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Bimota January 2, 2013 posted by

Top 10 Sport Bikes For Sale in 2012!

This post would probably be more aptly be titled, “top 10 most viewed bikes we posted in 2012”, but in honesty this sampling mostly represents the most popular bikes on the site anyway.

Thanks to both buyers and sellers for helping make 2012 our best year ever and we can’t wait to see what the market will reveal in 2013!



The Opposite Of Stock: Ducati 1036CS Built By Alex Ortner (1999 Ducati 996)

Alex Ortner Ducati 1036CS For Sale


First Year FireBlade in the Most Desirable Colors: 1993 Honda CBR900RR

1993 Honda CBR900RR For Sale


Collector Alert! Yamaha RZ350 with Only 561 Miles up for Grabs!

Yamaha RZ350 For Sale


Titled and Beautiful ’92 TZR 250 RS

1992 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale


What Smokes And Has Six Cylinders? Two 1986 Honda NS400R’s Of Course

Honda NS400R For Sale


1994 Honda RVF750R (RC45) with 9 Miles For Sale!

Honda RC45 For Sale


Featured Listing: 2001 Bimota DB4 for sale!

2001 Bimota DB4 For Sale


Easy On The Eye: CA Titled 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 For Sale


Thirtysomething: 1990 Honda RC30

Honda RC30 For Sale


Foggy Superbike – 1999 Ducati 996

Carl Fogarty Race Bike 1999 Ducati 996 For Sale

Honda December 20, 2012 posted by

Mini RC30: 1993 Honda NC30 VFR400r


The VFR400R – or NC30 as it is known in Honda parlance – is one of the more rare 400cc bikes we post on this site. These machines are coveted for razor sharp handing, decent V-4 power and the killer sound of a gear-driven valve train. The fact that these share a sillhouette (right down to the single-sided swingarm) with the larger RC30 does not hurt one bit!


This example is pretty clean. In fact, it is far cleaner than *most* NC30s I have seen. Like all NC30s, this one is an import; these were never officially brought into the US by Honda. Today’s model looks to have been imported from either Canada or directly from Japan. Under normal circumstances, Japanese imports tend to show oxidation and evidence of weather exposure. This one, however, looks quite good.


From the seller:
Here is a very rare to the U.S. 1993 Honda NC30 never imported to the states. This bike is very nice! The bike has 11,000 kilometers which equals out to about 6,000 miles. It starts easily with the choke and takes a little while to get warm, but once warm this baby is a blast! Idles very nice and runs thru all six gears very nice. The front and rear shocks are tight and nice. The brakes stop on a dime. All the lights and blinkers work perfect. This bike has no leaks and is ready for someones collection or to just ride the rarest Honda 400 crotch rocket in the United States. Please research this bike further to know what a gem it really is. Most of the ones I’ve seen are ragged out and beat up. I only have a bill of sale for this bike and some import paperwork. I usully put the plate from a Honda 600 I have to ride it to shows and bike nights. My buddy has a NC28 and its titled as a Honda vfr. Never tried to go thru the title process so please dont ask advice. NO TITLE just to be clear but the bike is clean and clear.


The seller points out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to rare, grey market import bikes. While they are rare and unique, they also present a special kind of headache when it comes time to try to register it for street use. Depending upon the state and the level of patience with bureaucracy, this might just be a track-only machine for some.


This auction is one right now, and the bidding has been nonexistent. The opening ask of $4,500 is not too far out of whack, but with a reserve in place and a BIN set at $10,000 it appears that the seller has hit the holiday egg nog early. I can only imagine that bidders interested in this machine are scared away by the huge BIN number. Take a look at it here and then let us know what you think. What should a clean NC30 without title run these days?


Aprilia October 23, 2012 posted by

October Mega Mailbag! [RC8, RS250, RZ350, VFR400R Rothmans, ZX7R, ZX7, 89 CBR600, VFR400]

Hey guys! It’s been a while to say the least since we last published a post with your submissions. My apologies if your listing has expired or we didn’t get to reply in time — there’s just been too much to do every weekend since forever!

Thanks as always for your emails and thank you for reading!


First up Chris shoot us his 2009 KTM RC8 that has a couple days left on eBay. Buy-it-now is $11k.

Here’s a great looking 1995 Kawasaki ZX-7 for just $4000 in Indiana on eBay.

Brit has emailed to let us know his Aprilia RS250 is available in Nashville for $6500 and with tags.

Peter has emailed us this very yellow Kenny Roberts tribute bike for sale on eBay. Very well written description. Good luck with the sale!

