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Honda August 17, 2012 posted by

’93 Honda VFR400 (NC30)- Not perfect, but still killer!

Location: Grove, Oklahoma

Mileage: 9,754

Price: $5,000 BIN

Anyone out there want a mini RC45? This isn’t that iconic, uber rare, limited production superbike from Honda, but it is a killer bike regardless. The Honda VFR400 was never imported into the States, but is a staple in countries all around the world. You get a 400cc V-4 and a lightweight package to give you excellent handling. The 400cc machine has never been a big hit stateside, but I think it’s a great motor that will provide a ton of fun.

Here’s the seller’s description-

1993 Honda NC30 VFR400.  15699km (9754 miles), street legal, “grey import”.  Produced for domestic Japaness market.  This bike is in great condition.  I have put about 900 miles on it since purchased in 2008.  Tires, chain and sprockets all in good condition.  Two Brothers exhaust, otherwise stock.  Very fun to ride.  Sounds awesome!  Great collector/conversation piece.

And pics-

Looking over the photos, this bike is clearly no super mint machine. The seller highlights some of the cosmetic issues in the photos, so you will be getting a bike that has some issues. The mileage isn’t too outrageous and hopefully the maintenance has been done so the bike runs well. The seller doesn’t provide a lot of history in this area, so you’ll want to find out as much as you can. Exhaust has been swapped, but that shouldn’t be a major concern.

So here’s an opportunity to own a killer ride that you just couldn’t get here in the U.S. A great motor and chassis to have a good time on, and an opportunity to ride something you won’t see on every corner. You can take it home for $5k, which is a good amount for this bike. But maybe you can get a deal. If you want to make a play, go get in on the action!


Aprilia July 28, 2012 posted by

Weekend Mailbag and Laguna Seca MotoGP 2012 (RC30, RS125, Jota 1000, 888 SP4,

Hey guys,

Here’s a quick post from California with all the best of picks, suggestions, and personal bikes for sale. Mike, Jared, Rem and Dan are all here and in addition to checking out all the action at Laguna we may troll the parking lot for interesting bikes for sale too! They’ll be posted first to our Facebook page out of convenience but we’ll try to pull them all together for the site later in the week as well. Look for us in with the RSBFS logo on our backs and say hey!


Lets get things started right: Honda RC30 for sale in Costa Mesa on eBay. Currently at about $20k reserve not met with over a week to go. Maybe your MotoGP souvenir for the way home?

Dan spotted this sharp looking RS125 on eBay, with a title and just under 14k miles.

Or how about this AMAZING 1978 Laverda 1000 on ADVRider (you need to make an account to view) with less than 1500 original miles. $13k. Thanks for the forward Joe!

Jamie send us this gorgeous 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale in Australia for $45k AUD.

Jeremy keeps a sharp eye on the San Francisco area ads and this one caught our eye: 1986 Honda NS400R with a reported new from Honda motor! Asking $6200 with the lowers and spares.

Honda June 23, 2012 posted by

Early, Clean and Original Honda VFR700 Interceptor

Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey

Mileage: 14,427

Price: Auction

I ride a VFR800 so I am obviously a big fan of the Interceptor.  The VFR has an outstanding history in the Honda sportbike line, being really at the beginning of the sportbike in the U.S. with the early Interceptor’s and then the VF1000R, a fully faired statement by Honda about its intentions in the sportbike world. All of this leading of course to one of the greatest bikes of all time, the RC30.

This ’87 Interceptor 700 is the beginning of the fully faired V-4 VFR that were a leap forward from the the previous Interceptor. Chain driven cams and four valves per cylinder made for a potent ride back in the day. And normally you would expect to see this bike in the 750cc column, but this was during the tariff era and Japanese bikes came in at the 700cc mark to avoid additional costs.

