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Laverda March 29, 2010 posted by

1999 Laverda Formula 750S No Reserve on Ebay

I know we’ve had a few of these on RSFS lately but I sure don’t get tired of looking at them.  Maybe I’m stuck in the 90’s but these Laverdas  just look like a sport bike should.  Maybe it’s just that cool paint scheme.  I wont go into much of the tech specs since several have been posted lately but what you have is a parallel twin with quite a few top shelf components.   I’m not a big enough Laverda buff to know what led them down the path of demise but Piaggio (think Aprilia) bought the brand in 2004.  They then proceeded to stop all production and development associated with Laverda.  That is a shame because can you really have too many motorcycles coming out of Italy?  This particular Formula has a little history to it, read on:

The Last LAVERDA!  ALLOY FRAME,  MAG WHEELS, Weber , Brembo,  92 hp 400 lbs. All the best of the day. 1999 FORMULA 750 S The LAST and BEST LAVERDA. Got this one from the NICOLAS CAGE COLLECTION,,, he had 2 and decided to sell one so I got it. ONLY around 2500 miles. VERY CLEAN . LOOKS ALMOST NEW. Not many of these around, most are in collections. Manual, tool kit.

I could stare at the front of that thing all day!  I have to admit I’m having a hard time  putting a value on this bike. On one hand $8500 (the starting bid price) for an Italian sport bike with top shelf components doesn’t seem out of reason.  On the other hand, I checked the blue book value and it is barely half that price.  Can a Laverda buff help me out?  Is this a decent deal or someone inflating the value because someone famous owned the bike?  Check out the bidding on.


Bimota March 23, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota SB8R W/1560 Miles

2000 Bimota SB8R with only 1560 miles!

A reader found this nice, low mileage SB8R in Massachusetts.  It looks unmolested and was probably the pride of someones garage with under 2000 miles on it. It has an upgraded set of Arrow exhausts but I  don’t know if those are a full system or just  end cans.  This SB8R was fitted with  Suzuki’s TL1000R engine but with a few tweaks by Bimota. It got Bimota’s own set of 59mm throttle bodies for the injection system. Have you ever seen a larger set of air scoops on a bike?  I wonder if purists would rather have an Italian engine but I always thought it was cool that there were a lot of performance parts available for the Suzuki engine.  I wonder if you can still get goodies for it  from Yoshimura.  The price seems reasonable ($11,888) and is slightly under the blue book for the bike. Here is what the seller had to say:

This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle artwork. All hand made in Italy, this Bimota was limited to around 100 per year! With only 1560 miles, this is an excellent opportunity to own an exotic motorcycle. Sale includes shop manual, Bimota Cover, original exhaust (bike has Arrow Carbon fiber upgraded exhaust.

The seller didn’t post many pictures so here is a visual and audio tease from Youtube.

I’d love to see some comments from  Bimota enthusiasts on how the SB8R rates on desirability amongst them. At under $12,000 this SB8R seems like a nice way to get into an exotic hand built bike.   I bet the best part of owning a Bimota is being able to make a group of Ducati guys turn their heads as you ride by!  Check it out here.


BMW December 1, 2009 posted by

Uber rare Demonstener D1200R Limited Edition for sale on ebay!

Haven’t heard of Demonstener?  Don’t worry – neither have I, but being 1 of only 5 in the world, this bike definitely qualifies as rare!  I remember reading about this unique boxer engined-hub center steering creation before on Kneeslider, but I thought it was just a one-off design exercise and wasn’t meant for production.  In any case, you can now

Here’s a short list of the (very) tasty specs:

Centre Hub Steering system that allows joining the centre of the front wheel to the chassis achieving the same inflexibility in any wheel position.

• The first Centre Hub Steering with straight steering (rod less) that allows the pilot a trust worthy feeling of anything happening on the tarmac.

• Ultra light steering column that avoids resonance phenomena as the shimmy (wobble).

• Anti diving geometry that keeps the suspension operative even in high performance stops.

• Light and innovative chassis with high degree of inflexibility to eliminate the weaving that allows a rapid assembly and disassembly.

• No welding used. Built on 70/75 alloy.

• Perimeter disc brake system with ABS

• Akrapovic exhaust


 Due to the handcrafted assembly process we are able to offer several extras and options.

• Custom built alloys. (Colour and Trim)

• Owner plate on chassis.

• Carbon fibre body kit

• Custom made body kit design.

• Exhaust system.

The last part makes it that much more interesting with a high level of customization available.

Being a fan of alternative front ends, this bike naturally appeals to me.  Combined with a boxer engine, this is will make one very interesting ride.  Actually, this bike reminds me very much of Swedish custom builder Stellan Egeland’s Harrier – which concidentally is also up for sale! was sold.  Nevertheless, surf on over the Stellan Egeland’s website SE Service to check out some amazing footage of Stellan dragging his toes around the track on the Harrier!