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Yamaha February 5, 2013 posted by

Marlboro Man: 1985 Yamaha RZ500


Update 2.5.2013: After selling for $9k, this RZ500 is back on eBay after the buyer couldn’t put together the funding. Good luck to buyers and sellers. -dc

While good friend and co-worker Ian may not be stuck in the 1980s, I am happy to languish in that era for as long as magnificent two strokes such as this RZ500 are still available. Cue up the Miami Vice soundtrack and staple the Delorean poster to the wall; we’re going back in time to when bad-ass 500cc smokers roamed the streets (of countries other than the USA).


One of the best views in all of motorcycling. What’s up calling this beauty an antique???

The RZ500 was a bike commemorating Yamaha’s success in 500cc GP racing. Offering a half-liter of V-4 configured power, the overall package was visually striking, but not exactly cutting edge. The perimeter frame is mild steel (only the Japanese market had access to the RZV model, with aluminum frame). The front wheel is a GP-inspired 16″ unit, but that was more fad and fashion than performance. Power was good enough, but the decades that followed offered knowledge and tuning prowess that can really wake up the beast inside of the bike.


From the seller:
Up for auction is my prized 1985 RZ500. If you are reading this you probably know what this bike is and how rare it is to find one these days. Cosmetically the bike is in nice condition for its age, with only 18565 km (11603 miles) on the clock. All the lights, blinkers, horn, etc operate properly. The motor was recently (October 2012) treated to a complete rebuild by Lance Gamma, the premier and world-renowned RZ/RG tuner. The carbs were also completely rebuilt by Lance Gamma. All the proper specs and adjustments were dialed-in, and about 150 miles have been put on the bike since the rebuild. Starts on the first kick, idles smoothly, and runs and shifts perfectly. Surprisingly fast for a 500 when you get it up into the band, and combined with that great 2-stroke sound we all love, makes this bike a blast to ride! Other Lance Gamma treats added during the rebuild are his RZ-specific auxilliary cooling system upgrade that keeps everything running cool, and his supplemental fuel petcock upgrade. The bike is located in Montross, VA 22520, and prospective buyers can inspect it prior to the end of the auction.


I don’t need to tell you that the big RZs are hot property right now. This one looks very clean, and any time Lance breathes on a bike you know it will perform. Although there are reports that the front fairing is not a stock unit, the overall presentation is very clean and the seller is willing to provide additional photos for distant buyers, or open it up for an inspection for local buyers.


Definitely a good looking bike. Not sure I like the mini turn signal stalks.

This auction is nearing the end, and the current bid is only $8,500 with reserve still in place. There are a fair number of bidders involved thus far, and I suspect the frenzy will build as we get down to the final few hours. For your chance to check this one out, click the link and jump over to the auction. 2013 is turning into a banner year for two strokes – you might want to grab one before they all go away!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 3, 2013 posted by

Up in smoke: 1985 Yamaha RZ350


I was originally going to title this post “what are you smoking?” for one very good reason: The BIN on this bike is $10,450. Yes, you read that right. Nearly ten-five for a RZ350 seems a bit excessive on the face of it (not quite as excessive as the RZ with only 5 miles offered for $20k), but this seller has done a very good job laying out the details of the ride. And with the RZ market getting hotter by the day, perhaps the only thing being smoked here is castor oil – by the bike.



From the seller:
My long time customer has decided to sell his 2-stroke collection. He is a collector of museum quality bikes. He has ridden this bike less than 200 miles since he bought it in 2010. This bike rides like a dream with the upgrades it has. This is not your run of the mill RZ350 that is out there which quite often is in need of much neglected service. This on the other hand is an absolute pleasure to ride. It is like riding a brand new RZ350 only better because it has suspension now that works and it has a well tuned motor with expansion chambers.

Now is your chance to own a show quality RZ350. They simply are impossible to find in this condition outside of being in a crate. Speaking of crated RZ350’s, the last one sold for $18K on ebay in November of 2012. Obviously at that price it is for show only. I have all the details on that one if you want more information on that auction. This RZ350 on the other hand is ready to ride.

Trust me when I say I have seen a lot of RZ350’s. I have inspected every detail of this RZ350. For as long I’ve been in business I’ve only seen three other RZ350’s that even come close to being as immaculate as this bike is. Especially when you are talking about being for the most part all original. Bare in mind this is no ground up restoration but rather a flawless original which is way more difficult to find and nearly impossible to duplicate.

