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Featured Listing November 22, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1992 Yamaha TZR-250RS with California reg !

Over its ten year lifespan, Yamaha’s TZR-250 went through lightning-quick development, starting as a parallel twin in 1986 and wresting the championship away from Honda in 1990 and 1993.  RSBFS fan Tom presents his totally rare 3XV8 with lots of recent maintenance and California tags.

1992 Yamaha TZR-250RS for sale on eBay

1991 and later TZR-250’s were V-twins, with reed valves, exhaust power valves, and un-restricted claimed 60 hp, more than 200 hp per liter!  39mm upside-down forks are almost overbuilt for the weight, as are the dual disk brakes.  The RS sported a light dry clutch, and all 3XV’s had 17-inch wheels.  The Deltabox frame is largely hidden by the full bodywork, with color block livery identifying it as an RS.

Tom has kept his TZR ready to go, with a recent engine overhaul, new clutch, Pirelli’s and fuel petcock.  Clocks indicate 12.5K miles approaching, but aside from a few fairing cracks, sure doesn’t look it.  Informative notes received at RSBFS –

Coming out for auction from my private collection of 2-stroke sport bikes is this 1992 Yamaha TZR250-RS. It is 1 of 1,000 limited edition RS’s produced that year. What makes it an RS in 1992 is the dry clutch. This TZR is California registered, plated and insured in my name as a 1992 Yamaha 250.
  • The engine was fully rebuilt by a Yamaha technician approx. 2,400 miles ago. New crank, pistons, power valves, bearings, seals, even the dry clutch was replaced. It runs as new, starts 2nd or 3rd kick cold, 1st kick when warm, idles nice, very good throttle response, strong mid-range and revs out nicely. 
  • New Pirelli Diablo Corsa tires approx. 300 miles ago
  • NOS petcock recently installed
  • Carbs were just balanced
  • New spark plugs, transmission oil and air filter
  • New Vesrah front brake pads, flushed and system bled. Front brakes are strong. 
Known issues are only bodywork related:
  • Small crack on right side of upper front fairing
  • Large crack of left mirror mount
  • Small crack on left middle fairing
  • Small piece missing on right mid-section fairing
  • Paint chips on right front of nose fairing
  • Large crack and small piece missing from right mid section
  • Windshield is starting to have spiderweb cracks
Included is a Yamaha OEM used but nice condition right mid-section fairing, and also left middle fairing. Also included is best available complete reproduction decal kit from Image Works in the UK. This TZR is ready to ride and enjoy, or install replacement bodywork, get the remaining cracks repaired, new paint, install decals and you will have a cosmetically and mechanically restored, Cali plated TZR250 RS!
Bid with confidence, 18-year eBay seller. Please check out my seller feedback. I will work with your shipper, and also I can hold the bike for 30 days for you after the auction is closed. Immediate $500 deposit required after auction ends, full amount within 3 business days. Thanks for looking!
Having never been imported by the factory, the TZR-250 will always be somebody’s baby, with the real excitement found as the rev counter passes 8,000 rpm.  Tom’s looks ready for a grand day out, or could be brought to the next level.  Either way the next owner will be toward the center of the next Bikes and Coffee event.
Featured Listing – 1992 Yamaha TZR-250RS with California reg !
Yamaha July 30, 2015 posted by

Clear Cali Title: 1992 Yamaha TZR250 RS 3XV for Sale

1992 Yamaha TZR250 L SideBuilt between 1986 and 1996, the Yamaha TZR250 came in a variety of forms, from the original liquid-cooled, parallel-twin “2MA” to the “3MA” that came along in 89-90 and featured an interesting “reversed” cylinder design that had the carburetors mounted on the front of the engine, exhausts running directly out the back to through the tailpiece. The final version made the same swap as Suzuki from a parallel-twin to a v-twin configuration for the “3XV” model as seen here.

In fact, the spec sheets for all of the little 250 race-reps of the period look like carbon copies of each other: 249cc two-strokes and six-speed gearboxes, with just different names and acronyms for the fancy power-valves fitted to each. On the little Yammie, we had a “Deltabox” alloy frame, Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) to beef up the underwhelming two-stroke midrange.

1992 Yamaha TZR250 Clocks

The complete package weighed in at about 280lbs dry and all the usual two-stroke superlatives applied. If you want pure cornering thrills and a bike that rewards skilled input, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

From the original eBay listing: 1992 Yamaha TZR250 RS 3XV for Sale

This is a very rare bike with factory dry clutch, I would guess there are probably only two or three here in the US and this is the only one that I know of here in California with a California title and plate. This bike still has all the original 3XV fairings complete, original windscreen, stock pipes and silencers. Clear California title and current registration in hand. 18,596km, NO test rides, don’t ask..

It’s unfortunate the seller only includes three photos with the listing, but at least those photos are of decent quality. In the 90’s, Yamaha seemed to offer some of the most restrained graphics treatments among the Big Four, and the lozenge-pattern along the flanks looks suitably vintage, but doesn’t detract from the lines of the bike, with the yellow number-plate panel integrating smoothly into the design.

This one has covered a surprising 11,555 miles. Not exactly a touring bike, but pretty high for a bike like this. Considering the original fairings and screen, it’s clear the bike has seen sympathetic ownership during its life. The seller appears to be the same one who offered up the TZR500 we featured back in April, so he clearly knows his Yamahas!


1992 Yamaha TZR250 R Side

Clear Cali Title: 1992 Yamaha TZR250 RS 3XV for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale January 24, 2013 posted by

Best Looking 250? ’92 Yamaha TZR250 RS

Location: Boise, Idaho    Mileage: 3,971   Price: Auction

92 TZR250

92 TZR250

This might be the best looking 250 two stroke out there. And there are a ton of good looking 250’s. Just search this site and you’ll see. But this paint set up is just clean and beautiful. This bike is also clean and low mileage and original. That’s a pretty solid combo right there. I would park it in my living room too.

Here’s the seller’s description-

1992 TZR250 RS, This bike is completly stock with all original body work. This bike is the crown jewel of my collection. It is very close to perfect and spends most of its time in my living room. I dont think there is any chance of finding a nicer one!No cracks in the plastic at any of the fasteners. In the pictures you will see the original protective stickers on the from fender to keep the brake lines from scratching the plastic. The rear footpegs were removed at some time and I do not have them. The bike does not leak a drop and is mechanically perfect. The bike runs perfectly and is jetted for 2,800′. Starts with one to two kicks. Please call with any questions. This is the rarest of all the two stroke 250’s and I think the best looking.

And photos-

This is a low mileage bike that looks clean and original, except the rear foot pegs as noted by the seller. Otherwise this bike looks like a great example and is described as ready to ride. You’ll get a powerful bike in a lightweight chassis. Not much not to love there.

So if you want cool, rare, awesome, beautiful, exotic and rare, this is your bike. If you have the money and the desire, you best make a play!