Here’s the info from the seller-

I am selling my 1987 Honda VFR 700 which I have owned for 17 years.  The bike has a liquid-cooled V- four with dual gear-driven overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.  I am the third owner of this bike. The bike is completely stock, has always been garaged kept and is in excellent condition.  There is a slight indentation on the left side of the gas tank by the “H” in “HONDA” (see photo), and some touch-up paint on the right front turn signal.  The rest of the bodywork is in excellent condition.  All instruments and lights work and the bike runs good.

The bike has a side stand and center stand and comes with the original tool kit and owners manual as well as a service manual, collection of road test reports, Eclipse rumble pack, and two bike covers (one lightweight & one heavyweight).

Any questions please email me or contact me. 

Thanks, George  

And photos for you-

The owner describes there bike as stock and it looks like it. Pretty impressive for its age. There looks to be no serious cosmetic issues and the seller says the bike runs strong. Mileage isn’t too high and these bikes have been known to rack up the miles. So if it has been taken care of you’ll be able to enjoy this bike for a long time.

If you are looking for an early VFR, this may be your ticket. I dig it. If you do too, check it out!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 31, 2012 posted by

Project RZ500 in Canada!

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

If you find yourself wanting a RZ500 (or heck, any killer two stroke) but don’t have the bones to pony up for a perfectly preserved stocker like this one, a well-used example might be your best bet. This can be the most rewarding route to a grey-market bike, but unless you are mechanically inclined and willing to scour the internet for parts (if they are available at all), this can also be the most frustrating route to follow. Thankfully today’s bike runs (see video below) and appears to have most of its parts attached.

The RZ500 – as has been well-reported in the pages of RSBFS – is a wonderful combintation of 500cc, V-4, two-stroke power housed in a basic yet adequate mild steel frame (only the Japanese-spec RZV received the aluminum frame treatment). These bikes were never brought to the US shores, so those that exist in the country today are likely imported from our Canadian friends and neighbors. This particular bike is still on the other side of that aforementioned border, so plan to play the import game unless that’s where you are too.

From the seller:
Extremely rare exotic factory street legal replica of the OW series Yamaha world championship GP bike. V-four water cooled two stroke with electronically controlled power valves. If you are not familiar with the RZ500 (also known as RD500), google it, there is lots of information out there.
This one is best described as battle scarred. Mechanically it is OK except for the carburettors which need rebuilding – they have been cleaned but they leak. There are just under 36,000 km on the odometer, which translates to about 22,500 miles. Compression is 100 pounds on all four cylinders as tested with an old school hand held compression tester. It will need a new front tire, and probably steering head bearings. It has new front brake pads, new fork seals, new battery, transmission oil, fork oil and the coolant have been changed.

I am not the original owner, and I don’t know much about the history of it, a neighbor had it, who got it from a guy who owed his dad money. I talked him into selling it, cleaned it up, registered it in my name and insured it. Like the girl with curl, when she is good she is very very good, and when she is bad she is horrid 🙁 The main issue will be getting it to idle consistently, it works great for a while, then the carbs dump a mess of fuel into the air intake and it stops idling and responds badly to throttle below about 4000 rpm. Whatever, I am too old for this bike, and it needs to go.

RZ500s and Gammas are getting some crazy money these days. I must say that I love the livery on this bike (reminds me of Lawson at his best) and despite the seller indicating that it is a bit of beater, it definitely has a 50 foot appeal. Sounds like some carb work might be in order, and you might consider hammering out that expansion chamber for maximum power. Throw a new set of sticky buns on, and ride it like it was meant to be ridden. Purists might wave a rattle can at it and brighten it up, but paint won’t make you go faster (assuming that is your goal).

This Canadian project is waiting for you! The starting bid is a very reasonable $4,000, which is far, far less than most of these bikes. With a little elbow grease and some know-how, you too could be riding a GP-inspired two stroke. Click the link to jump over to the auction, and start those internet searches for parts and carb kits!


