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Yamaha July 25, 2019 posted by

Purity of Purpose: 1998 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

Laypeople often love cars and motorcycles with gratuitous stylistic frippery: air vents leading to nowhere, extraneous “engine beautification” panels to cover up the oily bits and wiring, unnecessary surface details to break up large panels. They don’t really understand the function of all those parts, or aerodynamic styling, so if it looks right, it is right. Purists also appreciate design, but often feel that good looks are a direct result of function, that that beauty is the natural result of effective engineering. Failing that, at least functional design has an aesthetic appeal all its own. Simplicity and lightness are especially important for racers, and sometimes the shapes that result look odd until you understand why they developed the way they did. In other cases, a pursuit of purity of purpose results in shape that just looks so right, like this Yamaha TZ250.

The TZ250 wasn’t simply a TZR250 with race plastics and the lights removed. It was  a pure racing machine, something privateers could buy directly from Yamaha and use to compete in Grand Prix racing. Everything on the bike is designed to help the bike make power, cheat the wind, or simplify servicing. Every component is as light as possible, and these featherweight machines are the model of elegant simplicity. Early versions were powered by a parallel-twin engine, but Yamaha switched to a v-twin in 1991, a liquid-cooled unit was basically one-half of the YZR500’s V4 and included a counterbalancer that made the engine much smoother, backed by a cassette gearbox for fast gearing changes trackside to maximize the bike’s narrow powerband.

The package was updated significantly in 1992, with subsequent changes amounting to a gradual evolution, refining and tweaking the package. The engine was updated in 1997 to allow the bike to run on unleaded fuel, as required by FIM regulations, while the 1998 version seen here introduced a sealed airbox with ram-air and oval-slide carburetors, along with revised bodywork that included the famous tapered tail.

From the original eBay listing: 1998 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

I have a very, very nice 1998 Yamaha TZ250 4TW available. I purchased this bike in 2015 from a Southern California racer. It had been raced recently. I have done absolutely nothing to the bike, so it is still in as-raced condition. Overall its in excellent shape. The tank is flawless save for a very small dimple (about 1/8″ across). The bodywork is very good, but has a few imperfections here and there such as chips and scuffs. Normal racetrack wear. It has been stored in a heated storage facility with very low humidity here in Montana.

It has 190 miles on the top end and MCE racing crank. 2003 bodywork and airbox conversion. Includes PitBull rear stand, but no spares.

You can send your shipper here to my home in Red Lodge, Montana or I can deliver to one of several freight forwarders in Billings, Montana for attachment to a pallet.

The $14,500 Buy It Now the seller is asking for this TZ250 is a pretty good price, from what I’ve seen. It unfortunately doesn’t include any spares, which presents a headache if you’d like to use it regularly for race or trackday riding. You’ll obviously want to go through it thoroughly before using it, as it has been sitting for a couple years, but these are designed to be easily torn down and rebuilt, with crankshaft removal possible with the engine still in the frame and gearing changes to the cassette box taking only a half hour or so. Many TZs are being actively raced in AHRMA and other series, so I believe obtaining parts to keep them running isn’t prohibitively expensive, but these are a dying breed and represent the end of an era.


Sport Bikes For Sale August 5, 2013 posted by

Replica, Shmechlica: 1992 Harris Yamaha YZR500

God only knows how many hours have been spent by RZ500 owners around the world trying to turn their rides into an all conquering YZR500.  Looks wise, some have come pretty close.  Mechanically, well YZR unobtanium isn’t usually found on Ebay.  Apparently this time it is.  A mere 75,000 GBP can make you the owner of a 1992 Harris/Yamaha YZR500.  It is about as close to works YZR500 you can get without breaking into Wayne Raineys living room.  If you are scratching your head, these were the grid fillers of the early 90’s.  Harris and ROC were provided YZR500 engines to stick in frames of their own designs.  Harris 500’s were produced in much smaller numbers than the ROC versions.


Tell me the story:



harris close

Where is my naked YZR500 porn?  I hate having to use my imagination. 

harris muffler

 No smoother big bang engine here my friends.  It should be more than enough to wad yourself up by the third turn.


harris rear wheel

 More the work Harris did.


harris rear 2

The audio is provided by Yamaha.  I’m sure the customer engines didn’t get 100% of the factory tricks.  It sure would be interesting to pull apart though.

harris left

Check it out on Ebay U.K.



Replica, Shmechlica:  1992 Harris Yamaha YZR500
Aprilia July 19, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: June 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged a record 60 bikes in June and readers purchased 14 bikes in total.

Lowest sale price: $2900
Highest sale price: $19800

Congratulations to June’s buyers and sellers!