Attached is the information on the bike that I put together when It was originally sold three years ago. It’s virtually in the same condition as it was when I sold it to him except that he has added new tires, a battery and recently had the carburetors cleaned.

The bike has in excess of $4K in upgrades alone. The front forks, exhaust, rear shock and other improvements are listed below. I do have the invoice for all of the work and will send it to interested parties. All of the modifications are tastefully done and do not negatively affect the look. The bike looks like it rolled off the showroom floor the way it is. So you have a bike that has been vastly improved but done to look as if it was made this way by Yamaha.



More from the seller:
Bike History:
I know the original owner in Northern California who had it for 20 years with less than 2 miles. All he would do was start it occasionally and ride it up and down his street to keep it in good shape. It was covered and stored indoors all of the time. He finally sold it to a guy who wanted a NEW 84 red, white and blue paint scheme RZ350 but could not find one. Once he got the bike he bought the tank and every body panel except the front fender brand new in the 84 red, white and blue paint scheme. The wheels are powder coated black.

It looks so good with the black frame that I think Yamaha should have offered it this way for the USA market as they did indeed for other world markets. The bike is clean enough to show at any venue and win easily. It has never been crashed or dropped. I would say the bike is a solid 9.9. It starts up easily and runs fantastic. A RZ350 in this condition is next to impossible to find. It is truly a collectors dream bike considering how flawless it is and how well it rides with all of the upgrades.

Service History:

The front & rear brakes have been rebuilt and bleed using the stock lines and EBC brake pads.

Avon Super Venom tires size 120/80 and 100/90 installed.

Our High Performance Fork Upgrade including Race Tech Emulators and Eibach straight-rate springs was performed.

One of the last New Fox shocks ever made with ride height adjustment was installed.
The suspension is setup for a 200 – 240 pound rider weight.

All fuel and oil hoses have been replaced with OEM Yamaha parts.

The steering bearings have been upgraded with tapered bearings and the steering stops have been modified. They are now adjustable which prevents the handlebar controls from coming dangerously too close to the fuel tank. This is a very common problem with all RZ350s.

Famous John Lassak Chambers built from the original jig by Tommy Crawford and customized to fit the frame better. Notice the amount of space between the lower fairing and the pipes. This will help preserve the lower fairing and protect it from the heat normally associated with other chambers which come much closer to the fairing. This pair is one of the last he ever built. He is now retired from pipe building so these are quite collectable.


So we have a nicely updated, basically gorgeous RZ350. These were certainly not expensive in the day, but prices on these collectable two strokes is on the rise. What is interesting is that this was originally a black/yellow bike, and the previous owner spend considerable time and dollars to convert it to the red/white livery. While it does look good, I’m not sure most buyers would want to foot the bill for that. The rest of the modifications look to be worthwhile, unless you are looking for a stock bike to collect.


I’ll let the RSBFS readers decide if the upgrades on this bike make it worthy of the premium being asked. RZs are still common enough where any internet search will provide more than a few bikes, in various states of modifications and conditions. It is a given that a used bike in good condition will always bring in more money than a basket case – and this bike does look good. Check out all of the pictures and details here, and then let us know your thoughts. Is $10,450 the new asking price for a clean RZ350?


Yamaha January 22, 2013 posted by

Super Clean Smoker: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 with less than 1,000 miles!


If you’ve been holding out for an RZ350 – patiently waiting to find just the right one – we here at RSBFS just might have located your dream popcorn machine. Check out this clean and well-loved RZ350.


Given how popular RZs have become on this site, I am hoping for the collective wisdom of our eagle-eyed readers to help clear up a few mysteries. US-based RZs were ’84 and ’85 model years only. From the factory, US bikes had bikini fairings (with color-matched chin spoilers) and round headlights. The full bodywork on this RZ looks striking and appears factory, but I don’t recall if that being an option for the US market. Also, the headlight on this model is square, unlike the US bikes. Yet this RZ has a speedo calibrated in MPH (not KM/H) and the pipes are the correct, stock items containing the catalytic converters.