Honda April 23, 2012 posted by

Restored and Clean VF1000R In Canada

Update 4.23.2012: Listed last month originally, this example is back along with 3 other examples (here, here, and here). Links updated. -dc

Location: Ottowa, Canada

Mileage: 24,861

Price: Auction, currently $3,500 with reserve

The VF1000R is a great bike in the development of the Honda sportbike. Born out of the Interceptor line, the VF1000R was a much more track like bike from Honda and included the famous V-4 Honda motor that continued on in various forms through the RC30 and on into the current VFR800. The bike was only available in ’85 and ’86, so finding them in clean condition is not an easy task.

This bike is described as a restored machine with some modifications that should help the bike perform better. The frame has been powder coated and new paint applied where needed. The fairing is listed as original and appears in great shape.

Here’s the info from the seller-

An incredibly nice bike – Overall condition is an honest 8 out of 10, as restored by previous owner (originally from Texas), having been carefully dismantled with frame powder-coated and all other parts otherwise cleaned/painted. Hand laid factory fiberglass (not plastic) all in near perfect condition.

Only made for 2 years…incredibly smooth Honda V-4 power with gear-driven cams (over 120 h.p.) and better looking, very bright 1986 dual-headlight conversion.

This bike garners attention like no other and everything is in fantastic condition, complete with original tool-kit.

Factory clip-ons, OHLINS rear shock, replaced stator, stainless brake lines (black PVC coated to look original but with superior feedback/performance), new super powerful DEKA battery and Avon with only about 150 miles on them since installed last spring – A very pleasing machine to ride with an extremely linear power-band.

Now quite rare, this VF1000R will maintain/gain value in years to come. Recent professional appraisal done for insurance purposes if it was ever to be stolen or otherwise lost will be provided with sale. Additional photos/video available for serious inquiries.

Selling as damaged Meniscus in both knees means I’m not a good match for the factory peg location and I’ll eventually be finding something a little “roomier” (3 bikes in the garage is too much).

And the photos-

This looks to be a very clean bike but it has also some some modifications, like the headlight conversion and brake lines. Those are good upgrades but also take away some, not a lot, but some from the originality. That may be important to hard core collectors. Otherwise, you would be getting a good looking, rare bike that would be fun to ride.

These are cool bikes. This one looks to be restored well and ready to ride. If you are looking for a VF1000R, this one deserves your attention. So go ahead and place a bid!


Honda March 13, 2012 posted by

Honda RC30…Yes, another one!

Location: Newport Beach, California

Mileage: 1,025

Price: Auction, starting at $25,000

So the RC30 is one of the most desirable sportbikes there is. They are always featured here on RSBFS when they show themselves. And that seems to be a lot lately. These bikes only came to the States in 1990 and they are rare here (around 300 imported), but worldwide production was greater than say the Yamaha R7 OW02.  Who knows what is driving these out of hiding, but I suspect the (rapidly) rising values has something to do with it.

Here’s some more pics to drool over-

Seller’s information is brief-

Up for sale is a 1990 Honda RC30 this bike has 1,025 miles on it and is in great shape. You will notice on some of the pictures there is a small crack on each side of the upper farlings. Runs great been garaged since owning the bike.

The bike looks clean except for the cracked fairing. The mileage is low, which is not uncommon. These were expensive ($15k) when they were released and I think people saw the potential for increasing in value then. The RC30 is the top of the pyramid when it comes to being collectible so originality and condition are crucial. The seller is starting at $25,000 which is right in there with super pristine examples going for $30k and beyond.

The RC30 is a one killer bike by any estimation. If you want to make a play, then go place a bid!


Honda February 6, 2012 posted by

Early and Rare- ’84 Honda VF1000R Euro Model

Location: Daleville, Virginia

Mileage: 18,665

Price: Auction, $9,000 BIN

The Honda VF1000R is a well known bike on RSBFS. Built in the era when sport bikes were really coming into their own, the VF1000R brought something new to the game as a bridge in the Interceptor and eventual VFR/RC30 line. All of these bikes are pieces of the puzzle for Honda’s sportbike development. The VF1000R was only brought to the U.S. for two years (’85,’86), making the number of these around in clean condition low and somewhat hard to find.

