four Keihin flat-slides; Kawasaki homologated both 41mm and 39mm carbs (neither which work particularly well on the street). Steering angle is adjustable (25mm to 24mm, with a commensurate -5mm change in trail), crank cases were beefed up and flywheel weight was increased to improve tractability. The close-ratio six-speed gearbox is geared slightly taller than ordinary ZX-7 models. These are reasonably rare machines, and certainly not fabricated “Limited Edition” bikes ala Ducati. This particular example is available in Auckland, New Zealand win a BIN of $15k.


2001 Kawasaki ZX-7RR for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Don’t confuse this with the regular ZX-7R road model, as it is the “full fat” competition version. The ZX-7RR was produced from 1996 to 2003 and was raced, with some success, gaining 12 AMA championship victories. Kawasaki’s team riders were Eric Bostrom, Doug Chandler and Scott Russell.

The front suspension found on the ZX-7RR comprises a fully adjustable 43mm inverted cartridge fork. Front brakes are 320mm semi-floating front discs and Nissin six-piston calipers. Rear brakes feature a 230mm disc with a twin-piston opposed caliper.

The ZX-7RR differs from the ZX-7R road model with an adjustable head-stock angle, swing arm pivot, additional increased adjustability to the front and rear suspension, a solo cowl with a slightly different subframe, and 41mm flat-slide carbs. It also has a close ratio gear-box fitted as standard.

These machines don’t come up for sale very often, we have’nt seen one in this condition for several years and therefore they are highly sought after. This rare example JKAZX750NNA001281 has travelled just 4,900 km or 3,100 miles from new and is in near showroom condition, inspecting it we doubt it has ever been out in the rain.




  • Purpose-built bonkers bike.

  • Green machine..mean machine

    as I recall from reviews, a pain in the ass to ride on the street but stupendous on the track

  • I agree, had one and not so great on the street. Super planted steering but feels really heavy compared to new bikes. 15K seems a bit high but who am I to talk considering I just keep buying bikes for my collection…love them all too much!

  • This bike was only produced in ’96 (N1) and ’97 (N2). Odd that it is supposed to be an ’01. Anyone interested in buying this needs to find out why the model year is incorrect. Administrative anomaly, problem or frame replacement?

  • Ray: this ZX7RR with VIN 1281 is N1 model, so manufactured in 96. 2001 is only year when it was registrated and got licence plate.

    These Kawis (K,M,N) are very rare and I´m sure their value will increase rapidly in future.

  • Of course it’s on the exact opposite side of the planet from me.

  • Oh, and BTW… the eBay link is broken.

  • Hey Aaron – great catch. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to the auction, but the text link was indeed broken. Link updated. Thanks!


  • Dear Ray, VIN JKAZX750NNA is japanese ZX7RR, and I´m really sure it is 96. Your VIN JKAZXDN18tA is only for US and Canada. You can believe me……..

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