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Sport Bikes For Sale January 4, 2013 posted by

Two Stroke Monster- ’85 Yamaha RZ 500

Location: San Antonio, Texas   Mileage: 22,700   Price: Auction, BIN $10,900

85 RZ500

The Yamaha RZ500 is a popular ride here on RSBFS. A four cylinder, 500cc two stroke monster, the RZ500 gets the respect it deserves cause it’s a bad ass machine of a by-gone era. The fact it was never legal here in the U.S. ads to the legendary status as this bike is made of pure unobtanium, or at least mostly pure.

85 RZ500

The seller doesn’t provide a ton of information, but here it is:

Selling my 1985 RZ500.  It has been restored and is in excellent condition.   It is the ultimate 2 stroke motorcycle.  Trying to make room in my garage.  I have all import information and complete portfolio on the motorcycle (clear Texas title).  Ready to ride! Starts in one kick every time.  Serious inquiries only.  Please don’t bid if you have less than 10 purchases.  Please call if you have any questions or require any additional pictures.

Not a lot of pics either, but here they are-

85 RZ500

85 RZ500

85 RZ500

The seller states that the bike has been restored and runs well. The windscreen looks non original but it also has a killer solo seat. Mileage isn’t too bad, especially if the maintenance and restoration work has been done. All in all, looks like a good example of a rare bike.

As I’ve said in previous posts, they ain’t gonna make any more of these. So if you’ve been looking, you better make your play sometime soon. And if that time is now, go place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 11, 2012 posted by

Another RZ500: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Oklahoma

Ah, Christmas is in the air. Two stroke smoke is everywhere, and rare motorcycles abound. I love this time of year – possibly because the RSBFS corporate offices are located where we can ride year ’round – but also because of the great bikes that seem to bubble up to the surface late in the year.

From the seller:
Restored !985 Yamaha RZ500. Approx. 900 miles ago, this bike was completely disassembled and the frame, triple trees, rear sets, rear calliper, and many other brackets & pieces powder coated black. New bearings, bushings and fasteners were used in reassembly. All pivots, bearings and bushed items are very tight without the normal “play” that would be evident with this mileage. Factory Yamaha bodywork was painted Red & White with only a couple of small chips on it today as to be expected on a bike of this age. The engine was rebuilt with Yamaha components and is on the first overbore .025. and the crosshatch is still very evident in the cylinders. New Battle Ax tires installed less than 100 miles ago.

From the seller:
The history on this bike I have been able to obtain is a Yamaha dealer bought it at an auction in Approx. 1999 with 35,368Km’s (21,976 Miles) He told me when he purchased it, it was in the same condition it is today and he prepared it for storage and displayed it in his dealership showroom. The Yamaha dealer sold it to the man I purchased it from in 2009 still showing 35,368 Km’s. and today it has 36,820Km’s (22,878 Miles) showing it has been ridden a mere 1,452Km’s (902 Miles) since Approx. 1999!

I purchased this RZ500 in November 2012 for a RZ500 project I have. I have since purchased two other stock units and no longer need this one. I have another 1985 RZ500 that I will be listing soon but is no where near as nice and as this one. This is a very strong running, well handeling RZ!

I took the fairings off the bike so the stock airbox, exhaust, ect. can be seen. If you want a specific picture please let me know and I will get it for you.

This is a pretty clean looking RZ. The seller claims most of it to be stock. The re-sprayed livery looks good in the pictures, although I am partical to the stockers “checkerboard” graphics. Given the mileage (22k and change), the seller has done some work to keep this bike floating above the maintenance curve. With a new top end and first overbore, this smoker will be making ring-a-ding and popcorn sounds for many miles to come!

This auction is on right now and the opening bid was a reasonable $5,000. Bidding has been very light thus far (has interest in the big RZ begun to wane?), and there is still a reserve in place. For your chance to check out the second RZ500 this week, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Honda November 18, 2012 posted by

Minty ’87 Honda Interceptor (VFR 700)

Location: San Francisco, CA

Mileage: 15,700

Price: Auction, with reserve

The V-4 is a stellar motor. There are many options out there for your motor. In-line 4, in-line 3, V-Twin, etc. You got options. But the V-4 is a great configuration. Don’t believe it? Well, check out the MotoGP bikes. Honda, Suzuki (when they ran in MotoGP, and hopefully back in 2014), Ducati, all run the V-4. The Aprilia in WSB too. Torque and high end in one package. Awesome.