There’s not a lot of pics, but here they are-

And the rundown from the seller-

1984 Honda VF1000R has 18,665 original miles and this bike is very clean. Other than a dink or two that any white glove inspector could find, the bike is very nice and rare. It has the seat cowl all original parts and pipes (dual). I have kept this bike in my garage and have just purchased a new one and need to unload this one though its breaking my heart. If you are a fan of the Freddy Spencer models this bike should catch your eye. The valves were checked a week before this posting and I went ahead and had the carbs completely overhauled. when I say this bike is rare what I mean is I have not been able to find another one like it on the internet that is even running nor in this great of shape. The bike has never been layed down or abused I purchased it from a friend who took the same care on it as I. Most of you 40 somethings out there probably remember this bike when you were in high school and it was the stuff back then, I still like it today and think as I hope you do that it has way more class than what we are seeing out there today. 

Beyond the description, the seller also states that the bike is a Euro version (hence it being an ’84 and the dual headlights) and that all the paperwork about its importation into the U.S. is there. The bike looks clean in the photos, although they are a little low quality. Mileage isn’t bad and the seller describes recent maintenance and says the bike runs well.

The seller has it listed at BIN for $9k, which is on the high side. These, in clean condition, go from $5k to $8k. However, you may be able to get the bike for less if the seller is willing to move a little on the price or maybe you’ll pay up for the Euro model. Up to you.

So there you go. If this bike is for you, go forth and place your bid!


Honda December 2, 2011 posted by

Uber Clean 1990 Honda VFR750F

Location: Oakland, California

Mileage: 15,669

Price: Auction, currently $3,000 with reserve

I own a VFR800 and I love it. It’s a great bike, but man, it’s nowhere near as cool as this one. The VFR/Interceptor line has a long history with Honda, and they have always been cool in my book. The start of the 90’s brought a revised VFR750F with a new twin spar frame, single sided swing arm and V-4 motor that cranked out over 100hp. The bike wasn’t the RC30 but you can certainly see the resemblance. These bikes were also built with famous Honda quality and could go for many, many miles.

Here’s the pics-

And from the seller-

1990 VFR 750F 49 State model, originally from Colorado, came to California, and has been stored indoors and covered for 12 years. Complete mechanical restoration, 2nd owner. All service records, original sales receipt, complete tool kit, owners manuals, rear seat cowl(undamaged) and 1 unused key included. List of improvements as follow, fuel tank cleaned, carbs stripped and ultrasonic cleaned, all new brass and jets. Thermostat and coolant replaced. Oil and filter changed 2 times. Clutch friction discs replaced. Fork springs and oil, rear shock replaced with Daughtry Motorsports CBR929 unit, rear suspension bearings cleaned and re greased. Spark plugs and BMC air filter. Brake and clutch fluid flushed, new front and rear brake pads. MOSFET voltage regulator and battery. New Michellin Roadsmart tires.New RK chain. ECT….

This bike is toothbrush clean inside and out, all work has been performed by a 22 year experienced technician. This bike needs nothing, and rides so much better than a stocker, jetting and suspension are spot-on. My local Honda dealer took one look at the bike and said ” I havent seen on that clean in 15 years!”

Finding any bike from 1990 this clean isn’t going to happen very often. Granted the VFR was less of a full sportbike that the other bikes of the time, so the chances of dropped, wrecked and modded examples may be a little less. However, this bike appears to be very well cared for with some minor modification that could benefit the bike. The seller lists all the little extras that come with the bike that are always nice.

There’s a reserve on this auction so who knows what the bike will go for. However, it would seem a VFR this clean and well maintained would pull somewhere close to $4k. And at that price you would be getting a great bike that still has many years of riding ahead of it along with a great history.

It’s Chrsitmas time. Treat yourself and make the jump!