Adam sends us this stunning and original VFR400R Rothmans that has been in storage for 20 years. Check it out on Boston Craigslist for $13995.

John has email us his 2002 Kawasaki ZX7R that is available in Austin for $5400 with just 3500 miles. Good luck with the sale!

Peter spotted this very original looking 1989 Honda CBR600 on for $3k.

Chris forwarded us this spot in Canada for a 1992 Honda VFR400 for just $4200.

Honda September 14, 2012 posted by

Easy On The Eye: CA Titled 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

Easy On The Eye:  CA Titled 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

Update 9.14.2012: In less than 8 hours, this bike has sold to one of our readers. Congratulations to buyer and seller!

You don’t even have to think about it, your brain just know’s these NC30’s just look “right”.  Their allure is more than just being a RC30 that’s been run through the dryer too many times.  Because the big four never graced us with the exotic 400’s (sorry FZR400 loyalist) these bikes rise to the top of the “me want” list.  It is a shallow thing but to me paint is everything on these NC 30’s.  The models not in the stunning red,white,blue look very pedestrian by comparison.

I’ll admit, I saw this bike listed a couple of nights ago and had to do some arithmetic in my head to see if I could sneak another bike into the garage. Hopefully the numbers work out better for a RSBFS reader out there because the bike is priced quite reasonably, the seller is asking $5,500.  That is well within the price range you see these bikes listed for.

Here is all the crucial info from the seller:

California titled and registered.
33,500kms ( 21,000mi).
Meticulously maintained, all old NC30 issues dealt with (voltage regulator, fork seals, etc.).
A few scrapes and dings but shows well and rides beautifully.
Extensive spares and set of after market body work included.
Rear stand, cover, parts books and manuals in Japanese and English.
One of the best handling and most forgiving bike I have ridden.


If you are like me and can’t leave well enough alone when you buy a bike I suggest you visit the forum.  I don’t know if you could possibly find more info on the NC30’s anywhere else.  There is everything from basic service/model info to advice on every modification possible.  Have you seen these with the Suzuka style uppers?

I have a feeling if you don’t break the piggy bank open quickly this is all you will see of this bike.

It is listed on Los Angeles Craigslist.

Ever wonder how exotic Honda got with its’ works RVF400?  Get some tissue and take a look at this thing!  That tank is serious racing porn.  These pictures are posted on a thread about TT-F3 racing on the 400greybike forum.

Honda August 21, 2012 posted by

Another Honda VFR400 (NC30) Up North, Eh!

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mileage: 12,200

Price: $4,400 BIN

Just a few days back, RSBFS posted a Honda VFR400R for sale in the states, and that’s a rare sight indeed. Here’s another one for sale up in the great white north where everyone is all aboot awesome 400cc sportbikes, and 250cc two strokes too. All those bikes are about stellar power-to-weight ratio’s and monster handling. The VFR400R falls right into that category with a smokin’ V-4 motor to give you power and keep the weight and handling where you want.

This bike is one of many that look to be offered by the same seller. The other bikes you will see here on RSBFS too. Here’s what the seller has to say-

Honda VFR 400R (NC30) 20,400 Km 1990 

Powerful smooth V4 engine, 400CC, liquid cooled, four stroke V-four cylinder, 16 valve DOHC. Electric starting, 59 HP 6 speed transmission. Pro Arm Single sided swing arm. Aluminum frame. 31 inch seat height. Front and rear disk brakes. 165 Kg dry weight. Very low insurance. Certified.

And a few photos-

There’s not a lot to the description and there aren’t many photos. But for what there is, the bike looks clean and original. This bike is up in Canada, so it may be less desirable for us in the lower 48 in terms of getting it home. But if you want to make it happen, the price isn’t too bad and may make up for a little bit of the hassle. And you would have one of the coolest bikes on the road.

If you want to make this happen, hop over to the auction and make your play!


Honda July 16, 2012 posted by

Baby RC30: 1990 Honda VFR400R (NC30)

Location: Marysville, OH

Miles: 11,433

Price: Currently $5,034 with Reserve ($7,500 BIN)

This bike had me seriously fooled when I first saw the photo. I though RC30 for a half second until I read this description. I was close, but this however is a VFR400R (NC30) and not its famous big brother. Having said that, I still think this thing is AWEOSME! RC30 styling, the cool factor that comes from a grey-market bike and Honda’s V4 design in the 400cc version are killer things which equal to about a quarter the price of the RC. I wouldn’t feel bad about taking this thing out all the time as I would with a real RC30.