Here we have one of the original V-4 bikes that is now legendary. The VFR is one of Honda’s most successful and acclaimed bikes. A close relative of the outstanding RC30, the VFR gives you performance and refinement. A true performance classic. This particular bike is the tariff model 700cc, part of a short-lived effort to combat import of Japanese bikes.

Here’s the seller’s info-

 Let’s start of by saying this is probably one of the nicest VFR’s of this generation in the country. It is in mint, near flawless condition. On a scale of 1-10, this bike is a 9+ cosmetically and a perfect 10 mechanically. You will absolutely not believe this bike is 25 years old if you were to see it in person. Please look at the photos carefully. The bike has approximately 15,700 original miles and I acquired it this year from the original owner who bought it new in Pennsylvania in 1987. It is somewhat rare because of the factory pearl white paint and the fact that it is a 700cc (as opposed to 750cc) tariff bike. Evidently dealers were only alloted one bike in this color at that time. Please read the excerpt below.

In the USA, the picture is more complicated.  There

were three models, and they lasted for two years.  First,

there was a 750cc model essentially the same in appearance

and specification (except for the usual Canada vs USA differences)

to the Canadian model.  Next, there was also a destroked 700cc 

tariff-beater, called the VFR700 Interceptor.

Both these models were white with red and blue trim, and round gauges.

Thirdly, and most interestingly, was the VFR700F2.  This bike

was all white, with understated gold pinstriping, and an automotive-style

instrument panel which was essentially what you see now on the

90-93 VFR.  In fact, this model bears many visual similarities 

to the 90-93 models.  This F2 model was also available in

dark blue and silver metallic, with silver wheels.

This bike needs absolutely nothing but a new owner. It has brand new tires, steel braided brake lines, full Supertrapp exhaust (I have the original pipes which will go with the bike) which are jetted perfectly, race tech front fork springs, brand new sprockets (rear sprocket is a 47 tooth as opposed to stock 45 tooth) and chain. In addition, the bike just had all fluids (brake, coolant, engine) just changed as well as a complete tune up. The 1986 – 1989 VFR’s (second generation) are the lightest, fastest, and most sport orientated of this incredible model line and many consider it to be the best bike ever built. Here is the opportunity to own one of the finest examples in the country of this iconic marque. Please click on the link below for more detailed information. I will be posting additional pictures in the next couple of days.


I wanted to add that this bike is all original; the paint, plastic, body panels, turn signals, etc. It has not been restored in any way because it is in near perfect original condition. This bike has never been down, dropped, or ridden in the rain. The modifications I mentioned above are to address the weak areas (front fork springs, exhaust, brakes, etc.) that the bike came with from the factory. These modifications only enhance the performance of the bike and make riding it all that more enjoyable.

And pics-

Not much to say about this bike. It’s had some minor modifications that will hopefully improve performance, and otherwise than the exhaust (original pipes included) is pretty much a clean stocker. Pretty amazing shape for a bike that’s 25 years old. And given its excellent heritage in the Honda line, will always be desirable.

So there it is. If you’ve always wanted an original VFR, this looks like a great opportunity. Don’t know where the reserve is, but I think this could pull around the $4k to $5k mark. We’ll see. If you feel the need, go place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 11, 2012 posted by

Get One While You Can- Titled ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Location: Atascadero, California

Mileage: 15,574

Price: Auction

The Yamaha RZ500 is a popular bike around the RSBFS corporate offices. And really, what’s not to like? A 500cc V-4 two stroke GP replica bike that never found it’s way to the U.S. in any official capacity. A tragedy for sure. But every once in a while one pops up for sale, and may even come with a title. And as it’s been said on RSBFS before, the two stroke is gone forever people. If you want one, best act now before they all end up in a collection, having made the final transformation into pure unobtanium.

The seller doesn’t offer a whole lot of information in the description-

I am selling my 1985 RZ 500. This bike has been well cared for and runs ok. Has some new parts installed i.e. wind screen, cranks and new reeds. Clear title and California registered. No time to ride anymore, bike just sits. Selling bike as is. Buyer responsible for shipping. Good luck bidding.

And some more photos-

The seller says the bike runs okay and has had some new parts added. The seller also states the bike is being sold ‘as is’. So you’ll want to get as much information as possible about how the bike runs and what it may need. It’s a 27 year old bike and a two stroke at that. It looks clean in the photos but no sense in getting into something if you don’t have the means to get back out. These bikes sell for a pretty penny with clean examples going for $10k and beyond. You may be able to get this one for considerably less. It may not be perfect, but man, there just aren’t that many out there.