From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1984 Yamaha RZ350 with, wait, only 930 miles. Bike is “as new” with little or no signs of wear. All parts on this bike are original. If you’re searching for an original un-molested example of this model you won’t find one nicer. I don’t know what else to say except this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain a very special example of a historically significant motorcycle. I hate to let it go as this model was my first motorcycle and when I bought it a few years back I searched high and low for the BEST example I could find. I was lucky enough to find this bike and now you are in a position to add it to your collection.


In the world of ratty, well-used and abused two-strokes, this bike could be a gleaming beacon. With a claimed 930 original miles, this might be your chance to pick up an RZ while you still can. As this one looks showroom new, you might not even notice that almost 30 years have come and gone since the model was introduced to the US (never really having gone away in other markets such as the UK or Canada).


But then I pause. The portrait shots of the bike do make it look good. But pictures do not always tell the whole story. Does the inside of that fairing shot show potential damage repair, or is that only an optical illusion? It could simply be the look of hand-laid fiberglass. Certainly the brake master reservoir is showing some damage, but then again this is a 30-something bike. As always, we at RSBFS encourage prospective buyers to ask lots of questions and even ask for more pictures whenever you are dealing with a rare or collector model such as this.


Bidding is on right now: the current price is only $5,000 with no reserve in place. That’s right; this one is still potentially sitting in bargain territory and some lucky bidder will be going home with a near new RZ350 at the end of it. Check it out here, and don’t forget to let us know what you think. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 15, 2013 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Florida!


This RZ500 is located in Florida, and is obviously somebody’s pride and joy. This is the kind of bike and seller that we love to see on RSBFS – the detail is good and the pictures are fantastic.


The RZ500 needs no introduction on these pages. Never officially imported into the United States, the big RZ was a GP replica machine and has a huge following. This particular example has been nicely looked after with a rebuild, some cosmetic attention and some performance parts. It sports only 11,000 kilometers on the clock, and check out the receipts, manuals and spares.


From the seller:
up for sale is my pride and joy my rz 500. this is a mint rz500 with 11km or 6866 miles it has jolly moto pipes brand new sprocket (bigger for better take off old one is good and included) new chain nice new paint job with new stickers. engine runs great was hoped up with wiseco pistons for better performance not from wear. while bike was in shop all seals where changed (crank seals front forks all ect) just for peace of mind some plastics where replaced because they where old and had cracks they are included if wanted had cards cleaned and sync front forks rebuilt engine gone though total tune up to much to list receipts tell the story. im 53 i never really ride any more and its a shame that such nice bike isnt being enjoyed more often so im selling it


RZs are turning into cash machines these days. Street smokers do not come cheap, and this bike is looking better than many we have seen. The opening ask for this one is $8,900, with no takers thus far. The price is not outrageously out of line, so I’m thinking the right buyers haven’t stumbled across this one just yet. For all the details and some fine photos, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Yamaha January 8, 2013 posted by

Good to be King: 1984 Yamaha RZ350


Located in Tennessee is this RZ350 survivor in bumble bee livery. Sporting 9,100 miles and some aftermarket pipes (SPEC II perhaps?), this would make for a rockin’ ride for the New Year. Check out some of the classic smokers in the background; looks like our seller is a real two stroke fan!


RZ350s are very popular with our readers. Known as the last officially imported factory two stroke in the US, the RZs paid homage to the RD 250/350/400 lineage that came before it, as well as celebrated the racing success enjoyed with both “King” Kenny Roberts and “Steady” Eddie Lawson.


From the seller:
If your looking at this bike, you probably already know what it is. For a 350 it is one fast bike and a limited production bike. Blast to drive. This is a very very clean bike. It is a turn key and go bike. Also have the owner manual.

PS there are several scratches on the bike is thirty years old -Also have a decal set .


These bikes are not only popular on RSBFS, they are popular on eBay as well. Several bidders have already jumped into the action, and the current price is $2,425 with reserve still in place. As always, the reserve number will be the key to this one selling, but by all accounts interest is there. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 11, 2012 posted by

Another RZ500: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Oklahoma

Ah, Christmas is in the air. Two stroke smoke is everywhere, and rare motorcycles abound. I love this time of year – possibly because the RSBFS corporate offices are located where we can ride year ’round – but also because of the great bikes that seem to bubble up to the surface late in the year.