Now, this bike isn’t a bone stock example, and the paint scheme has been modified to mirror that of the RC30. But this isn’t a Faux-rarri with a Fiero engine underneath, this thing is all Honda. There are a few modifications done to the bike, but it seems to me that they are all tastefully and purposefully done. Someone spent some time building this and it shows.

Here is a photo of a stock VFR400R of the same year.

From the Seller:

I have owned this bike for the past 8+ years, it starts and runs great.
Engine is stock. I have not done any modifications internally. It has had very regular oil and
filter changes and has a low mileage (maybe a few 1000) air filter and plugs. I have never tracked this bike. It has been adult owned and ridden since it came to the states. I have a clear Ohio title for it.

18400 Kilometers (11433 miles), gauge face changed to MPH
CBR600RR Front forks, brakes, fender, triples w/ custom adapters
Stainless brake hoses
Aftermarket alum clipons
CBR600 Front wheel
Aluminum screen brace and fairing / headlight / gauge mount
CRG brake & clutch levers
Silicone coolant hoses
Aprilia RS250 rear shock
Rick Oliver rearsets w/ Gilles pegs
Aluminum rear sub frame
NC35 Rear wheel (17″)
Wave rear rotor
Lots of Alum, Ti & stainless fasteners
RC30 replica paintwork on stock fairings
Custom RC30 solo seat tail section w/ custom tail light brackets & plate bracket RC30 Back pad
Fresh powder coat on wheels (this spring)
1 month old gel battery
Less than 1000 miles on Michelin Pilot tires, chain & both sprockets
Custom shorty muffler on Ethos exhaust
Sealed swingarm w/ through arm rear brake hose
YZF regulator / rectifier
Custom made Stainless side stand
SSR threaded fuel tank cap
Other small stuff I have forgotten.

There are a few blemishes in the body work and a small dent in the tank. Everything is repairable but would require re paint which is why I have not gotten to it. I could go on and on about good condition etc. If you have specific questions do not hesitate to contact me.

I am listing the bike with a buy it now option. That option includes a excellent condition full stock exhaust and muffler bracket. My reserve is lower than the BIN price and does not include the exhaust.

Sure this isn’t a bone stock garage queen, but that’s perfect. If you wanted something to stare at and always worry about riding, then save up about $25-$30k and buy the RC30. This baby VFR is meant to be ridden and enjoyed, and you can bet people heads will turn when cruising on this thing. I only wish I had the cash to score it.  Bidding is already active and the seller states the Reserve is lower than the BIN, but the BIN does include a clean stock exhaust. If you dig this thing as much as I do, then take a look at the auction here and place your bid!


Honda February 17, 2012 posted by

400cc Long Weekend! Honda NC30 & Yamaha FZR400

Welcome to the long weekend – RSBFS style! Since long weekends are all about projects, here are a pair of 400cc collectables in need of a little loving. While not the pristine fare that normally graces our pages, these two micro rockets deserve a good home if only to remind us that bigger is not always better!

For Sale: 1996 Honda NC30 VFR400R

Here is what we usually find in the 400cc class – a rare and undeniably cool bike, but one that has passed through a few hands and received its unfair share of modifications. While most of these mods will improve handling or performance, the hit on collectability cannot be denied. Still, the NC30 is one of the most popular bikes RSBFS readers hunt for, so flaws and all here is another one to drool over.

From the seller:

bike is dusty /dirty from storage, could use a good clening, but is in nice condition, ready to rip..

I have a Black CA. plated 93 HONDA NC30 VFR400R, approx 8,500 miles, Extremely rare trick bike which is a identical smaller copy of the famous RC30. This bike will out handle any new production bike and is famous for its reliability and bullet proof engine, this bike is trick, it looks like a 2005 or newer bike!

Note… no front turn signals included, rear turn signals and intregrated into the tail light assembly mirrors are not mounted, but a new pair of mirrors are included, we were running a CRG billet bar end mirror, which is no longer on the bike. includes stock gas cap- gas cap and ignition keys are the same.. Tyga endurace upper and lower with single headlight on the left, Tyga RCV211 tail and rear sub frame new 520 gold chain and renthal sprockets, HRC IGNITION UNIT, Ethoes race exhaust with freshly repacked/rebuilt can( fiber glass high temp mat, stainless steel screen around the core, and stainless steel wool, which cost over $100.00 in materials, a better than factory repack which should last forever, factory jet kit, SP2 calipers and billet adapters, TYGA TRICK REAR SETS, RVF400 17″ REAR WHEEL, steel braided front lines, new sintered ft pads, new pilot powers TIRES 120/160 CT2 APPROX 400 MILES, aftermarket Sachs shock, revalved ft forks, billet blue rear wheel collar, recent tune up, NEW SPARK plugs, oil change/FILTER, valve adjustment, All fluids replaced 7-1-11, Fresh clutch plates, steels and frictions…