So, here you go. A two stroke 500. Clearly a collectible bike that speaks to an era gone by. A holy grail for many who lived and enjoyed the GP racing world when two strokes ruled the earth. If this bike speaks to you, then make a play before it’s too late.


Honda August 31, 2012 posted by

Nice and Clean ’86 Honda VF1000R

Location: Superior, Wisconsin

Mileage: 11,445

Price: Auction, $4,600 BIN

Race replica bikes, or attempts by people to build them, have been around in some form since the dawn of time. However, the 80’s seemed to bring in the current era of the factory race replica bike and the Honda VF1000R certainly played a role, along with the Ninja, Hurricane and, my favorite, The GSX-R. The VF1000R was also a precursor to one of the greatest bikes ever, the Honda RC30. Honda also only built them for two years, so this bike is rare too. It’s got it all.

Here’s the seller’s take-

Regreatably selling a 1986 Honda VF1000R Interceptor sport motorcycle .  This time-warp machine has barely 11,000 miles from new, and has seen only 3 owners.  I am only selling for two reasons:  I am having increasing trouble with arthritis at a fairly young age (need a cruiser, or at least a standard) and have too many toys crowding our garage.  Sadly, just bought (wasn’t cheap) and shipped from MA to WI (wasn’t cheap) this Spring, so my loss is your gain.  Included in the sale is the original owner’s manual and key.  Please note that like many of these very expensive bikes, it sat unsold for over 3 years, not selling at Parkway Cycles in MA until 1992!

Creating a race replica bike like everyone else was doing at the time didn’t come inexpensively. The VF1000R had state-of-the-art styling and engineering, from its hand-laid fiberglass fairings, twin-headlights, and gear-driven V4 engine.  Add in TRAC anti-dive forks, quick-detach front wheel, air suspension front and rear, and more, and you can see why it retailed for well over $5,000 way back then.  But know one said you could look like Freddy Spencer for cheap!

As mentioned, sale includes the original manual, key, plus a 1985 microfishe set, along with some service records.  The tool kit is still in the box along the right panel.  The condition of the bike is awesome, overall, but does reflect  a few minor flaws, as may be expected for any vehicle this old.  Pictures will show the following: damage to the LH mirror mount area, from a partial tip-over, a crack in the rear taillight cover, a scratch on/near the RH oil level cover, and some touch ups to the front fender.  However, from 5 feet away, it still looks fantastic, styled like n othing else, you could shave using the tank for a mirror, tires are correct type Dunlops with only 600 miles, I changed oil/filter using Bel-Ray semi-synthetic.  Starts at the touch of the button, idles perfectly, carbs were done last year, sounds of the twin exhaust V4 and gear drive cams is unique.  Shifts perfect, brakes should be bled, runs nice and fast, you hit about 3 grand and you’re gone!  Turns heads everywhere and has been a show stopper at bike nights.

A must have for any serious Honda collector, bike is sold “as-is” “where-is”, no warranty implied/offered.  I will assist with shipping, but it is the buyers’ responsibility.  Location is just outside Duluth, MN , 150 north of Mpls-St. Paul, or Eau Claire, WI.

And photos-

This bike looks clean for its age and the seller highlights some of the  minor cosmetic issues. The mileage is low for a 26 year old machine and hopefully the bike has been maintained well over the years. The current owner says it starts and runs no problem, with recent carb work having been done. It also comes with the original manual, rare indeed, and some microfiche, interesting if you can find a machine to view them on.

I have to think that in the history of the sportbike and the world of collectables, the VF1000R will always be a major player. Taking that into consideration, I think the price on this bike is pretty reasonable. It’s certainly worth a look for all you collectors or Honda fans out there. If that fits you, go check the auction out!


Honda August 17, 2012 posted by

’93 Honda VFR400 (NC30)- Not perfect, but still killer!

Location: Grove, Oklahoma

Mileage: 9,754

Price: $5,000 BIN

Anyone out there want a mini RC45? This isn’t that iconic, uber rare, limited production superbike from Honda, but it is a killer bike regardless. The Honda VFR400 was never imported into the States, but is a staple in countries all around the world. You get a 400cc V-4 and a lightweight package to give you excellent handling. The 400cc machine has never been a big hit stateside, but I think it’s a great motor that will provide a ton of fun.