Let’s get it started with this 1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that had a buy-it-now of $3600 and sold after one relist for $2950.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

This Yamaha YZR500 replica build in the UK was first listed for about $22,600 but ended up selling for $20,500 after two relists.

Yamaha YZR500 replica

In Arizona this 2002 Aprilia RS250 MKII sold for a shade over $9k.

2002 Aprilia RS250

This red-headed Moto Guzzi V11 Rosso Corsa sold for a very reasonable $5500.

2003 Moto Guzzi Rosso Corsa

Here was a sharp 1997 Yamaha YZF750R that sold for a mere $3700.

1997 Yamaha YZF750R

Next is this 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane that sold for $3950.

1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

A cult favorite, this 1985 Yamaha RZ350 sold for just $5000.

1985 Yamaha RZ350

This 1982 Ducati 900 Supersport pulled in $17,100!

1982 Ducati 900SS

After being relisted once, this 1996 Bimota BB1 is going to sell for $5444.

1996 Bimota BB1

With one relist, this Yamaha FZR400 sold for $3450.

Yamaha FZR400

Combining items in a single auction almost never works, but in the case of this lot with a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 and 1987 GSX-R50 sold for $13,100.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Here’s an ugly duckling that sold for just $2900.

1996 Yamaha FZR600

In the Pacific Northwest, this 1990 Honda NSR250R (MC21) sold for a mere $4825.

1990 Honda NSR250R

While not a Formula, this 1999 Laverda 750S sold for just $4550.

1999 Laverda 750S

And this nearly new 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss sold for an astonishing $19,800!

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss

At the other end of the spectrum, this 2001 Ducati 996 with just 1100 miles sold for $7500, which I think might be the best Ducati of the month.

2001 Ducati 996

Another 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100, and this one sold for $5400.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Month in Review:  June 2013 Sales Report
Yamaha June 3, 2013 posted by

Yamaha RD500 + Yamaha TZR250= YZR500 Replica

yzr leftyz right

For the most part we tend to stay away from builds but when somebody gets it right, well I’m all in.  Yes, builds can be fickle and temperamental but it looks and sounds like this seller did it correctly.

So what do we have here exactly?

The time has come to sell my beautiful YZR 500 re-creation

This is a TZR 250 reverse cylinder chassis which has been modified to fit and RD 500 motor, all of the chassis mods were done by NK Racing. The engine has a Stan Stevens stage 3 tune and has a 540cc conversion. It is running 28mm Mikuni flat slide carbs which have been set up very well so it runs really well and smoothly

The front end is from an Aprilia RSV R, Ohlins forks with Brembo radial callipers with HEL dry coupling/quick release brake lines and a Brembo radial M/C. The rear shock is a custom made ohlins unit. The wheels are R7 magnesium which have been refurbished and tested.

The bodywork is replica 1999 YZR and is painted in Abe 1999 colours which I think is the best looking Yamaha YZR.

Here is a list of everything else

– Quick action throttle
– Pazzo levers
– Translogic Dash
– Custom made exhausts by TG Racing with NK Racing silencers
– YZR replica bodywork
– YZR500 bottom radiator from NK Racing
– NK Racing rearsets
– TZR 3XV swing arm
– 520 chain and sprockets

The bike looks fantastic and is the closest most of us will ever get to owning a 500cc 2 stroke GP bike. I have ridden it several times on the road and it goes very well especially once in the power band and it sounds fantastic. Obviously it gets attention wherever you go as these bikes are very rare to see on the road.

This is the ultimate track day bike

Please be aware that this is not a production motorcycle, it is a hand built special so will require looking after and fettling, although it does run very smoothly and has been very well built. This is not a commuter bike.

Viewing is definitely recommended, but no test rides unless you have cash and proof of insurance.

yzr front

Nice double radiator set up.

yzr left 2

If only Yamaha would build such a bike.  Let a dreamer, dream.

yzr mufflers

And the money shot.  Very, very tidy set up.

yzr rear

Anyone not in the UK, keep on dreaming.  The seller is only selling locally and not interested in any type of shipping.  You are local you say?  The bidding starts at 15,000 GBP ($23,000)!


Drool over it here.



Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale November 27, 2012 posted by

Cyber Week: Works Kayaba Shock For Suzuki RGV500/YZR500

We’re doing Cyber Week a little differently this year by looking for uber rare parts and memorabilia. For day 2 we continue with our obsession with works parts! -dc

Is it the real deal?  Hell, I don’t know but if it is, what a nice way to finish off a GP replica project.  The seller states these were standard issue on the XR79 RGV500’s.  That is Schwantz  in his prime, 1992.  He also claims they were fitted to YZR500’s.  I always thought Yamaha’s were fitted with Ohlins though.  It looks like the real deal with the magnesium remote reservoir but the seller states the spring is an Ohlins item.