*******The only bad- windshield is cracked.***
CA plated, current tags
oem body is been sold off years ago,
Extras included- the oem 2nd headlight and OEM rear subframe, stock black front calipers, new rear rotor(not installed), also two rear stands one a trick chrome LP stand, the other a stout home made unit, Very nice stock type fairing kits are available on ebay for $500.00 shipped with custom paint jobs..

tires 160/60/17, ft takes a 120/70/17 tire,

stock derestricted this bike puts out 60hp, with the pipe and jet kit I am guessing around 63-65 hp, Its a strong runner and surprisingly quick for a 400cc bike! you wont find another bike on the road like this! this is the only one like it! a real head turner! incredible sounding bike, 16 valve V4 400cc, it sounds nothing like the inline four, more like a inline 4 and 2 stroke combined sound.

*******sold as is******** in nice condition
this bike is ready to go , professionally tuned, no carb issues. battery tender pigtail installed, tender not included, engine fires right up.. engine on these should be choked until operating temp is reached, then its ready to go. no flat spots in the power band, fully adjustable suspension, this bike is bad ass… hate to see it leave..

This bike is available now, and has a BIN price of $4,500. This is not the first time we have seen this bike on eBay, but the good news is that the price is coming down with subsequent auctions. It is always hard to pull modification dollars out of a collectable bike; stock will always bring the highest price for the most part. This bike is priced a little high for the condition, but if you are intersted it wouldn’t hurt to contact the seller. Click the link to jump over and see!

For Sale: 1988 FZR 400

This is yet another variation on the 400cc theme. Instead of a hot-rodded streetbike, this particular example is a track day hero. If you are looking for that perfect balance between weight and performance for the track, this might be the right way to go for you. The FZR400 is well known and loved as a tracker, and this particular one might be priced right for the task!

From the seller:
Good running hard to find Race bike. Fully serviced and carbs just rebuilt. Aftermarket parts include: Front Fairing, sides and Tank cover are Brand new old stock Fiberglass. Motor Side covers are aftermarket extra thick for racing (have rash), Steering Damper, Fox aftermarket rear shock with air adjust, Aftermarket Bars, Forks have been worked over internally with adjustable tops, Modified High-exit pipe. Steel front brake lines. Carbs are fully jetted. Bike is wired throughout for track use. Unfortunately the rear seat is AWOL. Tires are in great shape. Operational Tach and aftermarket coolant display.. The harness is complete and uncut. Bike could be put back on the road if desired.

This particular bike is being offered for a BIN of $3,000 OBO. This is very realistic money for a great track bike, and also a fair price for something worth restoring. You don’t need to be reminded that it will cost many times the purchase price of the bike to bring it back to perfect, stock condition, but it is at least priced well for what it is. For more info and details on this little Fizzer, click the link and jump over to the auction.

Good luck to buyers and sellers and enjoy the weekend!


Honda November 19, 2011 posted by

A sporty little number – 1988 Honda VFR400R

Almost missed this auction for a 1988 VFR400R. The bike cosmetically could be a bit better but just imagine how much fun you could have on this little beauty. This was designated the NC24 as the second generation of the bike which was the first Honda to a Pro-Arm singled sided swing arm which went on to become a trademark of the VFR range of bikes.  The singled sided arm was an ELF design who were experimenting with single sided arms for both front and rear suspension.

The owner doesn’t share a great deal so I would suggest a careful look over the bike:

has a few minor scrapes in the plastic but overall in good shape,,  comes with a additional upper fairing & seat cowl..  bike does everything it was designed to do.   turn the key go.   pick it up if your down for the holidays  or  i can work with your shipper.   will have some additional pics in a day or two.    not perfect but nice considering the age ( cosmetically speaking).   mechanically very good!!   not sure of the yea,,. i will have to take a look at the title when i get home     thanks..
18500 km on the odometer

You can find the eBay auction here

No one has bid on this bike yet and so you may perhaps pick it up relatively cheaply but you should inspect it as the V4 engine can be complex and potentially expensive if it hasn’t been looked after.  Could be some fun though!  No bids and starting at $3250, hmmm….