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Honda March 4, 2013 posted by

Spring Fever Monday Mailbag [Pepsi RGV, FZR400, VFR750, RZ350]

Good morning and welcome to the first mailbag of March. I titled the post Spring Fever because the number of emails have gone up sharply as the weather starts to taunt us with almost nice weather. Everyone is beginning to shop for a new mount in the stable! Keep us posted with your finds and have a good week,


VFR750 For Sale

Adrian shoots us his great looking 1996 Honda VFR750 with just 16k miles. It’s on eBay and current winning bid is just $2225 with 5 days remaining. Nearly 50 bids so far! Great bike and price so far. Good luck to buyers and sellers.

fzr400 for sale

Donald shoots us his awesome 1988 Yamaha FZR400 that has just 4500 miles. For sale in Massachusetts for only $4500.

Suzuki RGV250 VJ21 For Sale Pepsi

Regular Chris G. spotted this sweet little 1989 RGV 250 VJ21 for $4000 CAD. It is set up for track but seller states he has the street parts too. Nice!

rz350 for sale

Chris sends us this 1984 Yamaha RZ 350 in Alabama for $4200.

Sport Bikes For Sale November 14, 2012 posted by

Sugar Water: 1989 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21

Sugar Water:  1989 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21

Have a bit of a sweet tooth?  This little VJ21 might be of interest if you are looking for a rider or a bit of a winter project.  No, it isn’t an original Pepsi Edition and it is missing a lot of original bits and pieces.  Hey, they can’t all be diamonds.  If you are a fan of the older RGV’s though, you have to look at everything that comes up for sale because there simply aren’t a lot of VJ21’s out there.  On the plus side is does have some new paint and set of Jolly Moto chambers.



If you are interested in a project type bike, take your time and study the photos.  The go ahead and compare them to stock Suzuki photos.  Don’t be shy, get on a forum and ask questions about the model you are interested in.  Lastly, always be prepared to spend more than you thought you would on parts because you always will.

The info from the seller:

   This is the  first and super rare RGV SP (sports production), featuring a dry clutch as the most distinguishable difference. Along with front forks with rebound and dampening adjustments.  This models was made for the Japanese market with a unrestricted CDI unlike the UK models.   These early RGV’s have a 17″ front, 18″ Rear, combination.   This one has Jolly Moto Expansion Chambers which are valued over $1,500 new.  The natural finish does not last long on these race exhausts and have since been repainted black and silencers replaced. The body and tank have been painted and fitted with new decals. The inside of the tank is clean and rust free.  The clock reads just over 13,600 kilometers.
    New Tires. New Brakes. Ohlins front fork springs.  Upgraded front GSXR calipers with stainless steel brake line. Please note there are minor scratches on front wheel from loading onto a trailer.  Also scratches on the left side of the swing arm from a minor low a side previous to rebuild. The left swing arm spool mount was damaged as well. Will need to be drilled and tapped.  Everything else was repaired or replaced. Small crack/hole on right side throttle control box. Does not affect function. Last thing to note it is missing the passenger pegs. Rear taillight has hairline crack.  The motorcycle is over 20 years old, so imperfections and minor blemishes will be apparent.   Overall a great looking motorcycle that needs a little to tidy up.     It was a long term project and sat idle for 2 years during the rebuild.  It ran well at that time.  Even with proper storage prep, the carbs will need to be cleaned as the engine won’t come off idle.  Typical clogged idle jet characteristic. The only other recommendation would be clean and adjust power valves.  We will also include a CD repair manual and original Suzuki parts fiche diagram book.  OEM replacement and performance parts can be still purchased in Europe and Japan.  There is many online stores,  forums and technical sites we can send links to the new owner for future reference.



Looks like you’ll have to come up with a way for the Jolly Motos to attach securely and properly.


You will notice some difference’s in the stickers you see on Pepsi Editions.  The bikes came with a sticker kit of sponsor stickers and some owners installed them; others didn’t.  She’s missing the distinctive 21 mirrors.


The fact is, this one is going home with someone as the reserve has been met.  Take a look and see if it something you’d like to park in the garage and keep you busy over the winter.