Asking price is 795 GBP.

Here she is.


Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale August 14, 2012 posted by

Unobtainium Parts Bin: 1995 Yamaha YZR500 Frame And Swing Arm

Unobtainium Parts Bin:  1995 Yamaha YZR500 Frame And Swing Arm


Are we at a “10” with the cool factor on this?  I’m not sure what the hell you do with it since I haven’t seen a lot of YZR500 engines on Craigslist or Ebay.  I think it would be a crime to drop a RZ500 engine in there but I’m sure one of you out there would have a plan for this.


The seller describes this as ex-Luca Cadalora hardware from 1995.  Anyone have an idea how many frames a team would go through in a year with crashes and revisions?  It looks the part but  I can’t confirm it is factory material since Harris and ROC made almost exact copies.  I bet one of you will notice some sort of feature that will identify it as the real deal or not.  It has the real deal price, 22,000 GBP, almost $35,000!  The seller  claims an intact YZR frame is harder to come  by than an actual engine.  Who am I to argue?  It’s in the right part of the world as most authentic GP parts tend to come out of England.

Need some extra bits?  The seller has you covered:

i have some bodywork, tank, exhausts & wheels etc i will sell seperatly with the frame

Frowning because you are a Suzuki man?

From the seller:

i also have x 4 1987 ex  kevin swantz rgv500 cylinders & exhausts and x1 ist model [1986]l rgv500 cylinder. that i will be listing soon


Oh to have a buddy with this stuff tucked away in his garage.


Check it out here.


Sport Bikes For Sale November 11, 2011 posted by

Race Replica Nirvana: 1991 YZR500 Replica (RZ500)…..And It’s Legal!

Race Replica Nirvana: 1991 YZR500 Replica (RZ500)….And it’s Legal!

Update 11.11.2011: Back on eBay but with new pictures and a lower purchase price. eBay indicates the last auction went in the $27k range. Thanks to everyone who emailed that this one was back online. Links updated but new pictures can be found with the auction. -dc

Did you do a double take? Wayne Rainey might have to look closely to make sure something with two wheels isn’t missing from his house. We’ve had a couple of top shelf replica builds on RSBFS and each one seems to get better. This one should be hard to top.

The YZR500 replica bodywork really makes the bike. According to the seller they are an exact copy molded from a set off a YZR500. Nice! Bodywork can be a real pain in the behind when trying to make your project look like something that rolled out of a factories R&D department.

Yep, it has been rebuilt and breathed on.

Take a breath, here are the details

As a young impressionable man growing up, I have very fond memories of watching the Moto GP 500cc two stroke Grand Prix racing. The fastest riders in the world on the fastest machines. Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz. It was a special time in racing. My fist bike, a 1984 Yamaha RZ350 was as close as I could get to those incredible machines. Yamaha, of course, never offered the YZR 500 to the public. It was the pinnacle of their race technology.

About 5 years ago I began the project of building a replica of the 1991 Yamaha YZR 500, as raced by the great Wayne Rainey. No expense was spared in this incredible build. What does it take, besides big $$$, to complete such a build.

First and foremost, I commissioned master bike builder and fabricator Wyn Belorusky for the build. Wyn can fabricate just about anything out of billet aluminum. In addition, he built for himself a YZR500 replica which has been featured in several magazines internationally.

The Build began:


Finding a titled frame was not easy, but patience pays off. A real Japanese RZV500 frame, which is the lighter aluminum version of the RZ500 steel frame offered elsewhere. 11 digit VIN, titled in Florida, in my name. The sub frame has been modified by Wyn. He installed custom billet Y supports, eliminating the stock sub frame bracing to clean up the rear of the bike for use with YZR bodywork. After all machine work was complete, the frame was freshly powder coated black.

Aprilla RS250 gull wing swingarm. This is an ideal choice, having the same length as the stock RZV swing arm, with the look of the YZR 500. Extensive modification was performed by Wyn to fit this swing arm to the RZV frame, shock linkage, and rear brake hanger. Once fabrication was completed, the swingarm was also freshly powder coated black.


Wilbers rear shock, with ride height adjust and remove reservoir.

Wyn also fabricated and installed a separate billet adjustable ride height linkage strut for additional adjustment. New Ohlins steering dampener, custom fabricated mount by Wyn.

2007 R6 forks, modified lower triple tree to accept a RZV500 steering stem for installation. 2007 R6 wheels front and rear.

I have a small fortune in the brake setup on this bike; Brand new billet Brembo front brake calipers, custom braided brake lines front and rear from Yoyodyne, New Brembo Radial front master cylinder, R6 rotors front and rear, R6 rear master cylinder and caliper.