Here’s the seller’s description-

1993 Honda NC30 VFR400.  15699km (9754 miles), street legal, “grey import”.  Produced for domestic Japaness market.  This bike is in great condition.  I have put about 900 miles on it since purchased in 2008.  Tires, chain and sprockets all in good condition.  Two Brothers exhaust, otherwise stock.  Very fun to ride.  Sounds awesome!  Great collector/conversation piece.

And pics-

Looking over the photos, this bike is clearly no super mint machine. The seller highlights some of the cosmetic issues in the photos, so you will be getting a bike that has some issues. The mileage isn’t too outrageous and hopefully the maintenance has been done so the bike runs well. The seller doesn’t provide a lot of history in this area, so you’ll want to find out as much as you can. Exhaust has been swapped, but that shouldn’t be a major concern.

So here’s an opportunity to own a killer ride that you just couldn’t get here in the U.S. A great motor and chassis to have a good time on, and an opportunity to ride something you won’t see on every corner. You can take it home for $5k, which is a good amount for this bike. But maybe you can get a deal. If you want to make a play, go get in on the action!


Aprilia July 28, 2012 posted by

Weekend Mailbag and Laguna Seca MotoGP 2012 (RC30, RS125, Jota 1000, 888 SP4,

Hey guys,

Here’s a quick post from California with all the best of picks, suggestions, and personal bikes for sale. Mike, Jared, Rem and Dan are all here and in addition to checking out all the action at Laguna we may troll the parking lot for interesting bikes for sale too! They’ll be posted first to our Facebook page out of convenience but we’ll try to pull them all together for the site later in the week as well. Look for us in with the RSBFS logo on our backs and say hey!


Lets get things started right: Honda RC30 for sale in Costa Mesa on eBay. Currently at about $20k reserve not met with over a week to go. Maybe your MotoGP souvenir for the way home?

Dan spotted this sharp looking RS125 on eBay, with a title and just under 14k miles.

Or how about this AMAZING 1978 Laverda 1000 on ADVRider (you need to make an account to view) with less than 1500 original miles. $13k. Thanks for the forward Joe!

Jamie send us this gorgeous 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale in Australia for $45k AUD.

Jeremy keeps a sharp eye on the San Francisco area ads and this one caught our eye: 1986 Honda NS400R with a reported new from Honda motor! Asking $6200 with the lowers and spares.

Honda June 23, 2012 posted by

Early, Clean and Original Honda VFR700 Interceptor

Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey

Mileage: 14,427

Price: Auction

I ride a VFR800 so I am obviously a big fan of the Interceptor.  The VFR has an outstanding history in the Honda sportbike line, being really at the beginning of the sportbike in the U.S. with the early Interceptor’s and then the VF1000R, a fully faired statement by Honda about its intentions in the sportbike world. All of this leading of course to one of the greatest bikes of all time, the RC30.

This ’87 Interceptor 700 is the beginning of the fully faired V-4 VFR that were a leap forward from the the previous Interceptor. Chain driven cams and four valves per cylinder made for a potent ride back in the day. And normally you would expect to see this bike in the 750cc column, but this was during the tariff era and Japanese bikes came in at the 700cc mark to avoid additional costs.

Here’s the info from the seller-

I am selling my 1987 Honda VFR 700 which I have owned for 17 years.  The bike has a liquid-cooled V- four with dual gear-driven overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.  I am the third owner of this bike. The bike is completely stock, has always been garaged kept and is in excellent condition.  There is a slight indentation on the left side of the gas tank by the “H” in “HONDA” (see photo), and some touch-up paint on the right front turn signal.  The rest of the bodywork is in excellent condition.  All instruments and lights work and the bike runs good.

The bike has a side stand and center stand and comes with the original tool kit and owners manual as well as a service manual, collection of road test reports, Eclipse rumble pack, and two bike covers (one lightweight & one heavyweight).

Any questions please email me or contact me. 

Thanks, George  

And photos for you-

The owner describes there bike as stock and it looks like it. Pretty impressive for its age. There looks to be no serious cosmetic issues and the seller says the bike runs strong. Mileage isn’t too high and these bikes have been known to rack up the miles. So if it has been taken care of you’ll be able to enjoy this bike for a long time.

If you are looking for an early VFR, this may be your ticket. I dig it. If you do too, check it out!