Click it for the auction.



Aprilia April 15, 2012 posted by

Mailbag Monday

Another bursting at the seams week at the mailbox for us! Thank you to all the sellers and submitters who emailed.

Have a good week,


We’ll start with this great spot from Garrett on Denver Craigslist for this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R Limited. 5200 miles and $8200.

Next Dan spotted this 08 Aprilia RSV 1000R Bol d’Or. While under the awesome war paint it’s a regular RSV, there were supposedly just 200 of these produced world wide. Plus the 76th running of the Bol d’Or endurance race was this past weekend.

Patrick sent us this custom 1980 Honda CBX in Florida. A very trick ride to be certain!

Jason emailed to alert us that his 1990 Honda MC22 CBR250RR is for sale in Ontario, Canada. Just 441km’s and asking $8200 CAD. Good luck with the sale Jason!

Scott spotted this 1987 Honda Hurricane 600 in Philadelphia. Picture isn’t great but shows promise at just $2k.

Next up, Rob emailed us his 1994 Honda CR500 super moto. Normally I wouldn’t post this kind of thing but I have to admit I’m quite intrigued as to what this 500c 2 stroke, street-legal, monster must be like to ride! Good luck with the sale Rob.

Dan email us his 1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900 in Tulsa, OK. Many extras and luggage include for $3500. Good luck with the sale!

Russel email us this 1989 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21 for sale in Florida for $5500. It’s a project that is “99%” ready and needs the carbs installed. Looks good enough to find out more though.


Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2012 posted by

Early RGV For The Taking: 1990 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21

Early RGV For The Taking:  1990 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21

Pay attention if you are in the market for an early model RGV as this auction is for keeps.  Yep, no reserve for this 1990 VJ21.  They may not have the lust factor of a VJ23 but they are easily just as rare.  I know we all want the latest and greatest but a nicely tuned VJ21 will easily run with any other grey market 250.  I’ve seen/read about a couple of highly tuned 21’s in the UK that have no problem on the track either.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way since this auction will have a winner.  There is no title and it has been resprayed.  Titles can be had but respray’s always make me wonder.  Was it an artistic decision or a decision based on need?

The bike is in need of a thorough cleaning and inspection but I’m liking the general condition of things.  To bad we can’t see under the bodywork.   Can you believe these bikes are 22 years old now?  I’d be willing to bet some rubber bits,  cables etc.  are past their prime.

It does have a set of after market chambers chambers on it.  They went for the VJ22 look with both exiting on the right side.  You might notice “JMCA” on the cans.  I used to think that was a brand  but it is actually a Japanese  regulatory group.  Sugaya did make a set that exited like this on the right side but their cans usually are attached by springs.  They did  make “street” versions that had slip on cans for the the VJ22 and VJ23 though.

What else could be more fun than stripping an RGV down in your garage this February?


From the seller:

1990 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21 with 9000 kilometers ( 6000 miles ) Bikes condition is above average and it is complete , original ( except for the exhaust , carbs and front fender ) and very clean.. Transmission and clutch work great and bike operates at the correct temperature. All fluids changed and oil injection is in tact and operational. Original body work in great condition – at some point along the way it received a respray but done well..

Bike starts easy ,idles well but has a flat spot at mid rpm — Cleaned and adjusted carbs – seemed to help – They are 34 mm and need some fine tuning ( I will leave that to the more experienced)

Power valves clean and fully operational .Front and rear calipers are in great condition and I believe the pipe is aftermarket  ..

No reserve..

Can provide video of the bike starting and running upon request..

Sold with Bill of sale only — sorry no title


I’m guessing this was a domestic market RGV since the seller says the 34mm carbs were not original.  Domestic market bikes got chocked with the 32mm units.  It’s nice that the oil injection hasn’t been removed as that is a pain to reverse.

You can always spot a VJ21 from a mile away with those mirrors.  Uh oh, one is broken.  That isn’t bad luck is it?  I’m just trying to scare you away because I’d like to snap it up.


Click here for the auction.