I started with a complete low kilometer stock RZV500 motor, bench stock from Mr. Belorusky, thank you very much. The motor was crated and shipped to Martin Marino of Madmann Engineering. Along with the motor I purchased and supplied a complete Brand New Yamaha OEM top end, Brand new Yamaha RZV500 cranks, new clutch, and new OEM Yamaha gaskets. Martin did a full high performance build with mostly brand new parts to work with. His porting, milling, and modification to the reed cages makes these motors come alive! Check out his link.

It’s set up for premix in its current state per Martin’s recommendation. I have an oil reservoir and set up to run the oil injection, which will be included in the auction, should the new owner wish to run the injector. It can run safely on 93 octane, but the motor does like the race gas. Additionally, brand new mikuni 28mm flat slides were purchased and installed, along with K&N individual filters, and new throttle cables. The motor makes great power, is jetted just a little rich to be on the same side (I’m at sea level in Florida) and runs cool. The stock RZ has a habit of the rear cylinders running hot. Rick Lance added an accessory radiator to allow additional cooling of the rear cylinders


Jim Lomas stainless steel GP chambers, with carbon fiber canisters. Built to order in Czechoslovakia, the quality and workmanship is amazing. The sound, weight savings, and performance are equally impressive. Wyn did a beautiful job in modifying the exhaust hangers on the pipes to fit with the new swing arm, and the upper pipes were gently molded to slightly point inward to replicate the upper YZR pipes on Rainey’s bike


Many years ago, Wyn was fortunate enough to borrow a set of REAL Yamaha YZR bodywork from a 1991 works bike, just long enough to make molds. Genius! From these very molds comes the bodywork on my bike. It’s the real deal. The custom brackets Wyn fabricated for mounting the bodywork is nothing short of artwork. Additionally, all quick release pins and real Dzus fasteners were used. Careful custom modifications were performed to allow installation of the functional headlight and tail light. A custom windscreen was fabricated as well, which fits perfectly.

I saw Rainey’s 1991 YZR500 in Laguna at the 2005 MotoGP, and took many pictures. This was an invaluable reference point for the build, particularly matching the color and logos. Paint by Paula in Titusville, Florida performed the paint work. She used a very rich pearl white, along with a day glow orange (from the house of color) to match Rainey’s bike. No decals were used; all work was done with paint. It does look sweet, and correct to Rainey’s 1991 YZR500.


The rearsets are custom fabricated by Wyn Belorusky. Included are two separate sets of rearset brackets, one for the stock position as pictured, and a set for the full race position. I initially had the race ones made, but then subsequently had a stock set made as I have only ridden the bike on the street. Again, both sets are included. They are beautiful. Wyn even machined the right side foot peg to fold up, to allow for clearance of the kickstarter when starting (like the stock RZV right side foot peg does). It’s the details that I love!

The dash was a custom fabrication setup with the tachometer mounted, a Daytona digital Temp gauge, and a GPS which can be used as a speedometer.

The sprocket cover was modified, by shortening the rear portion and milling out the holes. It turned out sweet. The right side engine cover, water pump, and left side sprocket cover were also sand blasted to give the appropriate GP look.

Wyn took the wiring harness and stripped any unnecessary wires, then cleanly wrapped and reinstalled all wiring. It’s very neat.

New 520 chain/sprockets, custom billet swingarm spools.


I really can’t even come close to listing all the fine details that went into this incredible build. I have many many pictures documenting the entire build. The bike needs a home with someone who appreciates what went into this project to achieve this final result. It’s awesome..

Everyone who does a build should do it for themselves first and foremost. I say that because I will nit pick here. My nit picky point being, if you spent all the money to replicate a 1991 YZR500, shouldn’t the pipes look period? Mild steel (or titanium if $$$ is no question) for the pipes would do the trick. A totally personal choice, just wondering since so much detail went into the bike.

They don’t get built overnight. That’s a RZV frame not the more common RZ500 frame. I’ve always thought it would be cool to track down an old Harris or ROC YZR frame and use that for the base of a YZR replica. If you’d like to drool a little more, check these replicas out of Australia out. I think you can buy the frames seperatley if you are do it yourselfer.

Remember, it is road legal too. I hope all the bargain hunters stopped reading a long time ago. I would be surprised if the reserve on this bad boy isn’t in the mid twenties. On one hand I say it is completely worth it. It is an absolutely beautiful bike that a lot of care, time and money was invested into. On the other hand after you get past the good looks and expert craftmanship you still have a spindly mid 80’s frame hiding in there. When you get into high dollar builds there are options out there, like the Aussie built replicas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bike, I’m just sayin…… To get in the mix on this beautiful bike, simply click here.