From the seller:
Restored !985 Yamaha RZ500. Approx. 900 miles ago, this bike was completely disassembled and the frame, triple trees, rear sets, rear calliper, and many other brackets & pieces powder coated black. New bearings, bushings and fasteners were used in reassembly. All pivots, bearings and bushed items are very tight without the normal “play” that would be evident with this mileage. Factory Yamaha bodywork was painted Red & White with only a couple of small chips on it today as to be expected on a bike of this age. The engine was rebuilt with Yamaha components and is on the first overbore .025. and the crosshatch is still very evident in the cylinders. New Battle Ax tires installed less than 100 miles ago.

From the seller:
The history on this bike I have been able to obtain is a Yamaha dealer bought it at an auction in Approx. 1999 with 35,368Km’s (21,976 Miles) He told me when he purchased it, it was in the same condition it is today and he prepared it for storage and displayed it in his dealership showroom. The Yamaha dealer sold it to the man I purchased it from in 2009 still showing 35,368 Km’s. and today it has 36,820Km’s (22,878 Miles) showing it has been ridden a mere 1,452Km’s (902 Miles) since Approx. 1999!

I purchased this RZ500 in November 2012 for a RZ500 project I have. I have since purchased two other stock units and no longer need this one. I have another 1985 RZ500 that I will be listing soon but is no where near as nice and as this one. This is a very strong running, well handeling RZ!

I took the fairings off the bike so the stock airbox, exhaust, ect. can be seen. If you want a specific picture please let me know and I will get it for you.

This is a pretty clean looking RZ. The seller claims most of it to be stock. The re-sprayed livery looks good in the pictures, although I am partical to the stockers “checkerboard” graphics. Given the mileage (22k and change), the seller has done some work to keep this bike floating above the maintenance curve. With a new top end and first overbore, this smoker will be making ring-a-ding and popcorn sounds for many miles to come!

This auction is on right now and the opening bid was a reasonable $5,000. Bidding has been very light thus far (has interest in the big RZ begun to wane?), and there is still a reserve in place. For your chance to check out the second RZ500 this week, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 29, 2012 posted by

In a New York Minute: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

From the seller:
99% of these bikes are a mess… if you want a good one with some extras, this may be your bike.

These words from the seller regarding this ONE OWNER bike really do say it all. Located in NY, this looks to be an honest RZ500 find with a title for that state.

Here is a bike that has been fawned over since birth by the same guy. Here is an advert that reads of not wanting to sell. Here is a bike and spares that would make grown men weep. THIS is exactly the sort of bike that RSBFS loves to post. The seller knows the bike, and is happy to explain what has been done to it as well as point out the flaws. There are tons of pictures, and lots of detail. This is eBay shopping heaven!

This RZ500 is not stock. Who cares?! I don’t think that I would ever have the restraint NOT to want to change something on a smoker. Let’s face it – as delivered from the factory, these bikes had great potential, as well as a lot of EPA and other regulatory baggage. Uncork those pipes, let ‘er breathe, and hold on as the tach sweeps through the range. That is what these legacy two strokes are all about.

From the seller:
1985 1/2 Yamaha RZ500RN (1GE)

I am the original owner of this bike, I bought it in January 1986 when I was 26 yrs. old. I have all the manuals (owners, setup, and service) and documentation, sales brochure, magazine articles, un-opened 1/12th scale Tamiya model, original bill of sale, and clean New York title in my name.

This bike has been part of my life since 1986 and I have always had strong emotional attachment to it (This was my first new bike). It has always been kept indoors in a temperature controlled environment.

Being a professional motorcycle mechanic for most of my adult life, I decided when mileage reached 23,000 kms, to give it a top end freshening with genuine Yamaha 0.25mm pistons and rings, and anything else that needed attention…. Worn YPVS linkage parts…. Bearings, gaskets Etc…. all genuine Yamaha.

New fork seals and fresh oil
New front brake rotors (old ones are included here)
Remove steering head and grease bearings. (tapered bearings are standard)
New chain and sprockets
(there are a few extra front and rear sprockets included here – for gearing changes if so desired.)

There were a few extra non-stock things that I decided to do at the time which included:

Jolly Moto race pipes – High temp black powder coat – I liked the original look
(Original immaculate condition pipes are included with bike)
All tuning for the pipes is done by me, and the carbs have my jet kit installed.
(I will include the original carb needles with the bike)

Mill heads .040” (1mm)

Replaced metric KM speedometer with UK spec RD500LC MPH speedometer.