Sport Bikes For Sale June 10, 2010 posted by

Clean Late Model RGV250 (VJ22) Down Under On Ebay

Clean Late Model RGV250 (VJ22) Down Under On Ebay

This little beauty comes to us from RSBFS reader Rick.  He is lucky enough to live in beautiful Australia and have a nice clean, low mile RGV for sale.  You see very few unmolested RGV’s nowadays but this is one of them.  Rick states she is bone stock and he likes it that way for rideability.  Having owned a few RGV’s I can state he is absolutely correct.  It is fun to add pipes and open up the air boxes etc etc but you end up tinkering around a lot.  When they are left stock it’s add gas and oil to the oil tank and you are good to go.

Here she is:

The listing is currently set up with a buy it now of close to $4900 US with the current exchange rate.  The listing also has the make an offer option.  Maybe you can convince the Mrs. it’s time for a nice Australian vacation and you can pick up a nice souvenir while you are there. .


Suzuki March 24, 2010 posted by

1991 RGV250 VJ22 Titled on Ebay

1991 RGV250 VJ22 Titled on Ebay

Now we are talking, something without valves, something that eats a little of the ozone layer away with each ride.  This is a 1991 RGV250 even though the Ebay title says 1990.  Let me get you bidding right away: yes this bike is titled. Now you can take a breath and read on.  I like what the seller has done with the bike.  He has upgraded the power-valves for you, which had a problem of grenading on the early RGV’s, it’s got a nice set of Tyga rear sets and a nice set of Tyga pipes.  He also resisted the urge to spray the bike in Lucky Strike colors which I’ve rarely seen done correctly.  It also has the banana swing arm that so many people like.  Honda sued them for patent infringement shortly after this model came out and the banana arm was gone by 93.  The mileage may seem a bit high but you have to remember these bikes are getting up there in age and if it has been maintained I wouldn’t sweat the mileage.

From the seller:

up for auction is a 1991 rgv250 vj22. this bike has fresh top end and the power-valve replacement upgrade that faulted the factory models. it has new tyga pipes and silencers, tyga rearsets and a 1500 dollar paint job . the bike runs perfect, and everything even the oil injection works. it has clean calif title and registration that is current. it is the new zealand model that retains the 17 digit vin. new tyga windscreen the bike runs like a scolded dog, pics speak for themselves. brand new tires dunlops chain and sprockets.and the miles are 22000 kilometers

I can sum this bike up on one word: tasteful.  If you’ve been on the market for an RGV I suggest you take a good look at this one,  it’s got a lot going for it.  Check out the bidding .  If you aren’t up on RGV’s or have questions about them I highly recommend visiting as it is a wealth of information on every model of RGV.   Someone buy this thing; it is worth it just for the amusement of pulling up to a stoplight and having the guy in the car next to you yelling that your bike is broken because it is smoking.


Suzuki March 16, 2010 posted by

1988 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ21 Schwantz Pepsi Replica NIB!

Alright, so this doesn’t appear to come with the box but this RGV is as new as they get!  Located in California is a 1988 Suzuki RGV250SP.  The seller, RMD Motors, sums it up very well “This bike is NEW never started or had gas in it.”  The photo shows a bike which can match this claim.  This is the first year of the RGV and also the first SP, featuring a dry clutch as the most distinguishable difference.  These early RGV’s have a 17″ front, 18″ Rear, combination.  This bike is pure eye candy and deserves to be in a glorious living room–if possible.  No asking price is listed but, if you have to ask…  No title information is given but I don’t think it would make a serious difference with this bike other than to tack a few thousand onto the total price.  See this RGV on RMD’s website here.


Suzuki January 2, 2010 posted by

1989 Suzuki VT250K Wolf VJ21A

Located in Ontario, Canada is a 1989 Suzuki VT250.  According to the seller:

Japan home market v-twin 2 stroke. This is the naked version of the RGV250.

I haven’t seen one of these before, which doesn’t mean it’s automatically rare but I don’t doubt it is.  Seller states it has 17,000km, the carbs were just gone through, and a new battery.  This is a 282lb, 45hp, Two Stroke.  See it on North American Two Strokes here.