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Takin’ it to the Streets – 2006 Ducati PS1000LE

Ducati’s SportClassic collection continues to hit it out of the park even 14 years on.  Here’s a Paul Smart Limited Edition with just over 10,000 miles and it’s never been washed.*

2006 Ducati PS1000LE Limited Edition

Despite its air-cooled retro looks, the SportClassic used Ducati’s latest dual-spark fuel injected 992, with 92 hp at the crank.  The classic trellis frame is finished in teal metallic, to recall Paul Smart’s 1974 racer.  Thoroughly modern Öhlins forks and monoshock are aboard, along with a steering damper.  One can only imagine how late the braking could have been at Imola with the commemorative’s 320mm Brembo stoppers.  The standard fairing for the PS1000LE was a supersport upper-only, asking extra $$$ for the number 16 lowers.

This Long Island native has well under 1,000 miles per year, and pretty much defines immaculate.  Mods appear limited to a tail-ectomy, nice Terminoni megaphones, and EVR clutch and cover.  The owner asks us to suspend disbelief that something this clean has never been washed, in the eBay auction:

For sale is a clean titled, 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition. 
The bike has 10,487 miles, has been well cared for and always garaged. 
The bike has been hand cleaned after every ride using waterless methods of cleaning. 
All stock parts that were removed will be included with the sale of the motorcycle. 
I have all keys, key code card, manuals, and original tool kit. 

The Paul Smart edition was limited to 2,000 copies, and though many haven’t been ridden much, their value keeps them visible in the market.  Interest in the SportClassics waned after the initial few years, and though the tooling was retired after 2010, there’s room for at least one in any Ducati fan’s heart if not garage.  The PS1000LE is all about fun, not being well suited for commuting or touring.  This example appears to have been carefully used and ready for more pure sport riding.



  • A truly beautiful motorcycle. I give every credit to a person who could put 10,000 miles on it. I am 5’11”, 165 lbs, and run a Yamaha TZ250 at the track. The riding position on the Paul Smart for me was crippling, and it could not be changed without cutting the fairing.
    The ‘English jockey’ position it used to be called when I was much younger. The one I wanted to purchase had the factory lowers on, and it looked like Brigitte Bardot; other-worldly sexy. (French actress in 1960’s for those of you who are much younger than me))

  • Agree with Slider52 on riding position. I picked up an even more rare 1000s on eBay earlier this year for a fraction of what this bike will sell. It was beautiful to look at and own, however any ride over 15 minutes turned into a test of endurance.

  • Riding position is okay/not too bad as long as you’re moving -with some wind propping you up. The weird part for me is that when you turn your neck to look behind you, with 2hands in the bars, Because you are so bent over, your back is almost horizontal, you find you’re looking upwards at the sky, and not at the adjacent lane/behind you!

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