Ohlins rear shock – (Original is also included)

I also did some of the Yamaha race manual modifications (also included with bike) which include:

Slot stator housing and advance timing 5 degrees

Remove split gears from crank gears
(Originals are included with bike)

This was all done back in the winter of 2001….. the mileage shown is what has accumulated since then…. The whole bike was gone through with a fine toothed comb… anything that was worn or ugly was replaced. I have a lot of spare parts that I have accumulated over the years including spare body panels as well as mechanical parts and wear items – Please see photos.

The seat cowl has a plastic weld repair on the left side and a crack that needs to be repaired on the right – see photos.

Also, there is another crack by one of the tail cover screws – see photo.

There are fresh (April 2012) Avon radials on the stock rims.

The minimum price that I will accept is the opening bid – there is no reserve.

The seller has pointed out the good and the bad. It is my duty to point out the UGLY. Prices are rising on these oil breathing monsters, and this one is right up at the pointy end of the scale. The seller is looking for a STARTING bid of $22,500. There is no reserve on this auction, but looking at that starting price, there really is. Is this a $20k+ bike to you? Check out all of the pictures and details here, and then check back and let us know. A one owner bike with some pretty thorough knowledge of the state of the machine PLUS a boatload of spares…… I would consider that for at least a New York minute…..


Sport Bikes For Sale May 31, 2012 posted by

Project RZ500 in Canada!

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

If you find yourself wanting a RZ500 (or heck, any killer two stroke) but don’t have the bones to pony up for a perfectly preserved stocker like this one, a well-used example might be your best bet. This can be the most rewarding route to a grey-market bike, but unless you are mechanically inclined and willing to scour the internet for parts (if they are available at all), this can also be the most frustrating route to follow. Thankfully today’s bike runs (see video below) and appears to have most of its parts attached.

The RZ500 – as has been well-reported in the pages of RSBFS – is a wonderful combintation of 500cc, V-4, two-stroke power housed in a basic yet adequate mild steel frame (only the Japanese-spec RZV received the aluminum frame treatment). These bikes were never brought to the US shores, so those that exist in the country today are likely imported from our Canadian friends and neighbors. This particular bike is still on the other side of that aforementioned border, so plan to play the import game unless that’s where you are too.

From the seller:
Extremely rare exotic factory street legal replica of the OW series Yamaha world championship GP bike. V-four water cooled two stroke with electronically controlled power valves. If you are not familiar with the RZ500 (also known as RD500), google it, there is lots of information out there.
This one is best described as battle scarred. Mechanically it is OK except for the carburettors which need rebuilding – they have been cleaned but they leak. There are just under 36,000 km on the odometer, which translates to about 22,500 miles. Compression is 100 pounds on all four cylinders as tested with an old school hand held compression tester. It will need a new front tire, and probably steering head bearings. It has new front brake pads, new fork seals, new battery, transmission oil, fork oil and the coolant have been changed.

I am not the original owner, and I don’t know much about the history of it, a neighbor had it, who got it from a guy who owed his dad money. I talked him into selling it, cleaned it up, registered it in my name and insured it. Like the girl with curl, when she is good she is very very good, and when she is bad she is horrid 🙁 The main issue will be getting it to idle consistently, it works great for a while, then the carbs dump a mess of fuel into the air intake and it stops idling and responds badly to throttle below about 4000 rpm. Whatever, I am too old for this bike, and it needs to go.

RZ500s and Gammas are getting some crazy money these days. I must say that I love the livery on this bike (reminds me of Lawson at his best) and despite the seller indicating that it is a bit of beater, it definitely has a 50 foot appeal. Sounds like some carb work might be in order, and you might consider hammering out that expansion chamber for maximum power. Throw a new set of sticky buns on, and ride it like it was meant to be ridden. Purists might wave a rattle can at it and brighten it up, but paint won’t make you go faster (assuming that is your goal).

This Canadian project is waiting for you! The starting bid is a very reasonable $4,000, which is far, far less than most of these bikes. With a little elbow grease and some know-how, you too could be riding a GP-inspired two stroke. Click the link to jump over to the auction, and start those internet searches for parts and carb kits!